Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Central Question is this: Do you see your Nation as your Home or your Apartment? Are your people the Owners or Renters of the National Property?

The central question is this: Do you see your nation as your home or your apartment? Are your people the Owners or Renters of the National Property?

If you see it as your home, your people collectively hold the title on the property.
If you see it as your apartment, then it's just a lease held by individuals and can be revoked.
And those with leases than titles can be evicted and replaced with new occupants.

Title or Lease? That is your choice. National Ownership of the Title OR Rented Property owned by a handful of Globalist Oligarchs. Globalists hate Putin and Russia because they nationalized natural resources as the property of all Russians, not private property to be owned by globo-oligarchs who 'rent' and 'lease' them out to the Russians.

The Elite Globalists see all of the West as their property, not yours. They see themselves as the landlords with the power to rent out national property to people-as-apartment-dwellers.

So, white people in Europe or New Europe(America and Canada) are denied collective ownership of their nation. Th entire nation is just private property owned by globalist landlords who lease it out to 'diversity'. Replacism is the Name of the Game.
In a sane world, each individual owns his personal-private property, BUT the nation-as-civilization-history-and-culture is owned collectively by all patriots.

Globalists push the Renter-Principle on ALL PEOPLES... except guess which nation? Israel where the Jews are recognized as the Eternal Title-Holders to their own nation.

Why do globalists deny such Principle of Patriotic Ownership of Homeland to Poles and Hungarians?
Wake up people.

The Plaque on STATUE OF LIBERTY turns us all into mere Renters, not Owners. It takes away our title and replaces it with a lease. It is the STATUTE OF LESEE.