Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Desecration of White Heritage is essentially due to Jewish-Tribal factors than Demographic Changes or Ideological Fervor

Some say Confederate and other White Monuments are being removed or desecrated across America because of demographic changes: As the US becomes less white, white monuments are targeted by non-whites. To an extent, maybe.

But consider the following examples that call into question the correlation between demographic change and iconoclasm.

Mao’s revolutionary army united China and kicked out all foreigners in the name of regaining national autonomy. So, under Mao, China was once again China for Chinese. And yet, these very Chinese went about destroying so much of their own national art, texts, architecture, monuments, and treasures. The Cultural Revolution was maybe the biggest orgy of cultural destruction in the 20th century. It was about Chinese culture destroyed by the Chinese.

Also, consider the Anglo-American remembrance of Indian Cultures. American Indians were killed off by disease or guns and pushed westward, finally into dreary Reservations. And yet, Anglo-Americans went about building monuments to these vanquished peoples when the dust settled. These were memorials to Indians erected by white folks who replaced them. So, even as demography favored white settlers over Indian savages, white folks honored the memory of Indians by erecting monuments, naming towns after Indians, and etc.

So, it’s not just about demographics but a state of mind that determines whether cultural markers are erected, preserved, or desecrated.

Anglo-Americans could be ruthless warriors, but they also had a culture of magnanimity, recognition and respect for worthy foes. David Yeagley expounded on this aspect of the White Man. It is possibly rooted in the honor code of the warrior and the Christian virtues of grace and forgiveness(or repentance).

But such mindset seems to be missing among most non-white groups. Too many Jews feel contempt for gentile cultures and want them utterly defiled and desecrated. Blacks only respect ugabuga gangsta thuggery of ‘muh power’ and have no regard for values and culture beyond ‘muh dic*’, ‘muh booty’, ‘muh bling’, and ‘muh badassness’. Muslims can be simple-minded iconoclasts(even though, to their credit, they didn’t destroy all the pagan and infidel heritage in arts and achievements… that is, until the US let loose the hounds of ISIS on secular Arab regimes). And Asians are yellow dog teachers pets who can easily be led into Red Guard mode.

As for whites... they are now deracinated cucks. The lack of fiery resistance on the part of whites(even in the Deep South) to the toppling of Southern Monuments is downright shocking. Such craven cowardice or, worse, total apathy and indifference to the eradication of their own heritage and remembrance of past heroism and tragedy is pathetic indeed.
But then, the globalized ‘muh burger and fries’ culture of the new US has severed the historical and ancestral roots of most Americans. Non-white mass invaders attack whiteness, but they too are severed from their own identities, roots, and heritages. Both whites and non-whites are merging into vapid deracination where most people mainly identify with pop culture. Their only culture is videogames and Negro-dominated sports and rap music.
Granted, most non-whites don't come to America with hatred for whites. That hatred is implanted by Jewish media and academia that saturate entertainment and education with images of Evil Whitey as scapegoat for all problems though, to be sure, non-whites can be villains too as long as they are not Jews, blacks, or homos.

The main anti-white animus is the product of Jewish control of media. In that sense, the main reason for the recent spate of anti-white desecrations are neither primarily demographic or ideological. After all, most blacks in the South didn’t much care about Confederate flags or monuments until recently. The symbols and monuments became an issue with increasing Jewish and ‘neo-carpet-beggar’ takeover of the South. It has accompanied the rise of ‘new conservatives’ such as Nikki Haley who take their cues from Jews. Also, the new Southern White elites are either financial stooges of Jews or were educated in Jewish-dominated elite schools. As such, they lack the soul and spine to call out on the Culture War against the South that is being Afro-ized and ‘Immigrantized’.

A place can change demographically but still let the monuments be. Or if a radical ideology takes hold, it seeks to wipe out everything that is deemed falsely idolatrous. The current Culture War we are seeing in the US isn’t primarily due to demographic or ideological factors. Most Mass Invaders(aka non-white immigrants) who come to the US don’t come with anti-white hatred, nor do they have any wish to knock down statues. Rather, their kids are taught to hate whites and white symbols in schools. They are taught by teachers whose worldview has been shaped by trickle-down anti-white hatred of Jewish elites.

Also, we know the core animating factor isn’t ideological because the targets are usually limited to whatever Jews don’t like. After all, if the New Values are about ‘anti-racism’, why are Emma Lazarus and Immigration celebrated when More Immigration meant more 'racist' ‘genocide’ against American Indians? Also, why don’t Jews fess up to the fact that their immigration patterns have always been White Preferist or White Favorist? In other words, even as Jews bitch about ‘genocide’ and ‘slavery’, they always trailed and followed whites who led the way in creating new civilizations and opportunities, at times even through genocide and slavery. But notice that Jews get ‘passover’ treatment from the ideological fervor despite the fact that Jews played a prominent role in financing Western expansion, slave trade, and imperialism.
True ideology doesn’t work that way as it calls for consistency. Under Bolshevik communism, both Christianity and Judaism were suppressed. And in ideological Red China, even Chinese ‘reactionaries’ came under attack. No one was spared because he was a fellow Chinese.

In contrast, the Culture War in the US always exempts Jews-as-targets. So, even though 'racist' Apartheid South Africa was targeted for sanctions, Israel was allowed to do as it pleases despite its greater violence against Arabs and development of nuclear weapons(which it even shared with Apartheid South Africa). Even though Joe McCarthy was reviled by Jews for violation of Constitutional Rights, Jews play loose with the law to shut down and effectively censor anyone they don’t like, e.g. Alt Right at Charlottesville and on the internet.
And even as so many Confederate monuments have been removed or destroyed, the ones of Benjamin Judah remain untouched because they are of a Jewish man. So, even though demographic changes and ideological fervor play a part in the desecration of white history, they are not the main impetus behind the violence.
It is Jewish tribal manipulation of hatred in order to administer lashings on white identity and consciousness so that white pride and prestige will be broken to the point where whites feel they have choice but to just surrender to the supremacist will of Jews. To be sure, the most effective way of breaking white will and unity(most crucially of white men and white women) is Jungle Fever and ACOWW(or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs), but it also helps to smash Southern symbols of White Resistance against the Biological Slavery under Blacks. After all, even though whites did force blacks into social slavery and used racial discrimination, the Confederacy and Jim Crow were also acts of white resistance against the Thug-Advantage of stronger, tougher, and more aggressive blacks. In other words, black-and-white relations were never simply black-and-white but held many grey areas.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Just Say It is RACE-IST AND TRUE. Associate Race-ism with Truth.

Even after so much ink has been spilled over how Political Correctness robs us of reason, liberty, integrity, and courage, we still can’t have honest discussions of world problems because the vast majority of people adhere to the PC definition and deployment of the term ‘racist’. The word has such power over us because nearly everyone, from ‘left’ to ‘right’, agree on its dubious meaning. So, even as there are increasing numbers of people who deny that they are ‘racist’ or hurl back the accusation at the other side, almost no one dares to deconstruct the term and examine why it is so powerful.

People fail to understand that the term was devised to suck out all the air in the room so that it can have only one meaning and nullify all other meanings. In other words, ‘racism’ is like a terminological black hole that will not tolerate honest discussion of race. Why would that be? It is because a neutral sounding word has been defined in the most extreme way. Most of you will say that ‘racism’ means racial hatred, racial chauvinism, racial supremacism, irrational racial hostility, blind racial animus, or even racial genocide. Now, why is this a problem? Because a neutral-sounding term has been overloaded with strong meanings.
Now, suppose extreme racial views had been associated with a term ‘radical racism’ or ‘racial extremism’. Thus, we can agree that some people may have extreme prejudice or extreme hostility based on racial differences. After all, ‘radical’ means purist and fanatical. And ‘extremism’ means an abnormal stress on certain inclinations or tendencies. So, if a term like ‘radical racism’ or ‘racial extremism’ carried the burden of ultra-hardline views on race, we can have rational and sensible discussion of the reality of race and racial differences. Indeed, under such rules, the term ‘racism’ or ‘race-ism’ would mean what it should mean. As ‘ism’ means belief or credo, ‘race-ism’ would mean belief in the reality of race & possible racial differences and the necessity or inevitability of racial consciousness or awareness.

Now, race-ism could become extreme or radical, but it doesn’t need to be... no more than a religious person must be a fanatical nut like Jim Jones or a socialist must be a radical communist. Likewise, belief in racial reality doesn’t mean one has to be a Nazi or a member of the KKK, Nation-of-Islam, or Jewish Defense League(an outfit created by the Zionist zealot Meir Kahane who was so extreme that even fellow Jews renounced him). Some might go that way, but then, one can become crazy about anything. After all, people love food, but that doesn’t mean they have to become fatty-fatkins. And people like being slim, but that doesn’t mean people who watch their weight are fated to be anorexics.

Anyway, because a neutral-seeming term like ‘racism’(race + ism) has been defined as an extremist ideology, it’s difficult to have an honest and truthful discussion of race. After all, the formulation of the term ‘racism’ keeps reminding us that ANY ism(belief) about race must be extreme and pathological. Some have tried to solve this problem by using terms such as ‘racialism’ or ‘race realism’, but that only complicates matters. Such tactics are defensive when, if anything, true race-ists must go on the offensive and stop backing down. The term ‘racism’ must be rehabilitated, just like innocent victims of tyranny. The only alteration I would recommend is to spell and pronounce it as ‘race-ism’ to reiterate that the word should mean race + ism = belief in reality of race & possible racial differences and the necessity or inevitability of racial consciousness. For more on this matter, go to this link:

Anyway, for the time being, what steps can we take to slowly steer the ship to redefine ‘racism’ or race-ism properly? I propose the ‘Race-ist-and-True’ Rule. If you make a true statement about racial reality and racial differences OR exhibit natural tendency of racial consciousness & solidarity, don’t ever back down when you are accused of ‘racism’. If you try to explain that you’re not ‘racist’, you’ve lost the argument there and then. You’ve put yourself in a defensive and pleading corner, as if the other side has the right to judge you while you feel a need to defend and justify yourself. This is because what should be a neutral term has been rigged by Jewish radical agenda and political correctness to mean something extreme and evil. For that reason, ANY belief in race or expression of racial identity(at least if you’re white and gentile) is automatically smeared as something extreme.
Now, what is so extreme about believing that evolution created different racial groupings of human beings? It is so obvious to any honest pair of eyes. What is so extreme about noticing racial differences? We can see it all around in sports, crime, and all sorts of behavior. And what is so evil about a people having a sense of racial identity, unity, and solidarity? It seems rather natural given that humans are genetically programmed to judge things based on sight and other visible signals. But because the mere terminology of race + ism has been defined as the most heinous form of extremism, even people making the most obvious observations or statements about race and racial differences must be on guard against charges of ‘racism’. With nearly all the institutions and powers operating in such PC manner, is anything possible to stem the tide of this rabid and virulent Judeo-Nazi agenda?

Yes, even if it’s an upward struggle. Also, the first tentative steps are the most important in any movement. It means you are serious and willing to move forward with the truth. And once we reach the top of the hill(like the Train that Could), it will be easy coasting from there on, with historical gravity being on our side.

So, what exactly is it that should be said when our perfectly reasonable views are accused of ‘racism’? First, I’m talking of rational and sane statements about racial reality, racial differences, and racial identity. I’m not talking of clown antics of people like Andrew Anglin who will say ANYTHING to trigger people and gain notoriety. Their views really are extreme, demented, or unserious(and mainly for attention). There can't be any moral defense for such stupidity and dementedness though we must defend speech rights to say offensive things.
As for those of us who dare to speak the truth about race & racial differences and have facts, truth, courage, and integrity on our side, the proper way to respond to accusations of ‘racism’ is to say that our views are ‘race-ist and true’. That is the right way. Don’t try to deny that you’re ‘racist’. Don’t play by their word game that was long ago rigged to favor them... just like a socialist can’t win any argument IF even the most moderate socialism is made synonymous with Stalinism, Maoism, and Khmer Rouge.

Likewise, a capitalist will be in a hopeless position IF the base terminology of ‘capitalism’ is defined to mean Scrooge-like greed and pathological selfishness. Indeed, communist nations defined capitalism in just such manner, and that made it nearly impossible to lay out a rational case for free markets. According to communist terminological rules, the term ‘capitalism’ could never mean a neutral theory of economics based on market dynamics. It couldn’t be approached rationally and judiciously because it had an albatross of ‘greed’ and ‘exploitation’ around its neck.

Now, capitalism CAN be exploitative and ugly, but just because a system is capitalist doesn’t mean it is ultra-libertarian where the ONLY thing that matters is greed & profits and nothing else.
But in a communist nation, there were few things worse than being called a ‘capitalist-roader’ or ‘bourgeois’. Communist terminology fixed it so that ‘capitalism’ could only mean utterly greedy exploitation and ‘bourgeoisie’ could only mean the reactionary exploitative class. A rational, balanced, and empirical discussion of capitalism or the bourgeoisie’s role in history was nearly impossible because those very terms were loaded with moral contempt and loathing.
And in the Current West, ‘racism’ has the same kind of effect. Thus, even if someone like Charles Murray wants to calmly discuss the subject of race, it is denounced immediately as ‘racist’, and then any views about racial differences between whites and blacks is associated with slavery, Jim Crow, and lynching. This hysteria would have us believe that because racial differences had been invoked the past to justify certain institutions, any idea of racial differences must be to restore slavery.
This is like someone in a communist system insisting that any argument in favor of capitalism and market economics must be evil because, at least in his mind, anything associated with markets and profits must be about the greedy rich hogging all the wealth, sadistic henchmen tyrannizing workers, giant smokestacks belching out black soot to choke the proletariat, and innocents beaten down with truncheons. The radical stigmatization of the term ‘capitalism’ made it difficult for reformers to call for more efficient market economics because their reputations and careers(and even lives) could be ruined by accusations of being ‘bourgeois reactionary’ or ‘capitalist roader’. Even basic market reforms and limited privatization that might boost the economy became taboo in many quarters because, according to the communist terminology, there could never be a moderate and balanced form of capitalism. No, all forms of capitalism were extreme, exploitative, & evil, and that was that, and there was nothing more to be said.
People in the West face the same trouble with the term ‘racist’. As Charles Murray and many others found out, there are too many people brainwashed by PC into believing that rational ideas about race and racial differences are simply not possible. There can only be one view of race, and it is ‘nazi’.

Now, there are idiotic Nazi types who do espouse extreme and radical views on race. Calling them ‘racist’ would be correct to the extent that they do hold views on racial reality and racial differences. But the difference is their views are indeed radical and extreme, and more importantly, there is no way that sane and rational people who believe in racial reality and racial differences have views that resemble the lunacies of Neo-Nazism. So, my advice is not for radical racists who are prone to saying idiotic things. As so much of what they say is numbnuts and retarded, I have no wish to represent them or defend them. Fools who dig themselves into holes can’t be helped.

But, what if you’re a sane, rational, and honest person? What if your views on racial reality and racial differences are fully in accordance with known facts & data and are indeed in alignment with what any honest pair of eyes can see from racial reality in any society. If you’re that person and if what you’ve said makes good sense, then the worst thing you can do is deny that you are ‘racist’ when that charge is thrown at you. If your race-ism is valid & true and if you’re accused of ‘racism’, the proper response is to say that your views are ‘race-ist and true’.
This puts the accuser in a bind. After all, truth has the advantage of prestige. How can falsehood be better than the truth? Those who argue for the Noble Lie will lose soon enough because no one wants to believe that he or she must stick to demonstrable falsehoods for the ‘higher good’. People want to believe that their righteousness is based on rightness about reality. The rabid dogs of PC want to believe that science, reasons, and facts are on their side. To be sure, there are some PC hacks who argue that truth about race must be suppressed for the ‘higher good’. But such argument simply cannot stand for long. It’s like the Geocentrism of the Catholic Church couldn’t withstand the truth of real astronomy that placed the Sun at the center. If PC admits that it favors lies over truth in the name of the ‘higher good’, it will be admitting that PC 'goodness' has no legs of truth to stand on. It must be propped up by crutches of deception, the logic of which is not unlike withholding the truth about Santa Claus to little children.

So, truth beats all in the end. Those with truth on their side merely need to speak honestly because truth backs them up. In contrast, those opposed to the truth must resort to lies, propaganda, hysteria, or banal homilies. Indeed, the reason why so many Jews(in media and academia), Antifa Janissary types, and cuck-collaborators are so triggered by rational race-ists is due to their abject fear that they may indeed be wrong on facts and truth, thus on the wrong side of history. Not only are racial differences so obvious to the naked eye but new genetic studies are showing that group differences among various races are all too real. PC hacks are now so desperate that they go beyond calling people ‘racist’ and call them ‘nazi’ as well. (This is rich coming from Jewish globalists especially because, if we were to judge people by what they DO as opposed to what they SAY, Jewish Power is the most nazi-like force in the world as it indulges in Jewish supremacism, warmongering & imperialism, politics of paranoia & scapegoating, cult of megalomania, and even genocidal tendencies.) PC hacks hope to shut down debate by screaming ‘racist’, and that is supposed to decide there-and-then that your race-ist views are false and invalid.
But if you do have truth and facts on your side, you should respond to the charge of ‘racism’ by clarifying that your views are, yes, ‘race-ist’ and also true. This way, the term ‘race-ism’ is gradually, step by step, associated with the courageous will to speak the truth and counter the platitudes of PC. Prog idiots use ‘racist’ as shortcut to invalidate those who won’t get on with the program, and they gained much power by convincing so many people that, yes indeed, any view about racial differences had to be about irrational ‘hatred’ and ‘supremacism’.

And PC got the upperhand because even people with rational and sane views on race, upon being accused of ‘racism’, denied the charge and tried to explain themselves on ground of science and facts. But the fact is they never had a useful term for their rational position on race. Because the neutral formulation of race + ism has been defined to mean something extreme(and possibly the most evil thing in the universe), people with rational views on race simply didn't know how to characterize their positions. Perhaps, they could have used the term ‘genetist’(as opposed to geneticist who is a researcher of genetics). A genetist could mean someone who believes in the genetic or biological roots of human existence. But ‘genetist’ is too broad and would apply to all life forms. As we are mostly involved with human affairs, it made sense to winnow down to categories and concepts with the greatest relevance to us. And race is of great importance because evolution has been at work to create different human groups that really do vary generally in appearance, body size, intelligence, strength, speed, temperament, and other factors. Therefore, we must stick to the term that addresses the reality of race, and that term must be race + ism or race-ism. If race is real(and it is), then it means there are real differences among races. That is the truth, and we prefer the truth over falsehood. So, it means we are race-ist and truthful. Then, if some PC dog barks at us and accuses us of ‘racism’, we must simply say that, yes, our positions are race-ist-and-true. PC dolts assume that the mere accusation of ‘racism’ has a magically discrediting and disinfecting effect on people who espouse 'hateful' views.

But they are unprepared to deal with people who dare to point out that race-ism = truth. If we stand our ground and insist that our views are race-ist-and-true, then the other side will find itself in a bind. They are so used to ‘winning arguments’ with that magic word ‘racist’ that they've grown mentally lazy. Our enemies are accustomed to people cowering or backing down because PC has long held that ‘racism’ = extreme views on race = falsehood.
But we can easily demonstrate that race-ism is valid and true. Facts are really on our side. Races do exist, and the differences are not just skin-deep. So, our race-ism is rational and sane. Furthermore, because we have the facts on our side, our views are race-ist-and-true. Because we stand our ground and associate race-ism with truth, it is now up to the PC side to prove that our race-ist views are untrue. But this is difficult because the evidence of racial differences is so everywhere and so obvious. Furthermore, the advancement of genetic science is beginning to prove that differences among racial groups go the roots of our DNA.
So, there you go, the idea of Race-ist-and-True will be difficult to beat. Then, the next time you are accused of ‘racism’ by PC dogs and dolts, don’t cower and sweat as you try to persuade them that you’re not ‘racist’. Instead, tell them that your views are Race-ist-and-True. Insist that truth is on your side precisely because you are a race-ist who has the will and courage to look at the world with honest eyes. See what happens.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Are Progs acting in Good Faith when they say Corporate Monopolies have the Right to Dismiss and Blacklist White National Liberationists who say NO to White Submissivism demanded by Jewish Supremacists?

So many people associated with ‘white nationalism’ or ‘white supremacism’ have been demoted, fired, or blacklisted. Even physically attacked. And the internet deplatforms entire sites devoted to White Identity and White Interests.

We are told that this is constitutional since Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply to private companies. In other words, private companies can hire and fire whomever they want based on whatever.

But I just don’t buy this line of argument.

Just consider the following scenario. Suppose a company has a president who reads about Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Suppose he is appalled by Zionist behavior. Suppose he comes to see Zionism as a form of imperialism and supremacism. On that basis, suppose he purges any worker who is associated with Zionism or support for Zionism.

Would ACLU, ADL, SPLC, and American Jews(who control most media) just accept this as OKAY since private companies can hire or fire whomever they want?
Now, the hypothetical company didn’t fire anyone simply because he or she is Jewish. The company fired people, Jews or gentiles, who are known to have explicitly supported the project of Zionism. (After all, there are anti-Zionist Jews.) So, would the Establishment, Jews, and globalists be fine with this since it targeted not race but the creed/credo of workers?

Or suppose a company decides that BLM is a Hate Movement based on lies that promotes intimidation, violence, and thuggery. Suppose it decides to fire anyone, white or black or whatever color, who is associated with support of BLM and its agenda.
Or suppose capitalist corporations adopt a policy of firing anyone associated with Marxism on the basis that communist ideology is anti-freedom, anti-property, anti-individuality, and anti-liberty, all in the name of state tyranny based on delusional theory of justice that the world must be made into a proletarian prison-state to ensure equality for all?
Would ACLU, ADL, SPLC, and NAACP — and NYT and MSM — just accept it as the Right of private companies to hire or fire whomever as they please based on their own criteria of what is ‘acceptable’?

Or suppose Paypal is bought out by Arab-Americans who are appalled by Zionist mistreatment of Palestinians. Suppose their new policy is to deny Paypal service to any proponent of Zionism. Would the Jewish community and Mass Media accept it as the right of private company to do as it pleases?

I don’t think so. I’m sure all the ‘experts’ will find LEGAL reasons to oppose such company decisions. If anything, the powers-that-be will summon any means possible to make sure that such a company will be destroyed for practicing its supposed constitutional rights.

If Youtube were owned by Hindus, Chinese, or Arabs and went about deplatforming Zionist vloggers as ‘hateful’ or homo vloggers as spreading ‘degeneracy’, I highly doubt if Jews, globalists, and progs would defend the rights of private enterprise to do as it pleases. After all, if progs care so much about Free Enterprise and Business Rights, why do they call for socialization of medicine?

Or can you imagine Youtube hiring BDS to root out Zionist vloggers as murderous, genocidal, imperialist, and/or exclusionary? If anything, American Jews are using money and influence to pass laws that will criminalize speech and actions that are in favor of BDS.

The Right must push for laws that make it illegal to fire anyone for political or ideological views away from work. That is discrimination based on creed. If it’s wrong to fire someone for being pro-Zionist, it is wrong to fire him for being pro-Europeanist. All workers must follow professional codes AT WORK, but his private and personal beliefs or activities shouldn’t be grounds for dismissal from work.
And that is the very argument that the Progressives once made. They decried the firing and blacklisting of so many communists and leftist sympathizers(many of whom were Jewish) during the ‘McCarthy Era’. But they’ve now shown their own face. It was never about principles but about protecting their own. If McCarthy had been a leftist who went after far-right people, I’m sure the Lib Narrative would remember him as a hero.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Leading Two Peoples is as Pointless as Serving Two Masters

Just as it’s difficult to serve two masters, it’s difficult to lead two peoples.

Why are so many white working class and underclass folks so lost and confused? Why are they so lacking in moral compass? It is because they get no leadership: politically, socially, culturally, historically, spiritually.

In the past, white leaders felt a racial-cultural-national connection with white masses and led them. White body was guided and watched over by the white mind. The white mind had a clearer sense of right and wrong, and it prodded the white body to act accordingly… like Moses leading the Hebrews.
But now, the white body has no leadership because the white mind no longer feels a direct connection with the white body. The covenant between the white elites and white masses has been broken. Jewish Globalists insist on the separation of white mind and white body.
Jewish academics inculcated white elites with ‘white guilt’ and promised them redemption ONLY IF they were to dump the Archie Bunkers of the world. Also, the Jewish Globalists, via control of mass entertainment, vulgarized the white masses with junk culture and Jerry Springer-ism so that they’d be deaf to sound advice if they ever heard it.

Today, white leaders/elites are expected to represent and care for ALL peoples than feel especially responsible for fellow white folks. But the interests of blacks, browns, yellows, Hindus, Muslims, and etc. are different from those of white folks(as well as from one another). When white leaders are supposed to represent Diversity than whiteness — esp when whites must bear the brunt of ‘white guilt’ — , white masses get no leadership. Also, as ‘white privilege’ is deemed evil, white elites(who still retain privilege) try to justify their own tainted privilege by cucking out to non-whites and especially Jews who, despite their super-privilege, flash the Shoah Card of Eternal Victimhood. (It must be said that the Current Order requires white elites to serve Jewish Globalist uber alles, and so it gives the lie to the notion of ‘anti-racism’. Jewish Power banished white identity from respectable discourse not so much to make white elites color-blind but to make them serve Jewish supremacism. After all, if Jews really want white elites to care for all groups equally, why do they push Palestinian-American interests to the back-burner in favor of Jewish-American interests.)

A man who tries to serve two or more masters will end up confused, betraying all the masters as well as himself in the absence of meaningful integrity of loyalty.

A man who tries to lead two, three, or more divergent peoples behold an impossible task. Imagine if Moses had tried to lead Egyptians, Hebrews, and Canaanites.

Even a figure as inspired as Gandhi couldn’t, in the end, represent both Muslim India and Hindu India and had to relent to the partitioning of British India into a Hindu majority nation and a Muslim majority nation, Pakistan. (Notice Netanyahu doesn’t pretend to represent Palestinians as well as Jews. He is a Jewish leader of Jews through and through.)

In time, the would-be leader of multiple peoples just becomes jaded and cynical. His pompous talk about Diversity degenerate into self-serving machination of careerism. As he finds it impossible to lead many peoples, he is resigned to serving himself and the one master: The Zionist-Globalist elites.
Even as the current white elites are dazed and confused in their failure to represent and lead all peoples, they are focused on serving ONE uber-master, the Glob. It’s easier to serve one master than lead many peoples. Currently, the West has only one master that counts: Jewish Globalism. No wonder then that so many politicians opt to serve the Jewish globalist uber-masters. Easier to serve the one than to lead the many.

Ideally, white elites would stop serving the Glob(aka globalist supremacism) and start to serve the white masses once again. Let non-white groups rely on their own non-white leaderships.

Anyway, the white race needs to think like blacks with NAACP and Jews with AIPAC. Even apart from electoral politics, blacks and Jews are represented by organizations that explicitly cater to their identities and interests. And Hispanics have La Raza, lately renamed to something else.

Whites need something similar. Of course, this pro-white organization that ALWAYS is geared to represent white identity and interests(regardless of winds of political fortune) must be sane and responsible. Unfortunately, explicit White Identity has been associated with KKK and the like, not least because the Jewish-run media and Jewish-funded watchdog groups like ADL and SPLC have created this impression that anything related to white or European consciousness must be associated with the ‘far right’ and the ‘Nazis’.

A National Humanist White Organization is most necessary. One that is moral and responsible.

Because most whites only rely on electoral politics, they feel represented or unrepresented depending on who wins elections. But if whites have powerful and well-organized socio-cultural organizations to represent them apart from politics, they will always feel empowered regardless of shifting political fortunes. It’s like Jews have ADL and AIPAC working on their behalf regardless of who is president, senator, or governor.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Symbiotic Relationship between Cosmo-Prog Elites and Materialist Non-Whites - White Politics and Ideographics - California’s Failure of Democracy under Tribe-and-Bribe Rule

It’s odd…

In order for White Libs to push their Cosmo-Prog agenda, they must rely on blacks and non-white colonizers for votes. But many of these non-whites are not into Cosmo-Prog agenda.
They vote for Democrats only because they want Open Borders(so that more of their kind can gain access to the material wealth of the US) and Federal programs(without which blacks would be totally lost). It’s purely mercenary, not ideological.

It’s like the European proggy ‘left’ depends on Muslim and African voters who don’t care about the cosmo-proggy agenda, especially pertaining to Gay Rites and Queertianity. Oftentimes, these non-whites are even less proggy than native ‘rightists’ and ‘conservatives’ are. Yet, they vote for the Proggy party because it offers them access to the material goodies of the better-managed West.

What will result from all such twisted symbiosis? Virginia and France turn more proggy because the Prog elites win with votes of non-whites who generally aren’t proggy. These non-whites vote for the Prog party not for ideals but for free meals. They just want more Open Borders and Bigger Government. Their reasons are tribal, material, or mercenary.

But I guess the Progs don’t much care. They figure Asians, being docile and subservient, can easily be turned onto Proggy values via education, and this is indeed happening with dog-like East Asians and even Hindus to some extent. As for Mexicans, they will never amount to much and remain as docile labor force at the lower rungs of society. They will supply the votes to put progs in power, but progs won’t offer anything to Mexicans but open borders and tortillas. When it comes to macro social and political policy, Jews and Homos will get to decide.

Still, at some point, the system could easily break. And we see inklings of this in California. Especially with declining white power, there’s bound to be more bitterness among progs and people of color. And in Minnesota, Somalians and Progs are not seeing eye to eye on lots of things despite their united front against Conservatives(who are mostly cucks anyway).

Basically, white elites, affluents, and educrati(the edu-indoctrinated class) want to lord over non-white ‘immigrants’ and serve Jewish uber-elites.
White businesses find non-whites more docile, and white educrati find non-whites ‘nobler’ for PC reasons of ‘diversity’ and ‘anti-racism’.

Meanwhile, white masses demand that white elites serve White America. But white rulers don’t want to rule over whites. They want to serve rich Jews who call for a New People.

White masses want white elites to represent and lead them. They hope, but it’s not happening.

This is why Alt Right can play an important role. It is about creating a New White Elite class who will listen to white masses and lead them. And this New White Elite will not collaborate with the Zionist-Globalists.

But try talking sense to whites who’ve been brain-cancered into thinking it is a GOOD THING that whites will be minorities in their own nations. It’s part of their mantra.

It’s like all those idiot college students cheering Clinton’s speech that extolled a future in which whites will no longer be a majority in America.

What morons. A few slogans — "Diversity Is Our Strength" — repeated like nursery rhymes in their heads, and they really believe in the mantra. ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ are their ‘charm of making’.

With whites especially, ideographics matter. Whereas non-whites tend to overwhelmingly vote one way(Democratic), whites are more divided by ideology. Jews made it this way by vilifying white identity. So, while blacks, browns, yellows, Hindus, and Muslims are urged to vote for their tribal-political interests(on the assumption that the Democratic Party is better for them as racial or ethnic groups), whites are denounced and demeaned if they show any racial consciousness. So, white conservatives can only be implicitly white while white Progs are stridently anti-white. While whites aren’t allowed to be pro-white-conscious, they are encouraged to be aggressively anti-white-conscious. Any white person who denounces her own race as wicked and ‘racist’ are favored by the Jewish Power. So, there is more ideological divisions among whites since white identity is taboo. So, white politics is ideographic than demographic. Many more whites than non-whites group together along ideology than identity.

The ideology of too many whites is anti-white. They see anti-white betrayal as a virtue. They’ve been educated in such manner since cradle by Jews who control media and academia. Look at white states like Maine, Minnesota, and Vermont. Demographically white but ideographically anti-white.

In a nation where ‘racism’ is seen as the worst evil — and even most on the Right use ‘racism’ as pejorative — , too many whites think that any white identity or interest is ‘racist’ and evil.

Despite demographic changes, GOP could have won Virginia if whites stuck together. But they didn’t. 41% of whites voted for Democratic and more Diversity.
(Granted, even white conservatives may welcome Diversity because they feel immigrants are preferable to blacks, socially and economically.)

Prog elites make a distinction between Democracy vs Populism, arguing that nationalist-populists are actually an hindrance to true democracy and political pluralism.

Okay, so let’s look at the political result of a state that totally destroyed the power of populist-nationalists through mass invasion and PC lunacy. Let’s see how democracy thrives under such conditions. Let’s consider California! So, just how democratic is that state? Isn’t it a total one-party dictatorship. Doesn’t it have the biggest division between rich and poor. The most strident restrictions on free speech? And Antifa goons running amok and attacking people with differing view?

Are we to assume that all of the US will be more democratic if it follows the California model?

California is about Tribe-and-Bribe. The ruling Jewish Tribe brought over tons of non-whites and bribed them with welfare and chain migration IF they vote Democratic and hate on Whitey.

Tribe as ruling elites, white cucks and Asians as their managerial class, and everyone else as helots too divided by race, culture, and faddish ideologies to ever form a common front. And Progs more allied with Hollywood and Silicon Valley than with working class and middle class(that continues to move out of Ca). What wonderful democracy they have in Calfornia.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Real Threat to Children Will Not Come from Child Porn but through the Pornification of Mainstream Culture

With the institutionalization and even sanctification of sexual decadence and degeneracy, some may feel that we are on the cusp of legalization of child pornography, pederasty, and pedophilia as well. After all, things seem to be accelerating fast. Dances went from Negro-inspired Bump-and-Grind to Negromaniacal ‘Twerking’ where women move their butts like they are having sex on top. In a few decades, the US went from permitting freedom for homos to do their own thing to praising the ‘gay community’ to pushing for ‘gay marriage’ to destroying those who won’t bake ‘homo wedding cakes’ to festooning churches with ‘gay’ colors. And the US went from tolerating trannies(but finding them ridiculous) to teaching students that a man with penis and balls is a ‘woman’ if he so feels like it. And the media, being controlled by Jews and their brainwashed cuckbots, just pushed and enforced the lunacy.

Indeed, Jewish supremacist ethno-monopoly of America is at the root of much that is wrong with this country. Because Jews have used media and academia to make us worship them as Eternal Holocaust People, wonderful comedians, and wise Einsteins, we are supposed to believe Jews can do no wrong. And since politicians are bought and sold by Jewish oligarchs and rely on the Jew-run Media for good press, they are careful not to upset Jews. So, we have a nation where the most powerful people in America, the Jews, go unchallenged and un-criticized no matter what they do.
Because we are all supposed to praise and honor wonderful Jews, anything associated with Jews or favored by Jews must also be supported, honored, or at the very least, not opposed. Because Jews declared, "We love homos the most", even American Conservatives(so slavish to Jews and Israel) dared not oppose the Homo Agenda. And since Jewish media said ‘Bruce Jenner is woman of the year’, even American Conservatives dared not laugh at the utter silliness.

Because Jews wield so much power, they’ve been able to accelerate the pace of degeneracy like never before in human history. Thanks to Jewish control of music industry, we now have ‘twerking’ as dancing. We have pornography accessible to young children. While Jews go after BDS and Alt Right voices, they promote more pornography even for kids because (1) Jews control pornography and (2) Jews use pornography as interracial propaganda to infect white girls with jungle fever and white boys with cuckitis. Thanks to Jews, we have Slut Pride as the new feminism. We have illegal invaders being called ‘dreamers’, and that’s supposed to put patriots on the defensive. Thanks to Jewish control of media and education, we have soul-dead kids like Nikolas Cruz and their anti-social behavior. And when such kids imitate psychopaths sensationalized by Jewish Hollywood and gun down innocents, Jews call for gun-banning. Indeed, Jews don’t mind corrupting the souls of Americans. More corrupted souls means more gun violence by lunatics, and that means more ammo for Jewish agenda to ban guns so that the Jewish-run state will have monopoly on firepower.

Because of the rapid rise of foulness all around, might not kiddie porn be just around the corner? And if such is normalized, might not pedophilia also be normalized? But, real danger won’t come from kiddie porn if indeed Jews were to attempt normalizing it next. Even in our excessively degenerate age of tattoos, piercings, and overall filth, most people will see kiddie porn for what it is: An infamia, a monstrosity. And even if its artificially-made kiddie porn that is permitted by the state, people will still see it for what it is: Something for Sickos and Degenerates to do in their own place and time. Strictly not for mainstream, normal, and healthy society.

The real danger to children will come from the pornification of mainstream culture in a society where sexualization of children is the New Normal in schools and entertainment. Sexualization of children is tolerated or overlooked because it isn’t necessarily associated with pedophilia. Some parents who allow their kids to dress and act ‘sexy’ may just see it as cute. Or they may see it as a natural maturing process. The logic goes, "If it’s okay for young girls to dress up Barbie dolls, why not dress themselves up like Barbie dolls?" After all, kids playact at being adults all the time. Boys dress up as cowboys and Indians. Girls dress up like full-grown women and even play at being mothers with baby dolls. And since adult female culture has become far more slutty, it seems only natural to many parents/adults that young girls should playact at being full-grown sluts.
This isn’t seen as pedophilia because the girls are not dressing up to be sexual playthings for adults. Also, there are feminists who argue that the more young children are sexualized, the more liberated and empowered they will be. So, kids being sexualized is fine as long as they aren’t being groomed for sexual relations with adults. The thinking goes, if young boys can play at being soldiers as long as they aren’t sent to a real war, then what is wrong with young girls playacting at being sluts and skanks as long as they are not used as prostitutes and sexual playthings? Kids will always imitate adults. So, if motherhood was the norm in the past, and young girls pretended to be mothers, then young girls of today should emulate sluts and skanks since they are the new face of Womanhood in Jew-run America.

But here lies the danger. While no adult expects boys to use guns like cowboys or soldiers, there really are child molesters and pedophiles. So, when boys play with toy guns, good or bad, they are really in a fantasy world of play. No adult, upon seeing boys play cowboys and Indians, is going to want to join in the game with real guns and shoot the boys dead.
In contrast, there are adults who do intend to prey on young children as sexual objects. Some will even lure the kids, kidnap them, abuse them, and murder them.
Now, some libertines may use the same argument made for homosexuals to decriminalize pedophilia: The reason why so many homos acted degenerate and dangerously was because homosexuality was criminalized; this drove homos into the underworld to indulge in their vice in secrecy and shame, and this made them even more degenerate than they needed to be. Likewise, pedophiles go to extreme measures and even commit murder to hide their acts because society is so ‘irrationally’ judgmental about pedophiles.

But even if we were to try to remove the stigma from pedophilia, I can’t imagine how it can be any less disgusting. Also, increased freedom for homosexuals only made their sexual indulgence more out of control, culminating in the HIV epidemic of the 1980s that, to this day, is kept under wraps only thanks to highly expensive drugs, the development of which took away resources from other medical researches.

Another difference between sexual playacting and dramatic playacting among children is the former animalizes whereas the latter civilizes. Even war-games among boys can carry some kind of moral content in terms of good guys vs bad guys or cops-and-robbers. They come with certain moral or proto-political themes. So, even though young boys are unfit to be cops or soldiers, their playacting makes them think in terms of using violence to achieve certain goals.
In contrast, sexuality is animal, and encouraging children to indulge in premature or budding sexuality is to animalize them. There can be no higher, social, or political themes attached to sexualization. While sexuality is a big part of why people fight, compete, and gain power — people want to find attractive mates — , in and of itself it is just animality. So, if boys playing cops and robbers are pretending to fight for something, girls(and boys) playacting at sexuality are reduced to mere objects of desire without understanding the full implications of what they're doing. Perhaps, the sheer idiocy of things like the Pussy March is a sad indication of the consequences of the sexualization of children in the past 30 yrs. The souls of these women have become animalized by black culture that reduces human behavior to ape-hood and by New Feminism that models itself on prostitutes for ‘liberation’ and ‘empowerment’.

Another form of sexualization of children comes from homomania and its effect on education. In the name of eradicating ‘homophobia’, children are given instructions on homo fecal penetration from the youngest possible age. Since their parents have been converted to Homomania as a neo-religion, they regard pro-LGBTQ indoctrination for their kids as something akin to catechism and communion in Catholic Schools. The parents have been educated and brainwashed to believe that it’s sinful to find homosexuality to be foul and trans-genderism to be ridiculous.
Because it is all-too-natural for straight people to feel yucky about homosexuality and transvestite-ism, progs consider such natural feelings as akin to the original sin. You see, we are born with ‘homophobic’ tendencies, and therefore, we must inoculate children at a young age to be not only accepting of but ecstatic for homosexuality.
Now, most kids will react weirdly if you tell them that some men stick their pee-pee’s into poo-poo’s of other men. And there was a time when parents felt the same way and thought it natural that kids, upon learning about homosexuality, would go, "Ewwwwww". But today’s proggy parents don’t want to take that chance. They are convinced that homos are holy, and therefore, their kids must be taught from the youngest age THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FECAL PENETRATION AND CUTTING WEE-WEE OFF TO GET A FAKE POON.

Now, what happens when kids are told of homosexual behavior in graphic detail? While such instruction isn’t pedophilia per se, the kids are being told things that should really be discussed only among adults. While it’s true that kids are curious and talk about all sorts of things from a young age, a barrier is necessary between adult sexual knowledge and childhood experience. But when adults themselves use institutions to instruct kids about homo ‘sexuality’, the barrier between adult sexuality and childhood breaks down. Also, it’s one thing to discuss sexual matters with young teenagers who are undergoing the process of puberty, but it’s quite another to discuss sexual matters to children in elementary school who haven’t even undergone the process of sexual development.

Even more dangerous, there is the power of entertainment that is now utterly trashy and degenerate. Disney is a purveyor of sexualization of kids. Slut fashions in dress are marketed to young ones. Kiddie TV shows feature child actors with trashy attitudes. Is it any wonder that most Disney-sprung child actors and actresses turn into total shit later in life? What is called ‘wholesome’ by today’s standards is Whoredom Lite, and it’s just preparation for total whoredom later. So, Miley Cyrus, once billed as ‘wholesome’, turned into a total freak.
Jewish-controlled Disney uses girls like that, but there is hardly any condemnation or opposition from Americans. What does that tell you? If young girls are raised to act that way, what's happened to childhood in the entertainment industry? Perhaps, entertainment industry was always seedy and sordid at the core, but the breakdown of moral and spiritual institutions all across America now makes it possible for entertainment industry to restrain nothing in its spewing of degeneracy and filth on society.
Ariana Grande is promoted as a positive ‘role model’ for kids. Black culture like ‘twerking’ is deemed appropriate for kids. Every kid has smartphone and send pics of genitals. An entire generation of kids grew up to Nikki Minaj and her booty shaking. What is considered wholesome is really hole-some.

The problem is this: If such are deemed okay for kids, then it means kids should be encouraged to be sexual creatures. Then, it follows that children should be having sex with other children. (Still, no pedophilia yet, but wait for the next logical twist.) And if children should be having sex with one another, the next logical step would be adults should be having sex with children. Pedos will argue, sex is sex. If children should be sexualized creatures and have sex with other children, why shouldn’t adults join in also since both children and adults are now sexual creatures?

It is this indirect path to pedophilia that is insidious.

Indirectness is often more effective because it tricks us. Consider the Pavlovian means by which Homosexuality was made into Homomania the new religion. At first, most people, even as they came to tolerate homosexuality, found it gross and ewww. After all, what is great about homos doing fecal penetration on one another. And what is so great about trannies who get their genitals mutilated to get fake genitals. So, most people saw that stuff for what it was. So, Jews came up with the term ‘homophobia’ to reverse the shame dynamics. It used to be straight people felt normal whereas homos felt abnormal. But via ‘homophobia’,the idea was that it was rational and natural to be a homo, and it was ‘irrational’ and ‘phobic’ to have negative feelings about homosexuals. And then, the homosexuality was associated with rainbow colors. Now, fecal penetration and genital-mutilation have NOTHING to do with the beautiful rainbow, the but the Jew-run media associated the two together. Henceforth, most people thought of rainbow colors whenever they heard of homos or trannies. It was a Pavlovian trick. Once a dog is made to associate the sound of bell with food, the mere sound of bell makes the dog salivate. The dog associates the sound of bell with the yummies.
Once the homo agenda was associated with the rainbow, the Jews used their cuck-christian allies to place the homo flags in churches. And then, homo colors got associated with Christianity itself. So, Jesus and God were all associated with the ‘rainbow’ that was associated with the homo agenda of homos who do fecal penetration on one another. And so many dumb Americans fell for this nonsense.

So, if pedophiles have an agenda to legitimize and ultimately legalize pedophilia, they will go about in some roundabout way of gradual association where something illicit will be associated with something licit which will be associated with something legit which will be associated with something holy. In the end, Evil isn’t like the puking monster in THE EXORCIST. It is a smooth operator... like the Lucifer of Rolling Stones’ song "Sympathy for the Devil".

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul to waste

Law of Tribalism says People want to be with their own kind - Law of Supremalism says People want to be the Superior or the Inferior even if Different

It is part of nature(and human nature) to fear and ward off the different. Nature exists in a state of terror and aggression. All organisms are hungry and want to devour others and fear being devoured by others. Organisms seek to get closest to organisms they want to eat and furthest from organisms that would eat them. To be sure, there are various organisms that remain oblivious to one another and co-exist peacefully as they don’t regard each others as rivals, predators, or prey. Full grown trout will swim alongside full-grown carps. Sparrows, pigeons, and ducks co-exist and just ignore one another. Indeed, often there is more violence among similar species or the same species than among different species. Chimpanzees are most violent with other chimpanzees and get along better with other animals. Squirrels are often quarrelsome and aggressive with one another while ignoring skunks, opossums, and pigeons.

In some ways, organisms feel closest to their own kind but also most competitive and acrimonious among their own kind as well. This is why many people prefer to leave their own community and go to another one where they can just be strangers. Indeed, that's been of the great attractions of America. If there were two very tribal societies, people in Tribe A would think twice about going to Tribe B. After all, Tribe B will see the member from A as an outsider. He may be treated as an outcast or come under great pressure to convert/conform to the ways of Tribe B. Therefore, in a world of tribalism, it’s best to stick with your own Tribe. Despite all the acrimony, bad blood, and competition within the Tribe, you are still treated as an organic member.
But what if there is land where everyone is a stranger? One may feel lonely and lost but also loose and liberated. One no longer has tribal obligations and duties. If you belong to Tribe A, you must carry out the duties of your Tribe, and they could be time-consuming, burdensome, or just plain boring. But if you move to a land of strangers, you can just do what you want. You are no longer part of a Tribe(and that is alienating and disorienting) but you also feel free and independent. It’s like when kids go to college and are surrounded by strangers. It can be lonely and confusing but also exciting and stimulating, as opposed to being at home where you must act in accordance to the rules of the family. Going from one’s Tribal community to a land of strangers isn’t really like going to the Other. If member of Tribe A goes over to Tribe B, he has to adjust to the Other. But in the land of strangers, there really is no Other since every person is on his own.

The land of strangers may be especially welcome to a minority living in a Tribal system. For instance, if you were a Jew in Poland or Hungary, you were reminded of your Jewish minority status at all times. There was a sense that Poland really belongs to Poles and Hungary really belongs to Hungarians, and YOU, as a Jew, was a mere guest. But in the land of strangers(like how Jews saw the US), the land belongs equally to each individual. A Pole or an Hungarian in America has no special claim on the land over a Jew. Now, Anglos and Northern Europeans who founded and built America may insist on a special claim, and Jews always saw such claim as a threat, and that was why they were so adamant from putting the Immigration Experience at the Center of the American Narrative.
And yet, there is a further twist. If indeed Jews only want to come to the US as a land of strangers where every individual is equal to any other, things might not have gotten so crazy. If Jews really only want to be individuals, there would at least have been consistency in their view of New America.
But, being free individuals hasn't been enough for Jews in America. Rather, they want to lay claim to America as theirs, indeed, the Jewel in the Crown of Judea or World Jewry. (Judea is the most powerful force in the world. The combined wealth of US Jews, Israeli Jews, European Jews, Russian Jews, Latin American Jews is much bigger than the US economy.)
In a way, Jews left Europe to get away from Tribalism and came to the US to be free as individuals. Jews valued the erosion of tribalism even among the Anglos who’d founded and built this nation. Jews envisioned a Melting Pot of free individuals easily co-existing with one another in a land defined by liberty, commerce, ambition, and potential. And yet... even as white gentile tribalism and identity grew ever weaker, Jewish identity and tribalism grew ever stronger. If the rise of Anglo-American power led to Wasps seeing themselves as a universal neo-imperial people spreading Americanism all over the world and taking in New Americans from all over the world, the rise of Jewish-American power led to Jews feeling more proud as Jews, Zionists, and citizens of Judea, or World Jewry. In the land of strangers where every group was supposed to let go of their tribal loyalties and just become ‘Americans’, Jews did the very opposite despite urging all other groups to lose their tribalisms. Jews can be Jewish, but all other groups are supposed to be just deracinated individuals whose only points of identity must be Israel/Shoah, Homomania, and Afromania.

Anyway, what is true among humans is also true among animals. A wolf may run from other wolves and prefer to live with other animals that leave it alone. While a wolf may ideally want to belong to a wolf pack, if its own pack is scattered or destroyed, it may have a difficult joining another wolf pack. Indeed, other packs may see it as a threat and try to kill it. In that case, a wolf has most to fear from its own kind and may seek solace as a ‘stranger’ among other species that just ignore him. And that is why people seek refuge in other nations. A Turk might be politically or legally persecuted by other Turks in Turkey. A Burmese may be tyrannized by other Burmese for political or whatever reasons. A Pakistani may be hounded by other Pakistanis who vie for power and dominance. Such an individual might prefer to just become a stranger in a place like UK, Canada, Australia, or the US. Or even in Japan. He may feel lonely as a stranger, but because he’s a nonentity, people will just leave him alone. This is especially true in many parts of the US where the ONLY thing that most people have in common is the fact that they are strangers in a strange land too.

An animal that flees its own kind may seek sanctuary among humans who tend to be more compassionate, at least in comparison to cold-hearted and ruthless nature. After all, wolves evolved into dogs because they preferred to be with humans than with other wolves that might kill them. While humans could be brutal to animals, they could also be kinder and empathetic. Also, as wolves could sense great intelligence among humans, they looked to humans as a guide. Animals can instinctively tell which animal is more special. Even a dog that has never seen a human or cat before will react differently to both. It will see a cat as just another animal but react with far greater curiosity toward the human. Even killer whales sense something special about humans.

Humans are organisms too, and even though many people want to be with their own kind and feel most comfortable around one another, there is also a wish among some humans to be with the superior or the inferior. This is where the Law of Supremalism comes into play. Supremalism can be (1) wanting to be with the superior people than with one’s own that seem inferior in comparison (2) wanting to feel superior over others who are deemed inferior. Missionary types are often (2) kind of supremal people. They want to feel special, admired, loved, and appreciated as a superior people. Of course, being Christians for whom humility is crucial, they won't admit to such supremal urges and instead will just claim compassion for humanity. But, in a way, they want to go to the wretched of the earth because it makes them feel as demigods or angels. Such missionary supremalism also exists among celebrities, like Bono of U2 going to Africa and standing among adoring black children. He feels like a white god bringing love and compassion to the jungle folks. Whether it’s a Christian missionary going to some poor country and playing the role Angel Savior or some Social Justice activist or journalist globe-trotting around the world and recording all the misery, a kind of supremalism is at play. Chris Hedges loves feeling important as the Big Caring White Guy who had stood with and over the Wretched of the Earth all over the world.

But there is (1) Supremalism where people want to depart from their own kind and be with the superior folks who could be superior in wealth, ability, creativity, beauty, athleticism, talent, and/or glamour. Many people want to leave their boring little town and go to the city(filled with very different peoples) where the action is because that’s where all the talent and glamour are. Many people want to move to the West because they see white nations are richer, white people are better in management & fairer with Rule of Law, white people are more attractive, white people are more capable, and etc. So, we have millions upon millions of Africans and Muslims heading to Europe. And we have people all over the world flocking to US, Australia, and Canada to be with superior white people.
Of course, they will never admit to this since it would be shameful. No one wants to admit, "Yeah, my people suck, they are ugly, they are corrupt, they are moronic, and I feel ashamed of them, so I want to go to a land filled with capable and pretty white people." No Mexican or Hindu will dare admit it. But he feels it deep down.

As for whites who welcome mass immigration-invasion, (2) Supremalism is a factor because all these non-whites flocking to white nations means that superior white Liberal folks get to lord over these ‘darkies’ pleading for a better life. Diversity makes white people feel more magnanimous as the superior breed. Again, they won’t admit to harboring such feelings because PC says we’re all equal, but such emotions are there. If indeed all people are equal, why can’t Mexicans make their own nation as good as the US? Why must they scramble to the US to live under Gringo to have a better life?
But there are also whites who want to be part of another people. Some whites see blacks as superior. They want to be with blacks, admire blacks, have sex with blacks, and have black kids. Rachel Dolezal wants to be black. And in the movie GET OUT, white people want to literally enter black bodies.
But some whites want to be with the Other because it makes them feel special. If you’re a white nobody in the white world, you must feel special if you’re among poor folks in Bolivia or India who look upon you as a kind of white god-angel.

Supremalism is built into our psyche and underlies all religions. Why do we imagine God or gods? Because we want to be with the superior being. Just as dogs prefer being with us than with their own kind in nature, we want to eventually take leave of our world and be in the world of God or gods, be it Heaven or Valhalla.

Among humans, there are many cases of preference for the Other that is perceived as more just, more able, more fair, more attractive. Taiwanese are Chinese but they prefer American hegemony over the Pacific because they see fellow Chinese in the mainland as ugly yellow barbarians. Taiwanese want to regard themselves as honorary whites. Many Zimbabweans want white farmers back because their own black kind have ground everything to dust. Most Arabs would rather go live in Germany than deal with their own cutthroat, corrupt, and haggly-waggly kind. And some whites wax romantic about the Other as wiser or more spiritual or ‘cooler’. People tend to undervalue & take for granted what they got and overvalue & obsess about what others got.

Many non-whites are drawn to white nations because they see whites as superior in every way. These non-whites get little or no justice from fellow non-whites who are superstitious, corrupt, brutal, and clannish. So, they want to go to America(or Canada or Australia) and live under white rule. Also, they find whites to be sexually more attractive.
This may seem counter-intuitive because non-whites scream about ‘white racism’ and ‘white guilt’. One might think, “If they hate whites so much, why do they want to run from their own kind and live in white nations?”
But it is precisely because they prefer whites and want to live in white nations that they employ PC to lower white defenses against non-white immigration/colonization.

And in a way, whites who welcome mass-colonization from Third World are practicing a kind of soft subconscious supremacism. They feel, “You darkies wanna leave your own inferior nations and cultures because you know that the white world and white people are better. You want to live in our superior world because you are incapable of creating anything so good in your own world.”

Most non-white ‘immigrants’ are closet-white-supremacists. They want to run away from their own kind, own nations, and own cultures to start new lives and take on new identities under white rule. They prefer white nations(esp those created by Northern Europeans) to their own kind despite the long history and culture. Chinese, Hindus, and Arabs have deep history, culture, and identity going back 1000s of years, but they are willing to give that all up just to have a chance to live with whites, have sex with whites, work for whites, and take on white names like ‘Heather’ and ‘Robert’.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

If Nationalism is Passe and if We are living in a Post-National and Globalist Era, why shouldn't other nations interfere in US elections? - A Proposal for a New Kind TV: The Power Play

Progs attack Trump for favoring nationalism over globalism. Supposedly, in our Age of Global Citizenship, the notion of National Interest is no longer tenable. Anyone is an 'American', and if anything, US politicians should care about Americans-yet-to-be(future immigrants) than Americans who already are. Progs say we do away with nation-vs-nation antagonism and see the whole world as one community and US should allow endless immigration because there should be no distinction between the US and other nations. American military and money should flood the world, and the world's populace should flood the US.

But then, these same Progs say Trump is traitor for wanting Peace-with-Russia(that supposedly messed with US elections). Against certain nations, especially Russia, the US should be in total national defensive mode because... Russia is once against the Evil Empire? Because Russia hacked and rigged the 2016 election?

If Progs are truly anti-nationalist & pro-globalist, what does it matter if a foreign power messed with US elections? After all, Progs want foreign masses as new voters. (Of course, Russia did nothing of the kind, but when legend becomes fact, print the legend.)

If indeed, the notion of ‘national’ is passe and atavistic, so-called national elections should now be global elections. Democrats are now allowing illegals and non-citizens to register to vote in the spirit of globalizing US elections. But these same idiots bitch and whine about Russian meddling.

Progs say ANYONE should just barge into the US illegally, ‘dream’ of staying, and vote for Democrats.
Okay, if that’s the Prog logic, what is wrong with any nation interfering with US elections? If national sovereignty is atavistic and outdated and if millions of illegals have a 'human right' to invade EU & US and if Jewish globalists like George Soros should be allowed to game the entire world, then what exactly would have been wrong if Russia did mess with US elections, especially given that the US totally messed with Russian elections and even invaded and destroyed entire nations?


So much corruption and abuse unreported in the Jewish-globalist-owned MSM. Sadly, most people are either unaware or don’t care since they are hooked to Pop Culture and other nonsense.

Maybe the following proposal is what all societies need: An ongoing TV series about the most powerful peoples, institutions, and industries in America. The Power Play.

So, imagine a TV show called the FED that dramatizes what happens in the corridors of power. It has to be based on proved facts. Since it takes time to ascertain facts, these shows will have to feature events from at least a month ago. Time lag allows for verification.
And the show will be about what kind of decisions took place inside the FED.

And a TV show called SUPREME COURT. A dramatization of key things that happened in SC. Again, a month-lag on the dramatization of what really happened or were said on record.

And the same for The PRESIDENCY

And the CIA.

And the FBI.

And the NYT and other elite media.

And IVY LEAGUES. A show on the major decisions made by university presidents and deans.

And the Pentagon.

And Goldman Sachs.

And Amazon.

And Microsoft.

And Google.

And Apple.

This stuff can be made entertaining with good actors and expert pacing. Fictionalization won't be allowed as everything has to be in accordance with verified facts. Of course, the narrative will have to be ironed and streamlined of slack.

This will be a great public service as the public will have a glimpse, however incomplete, of the working of power in the most important and consequential institutions.

And maybe every city or local community can have a Play Production about City Hall. A never-ending series based on what happens among politicians, big time folks, and etc in the seats of power.

That way, entertainment won’t always be about escapism but about focusing on what is happening among the powerful. Instead of escapism, 'enterism'. Use art to enter to domains of power.

Now, there are shows like HOUSE OF CARDS that offer a vague inkling of what happens in DC. But with fictionalized characters and exaggerated situations, it’s more escapism than enterism.

We need Enterism in culture. We need to enter into the way of power.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Vietnam War as Metaphor for Civil War in the West - Why Globalists Need Immigrants as Mercenaries against White National Liberators

If one side in a civil war cannot win without massive foreign support, it is a sign of fatal weakness.

Take the Vietnam War.
All North Vietnamese soldiers were Vietnamese.
In contrast, South Vietnam relied on massive US troop presence and even South Korean troops to prop up its regime and system. North Vietnam had the decisive advantage. Its military was manned by proud patriots. South Vietnam was decadent and under neo-imperialist hegemony. It lacked conviction and cared only for pleasure & profits, the bulk of it going to the Chinese minority. So, not many in the South were willing to fight and die for what the system stood for. The South relied on (what were essentially)mercenary forces from the US and South Korea.

US soldiers had no idea why they were in South Vietnam. They were told something about stopping evil communism and all that. But Americans didn’t care about the Vietnamese(who, in turn, didn’t care much about Americans) and grew cynical. They had low morale and had to be bribed with R&R to keep fighting. They were given generous rations to drink, party, and bang whores.
And S. Koreans served as a mercenary force that received equal pay as the Americans. But without US money, South Korea had no reason or will to fight. In contrast, North Vietnamese were fighting for nation and pride. They had a sense of value beyond money and materialism.

North had the will, cohesion, and conviction on its own. Even though it received extensive aid from USSR and China, it did all its own fighting. In contrast, the South had no will and no pride. It could only be propped up by outside mercenary forces. On its own, South was doomed, and indeed the North soon prevailed over the South once the US left.

Similar dynamics is at play in the crisis now engulfing the West. There is a civil war of sorts between globalist whites and nationalist whites. In some white nations, the nationalist whites have an advantage over the globalist whites. Nationalist whites tend to have a sense of roots and identity. They feel a powerful connection to the land beneath their feet. (This is evident in Poland and Hungary.) They are more likely to have a sense of core morality. They are more likely to have national, racial, and cultural pride. As such, they have a sense of meaning, direction, and power in being what they are and being with others like themselves.
In contrast, globalist whites(despite their education and affluence) tend to be decadent, demoralized(except in the virtue-signaling of self-loathing, what with their moral pride being predicated upon racial suicide), directionless, rootless, and spineless(again, except in denouncing their own race). With such negativity, they are bound to comprise the minority of whites in any healthy nation where whites have woken up to what’s really at stake. Besides, most people aren’t ethno-masochists.

The reason why some white nations abnormally have more globalist whites than nationalist whites is because the elite institutions are controlled by globalist Jews and their cuck-collaborators who spread PC and Homo-?egro pop culture to whites from cradle.
But if white national consciousness were given a chance, it is bound to grow and expand because people like to feel good about their own kind. It’s like many Vietnamese had been resigned to French imperialism, BUT once the nationalist flame got going, it could hardly be contained and eventually spread like a wildfire.

Just like the South Vietnamese regime felt it had no chance without foreign mercenaries, globalist whites(who are really unwitting shills of Jewish globalists) are beginning to feel that they have no chance without foreign mercenaries of Diversity or non-white ‘immigrants’. These are immigrant-mercenaries or ‘immercenaries’ in the sense that their ONLY commitment to the West is materialistic. They have no concern for western identity, culture, or history. They just come to the West for money and materialism. For those goodies, they are willing to destroy nationalist whites… just like South Korean mercenaries were willing to kill tons of Vietnamese patriots for $$$ in the Vietnam War.

If not for Immercenaries, Virginia would still be a Red State. It was non-white immercenaries who flipped California into a blue state. Indeed, many states would be Republican if not for the Immercenary Factor. (To be sure, GOP has been mostly useless as all politicians in the US are controlled by Jews.)

Granted, there is one crucial difference between the US and Divided Vietnam during the war. The nationalist Viets had a solid base in the North. So, the Viet Cong soldiers fighting in the South could rely on solid support from the North that was wholly independent of US imperialism.
In contrast, all of the US is like South Vietnam. All of it is occupied by the GLOB. All the federal & state governments, all the institutions, all the industries. So, White National Liberationists(a more accurate term than ‘white nationalists’) are like Viet Cong but without the backing of a solid base of power. In North Vietnam, all the institutions were controlled by patriots. So, the Viet Cong could at least rely on hardcore nationalist North Vietnam in their war with South Vietnam then under neo-imperialist US hegemony.
In contrast, the Alt Right and Nationalist Whites have no such backing. Some see Russia as the support system of nationalist whites, but Russia is non-interventionist(despite all the Jewish hysteria and cooked-up paranoia) and, being an imperial-nation in its own right, not so keen on ethno-nationalism that might upset Muslim minorities.

Still, once true nationalism replaces cuck-conservatism, White National Liberationists will be more passionate and committed than the globalist whites whose main passions are ridiculous homo-worship, Negro-worship, servility to Zionists, and racial self-hatred.
In the end, a people who love their own kind have advantage over those who hate their own kind. This is why globalist whites everywhere fear that they cannot win in the long run against nationalist whites. They can win ONLY with non-white immigrants as mercenaries who side with globalist whites PURELY for $$$ and materialism. After all, what is the main reason why immigrants come to the US? Principles? Ideals? No, they come for $$$.

If the only means of politics will continue to be elections, the globalist whites may well prevail because immercenaries, as ‘new citizens’ eager for $$$, will keep coming and vote for globalism. All of America and even EU could end up like California.
But if it comes to a shooting war, nationalist whites will be like the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. They will have something to live for, kill for, die for. They won’t be fighting for money.
In contrast, the immercenaries will take up arms only for money. As for globalist whites, what is their great cause? Racial suicide. Is that something that people are willing to die for? Suicidalists may welcome their own demise, but they are not willing to die for it.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Race Denial Is No Long Tenable - Ideology Is Downstream from Iconography

Following WWII and the demise of Nazism(and revelations of its horrors) and prior to the explosion of race problems in America(and now in Europe as well), one could forgive the sincere belief among intellectuals, social scientists, and politicians that race is essentially a ‘social construct’ and, once equality was assured under the law, all races could achieve more or less the same. If intellectuals were wrong about race reality and racial differences back then, it was more out of naivete or idealism than dogma, cowardice, or some pernicious agenda.

But after several decades of social experimentation, it should be clear to any honest person that racial differences are all-too-real and account for the persistent problems of race, especially pertaining to blacks. But because of the pervasiveness of PC as status symbol(as political incorrectness will invariably lead to blacklisting or demotion in the choicest careers), iconography of holy relics(as Jews, Negroes, and Homos are now objects of mandatory reverence), and radical violence as forms of intimidation(as heretics & dissidents face real danger of being physically assaulted by Antifa thugs, BLM lunatics, or screeching campus fanatics), most academics and media people are FORCED to be dishonest, FORCED to ‘not know’ what they, in the heart of hearts, know.

We can forgive a white liberal in the 1940s, 1950s, and even in the 1960s for believing that black conditions would be vastly improved with new laws and federal programs because, after all, blacks(along with other non-white races) had been denied equal opportunity in America. But after several decades of undeniable proof of black advantage in muscle power, black impulsiveness, black aggressiveness, and black psychopathy that tends toward obsessive egotism & narcissism, one has to be willfully disingenuous or just plain delusional to insist that the racial problems in this country owe to the legacy of slavery and ‘Jim Crow’.

It’s no longer about Jim Crow but ‘Radio Raheem’(the obnoxious thug of Spike Lee’s worthless DO THE RIGHT THING), the kind of moron who is all too common in black communities across America. The problem is too many Negroes who act like ‘nogs’ and carry this ‘groid’ gene that makes them tougher, more aggressive, more impulsive, and more psychopathic. After decades of black rampage against other races(and among themselves), this fact should be plain as day, but the tyranny of political correctness prohibits honest discussion of race that locates the black problem as rooted in genetics. As a result, we are left with praising everything black(as if even Problem Blacks are really just misguided and misunderstood victims of the System)and blaming anything white as explanation for the failures of the black community.

PC is an excuse-making machine that blames external white forces for all that stinks in the black community. (This is all the more disingenuous because it is the problematic nature of blacks that is hyped and sensationalized as ‘cool’ and ‘badass’. So, the very white progs who insist something must be done about black gangsta culture of mayhem and murder also promote it as ‘authentic’ and something worthy of emulation.) The idiot critic Andrew O’Hehir at Salon surmised(or pontificated) that Detroit’s decline owed to envious white racism’s punishment of Motown. Apparently, white folks decided Detroit must go down because Smokey Robinson wrote too many groovy songs.

To be sure, conservatives are hardly better on the Race Issue; they also play by the PC songbook in their own way. So, we are told that Detroit was ruined by Liberalism, socialism, and the Democratic Party. Apparently, it had nothing to do with race, specifically the naturally destructive tendency among blacks. If so, why are some white-majority cities under Democratic rule among the richest in America? Why is San Francisco and Manhattan, two very Liberal cities, overflowing with wealth and privilege despite their ‘big government’ policies?

Or consider how Ann Coulter blames lowly black behavior on the Democratic Party, as if blacks would have acted better under Republicans. So, how are blacks acting in Republican Alabama or Texas? Or channeling Thomas Sowell, Ann Coulter muses that blacks learned how to be violent from Scotch-Irish hillbillies, a notion that would imply that Black Africa was an Edenic paradise of peace and harmony when, in fact, it was inhabited by spear-chucking savages from time immemorial. Why is there so much nonsense about blacks?

Political Correctness isn’t just about ideas & issues but also about idols & icons. In a way, the power of idolatry & iconography is more crucial to the sway of PC. After all, even as the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ differ in their explanations & proposals of the Black Problem, both sides are agreed that blacks, along with Jews and even homos, must be treated as a preternaturally noble and holy people, a Magic People. Despite differences in ideology, the American ‘right’ and American ‘left’ are agreed on the icons. It’s like the conflict between Catholics and Protestants or between Sunnis and Shias. Despite doctrinal differences, they worship the same gods or icons. So, ‘iconology’ > ideology. While ideology offers explanations, ‘iconology’ determines what or whom should be worshiped. There is a reason why Jews, homos, and Negroes have special iconic power in the US. Part of the reason is obvious: Jews control the media and decide which people should get favorable attention and adoration. But it’s also because Jews, homos, and blacks have special talents. Jews are especially good with intellectualism, science, business, and humor. So, they are admired as people of superior skills whose achievements continue to do wonders for all humanity. Jews also promoted the Cult of Shoah. As for homos, they are naturally fanciful, flamboyant, & narcissistic, and in our Age of Vanity & Hedonism, those qualities count for a lot. As for Negroes, they dominate sports, pop music, and sexual symbolism. For many whites, nothing is worthier of worship than the black ‘twerking’ booty and the black dong. Andrew Breitbart once said "Politics is downstream from culture." Sometimes, ideology is downstream from iconography. People are captivated by something first on the sensory level and then seek rational or ideological explanations to justify their fixation. It’s like the John Hurt’s closeted homo character in LOVE AND DEATH IN LONG ISLAND who is so enthralled by the iconic sexuality of some second-rate actor that his mind follows his heart and balls.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why Globalism is Left-Imperialism and the Problems of Conversion-Consumption Mindset

The reason why Western Globalists side with ‘migrants’ on some instinctive level is due to European Imperialist Legacy. European ‘migrant’ colonists arrived on other lands and gradually and then dramatically took over. It’s like the Pilgrims first arrived as ‘refugees’. And British convicts arrived as migrants in Australia and took over.

Newspapers like the Guardian are left-imperialist. They believe any people have the Human RIGHT to barge into other lands and colonize them. It is a retro-justification for European imperialism, just like Diversity Cult justifies past imperialism that forced Diversity on the world.

Using Guardian Left-Imperialist Logic, No people have a right to defend and preserve their nation and culture. All nations must be Tibetanized or Hawaiianized, i.e. invaded and transformed by migrant colonists. (But Israel gets Pass-Over privileges.)

Globalism is Left-Imperialism.

Australia passes ‘gay marriage’ and welcomes Muslims.

UK celebrates Jungle(African sexual-savagery) and invites Jihad(of Muslims).

Diver-psychosis results in strange symptoms.

The conversion-consumption mentality has come to define every aspect of Americanism and the West.

A missionary is bored with existing Christians. His excitement and joy derive from converting heathens into New Christians. So, he seeks out yet more heathens to convert. He gets his thrills that way. Already-Christians are boring. The glory comes with saving new souls for Christ. It’s like a hunter is bored with trophies on the wall. He wants to kill new animals. A fisherman is bored with caught fish. He wants the excitement of catching new fish.

Same goes for shopping and collecting. A woman is bored with clothes and shoes in the closet. The joy comes from buying New shoes and clothes. The new stuff could be no better or even worse than the stuff she already has, but there is excitement in newness itself.
And book collectors keep getting new books even though old ones go unread because of the excitement of getting new stuff. And people want to travel to new places to feel the thrill again.

So, America is more excited about New Americans. America has to shop for New Americans. Old Ones are boring. America must convert non-Americans into Saved People by becoming New Americans. Turning immigrants into 'Americans' comes with missionary zeal.
And Europe is excited about New Europeans. Merkel is like a fisherman dragging in a giant net that overflows with tons of new fish(even though it's mostly leeches).

So, even illegals are ‘dreamers’ for 'progressives' caught up in the missionary zeal of 'converting' non-Americans into New Americans and saving their bodies(since we no longer believe in souls) with consumerism. And the future is always seen as more hopeful than the past or the now. As Scarlett said, “Tomorrow will be another day.” And Annie sang about Tomorrow. America is to be Tomorrowland.

But as the retro-nostalgia of TOMORROWLAND showed, there can be no tomorrow without yesterday. And BACK TO THE FUTURE shows future owes to the past. And the Renaissance was about advancing into the future by regaining lost knowledge, culture, and glory.

Progs are into missionary zeal. They are about converting others into New Americans or New Europeans.

Conservatives are more into the born-again mentality. It’s about rediscovering the truth within you and drawing excitement from such realization via re-connection. To be born-again means to realize what’s inside that has been ignored or forgotten.

Hilary was into converting the world. She is missionary-istic.

Trump’s MAGA message is Americans must be born-again and find glory in the Americanism they'd forgotten. It is 'baptivistic', to be born again, to become who you are.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

How Increased Representation of Asians in Elite Institutions Might be Useful for White National Liberationists

Here is a 4D chess move idea.

It might be advantageous for the Alt Right and White National Liberators to push for ending anti-Asian ‘affirmative action’ policies in elite colleges. Greater Asian representation in upper echelons of privilege might aid the cause of White Racial Emancipation from Globalist Supremacism IF more Asians took over the commanding heights of power and privilege.


As John Derbyshire once explained, the Jewish takeover of elite institutions went almost unnoticed because Jews are a subgroup of the White Race. Though distinct in ethnicity and religion, most Jews are largely European and even their Semitic side is Caucasian. Steve Jobs, half-European-American and half Lebanese-Caucasian, hardly looked different from other whites. Jewish mixture of European blood and Semitic blood is similar to that of Steve Jobs. So, Jews could play it both ways. They could pose as white and non-white. Their white side mingled and assimilated with white gentiles, especially in elite institutions where their intellect was admired. Also elite social domains are more manner-centric, and as such, even whites who didn’t like Jews couldn’t just blurt out epithets and make a scene, like working class ‘Polacks’, ‘dagos’, or ‘schvartzes’ might belittle lowly Jews in the mean streets.
Also, Jewishness gained a cachet of holiness with the elevation of the Holocaust Narrative to a secular religion. So, not only could Jews pass as whites but their ascendancy could hardly be blocked once the Holocaust narrative became sacrosanct in American consciousness. Saying NO to Jews might be like attaching yellow stars on Jews in Nazi-occupied territories.

In contrast, Asians will always be seen as Asian even if they work hard, succeed, and rise to the top. Asians won't be able to pass as whites. When whites(and blacks and Mesos) see so many Asians on top, they will be less likely to submit to the Globalist Plan. Globalism led by Jews is almost untouchable because Jews, as a Holy People, are untouchable. Anything associated with Jews is protected by a Taboo Shield. However, with more Asians visible in elite circles of power, Globalism will not only seem more alien to most Americans but will be open to more criticism for being associated with Ming the Merciless and Fu Manchu. If the Jew Taboo forbids criticism or condemnation of Jewish power and agenda, no such Taboo protects Asians and whatever their favored agendas may be. Indeed, given the amount of resentment and contempt that Americans feel toward Asians, anything associated with Asians might automatically be discredited. Asian elites may reach out to other minorities, but blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans will resent the fact that ASIANS have gained far more power and privilege than them. Despite anti-white animus among non-whites, it’s usually the case that blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims would rather see whites than Asians on top. At the very least, they are used to the idea of white man as overlord. It is a source of resentment but also assurance of continuity and stability, like sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Also, whites-on-top is useful as a perennial excuse for their own failures. White Privilege! But if Asians rise to the top, it means blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims can no longer blame whites as the source of their problems. After all, if Asians can make it in America, why can't they? (Btw, Asians are universally resented by all Americans because they lack the Cool Factor but got the School Factor. Celebrity-obsessed-America can accept handsome whites, tough blacks, funny Jews, and stylish homos as worthy winners because of their ‘popular’ appeal, but they have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that uncool, boring, dull, droopy, and lame Asians rise so high in elite institutions. It goes against the Law of Charismatics in the American Mind. Asians, a people so devoid of fabulous winner-qualities, don't deserve to win in life. Asian success violates the rule of celebrity.)

Also, while Jews are protected by the Shoah Cult, there isn’t much to feel guilty about when it comes to Asians. Sure, Chinese-Americans can mention the opium trade, but that was British and Jewish doing than American(even though the Roosevelt clan did make some big money). Filipinos can bitch about the American-Philippines War, but Filipinos hardly know their own history. Most Filos are clowns or whores. Besides, Filipinos tend to lag behind other Asians in rising to elite positions. As for Japanese-Americans, they’ve interbred so much with other Americans that they hardly exist as an Asian-American community. And even though there was the ‘internment’ thing during WWII, it wasn’t exactly the Shoah, and besides, the reticent Japanese-Americans haven’t been very savvy or forceful in pushing their own tragic narrative. There was Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the Narrative says Japan attacked first, was allied with Nazi Germany, and did horrible things in China, so that evens it all out. Koreans in America may bring up the Korean War, but the consensus among dog-like Koreans is that the noble US bailed them out and saved them from communism(even though it had been US machinations that divided Korea and handed over half to Stalin). The Korean Left is now mostly into Diversity and Homomania.
Chinese-Americans may mention the hardship of railroad workers in the 19th century, but even after the KUNG FU series, Americans could hardly make themselves care about the boring and scrawny yellows. Asians just don’t inspire much guilt because yellow cake is even more boring than ‘white bread’. Americans like to feel guilty about special people. They like their guilt gilded.

So, White National Liberationists don’t have to worry much about Asians guilt-tripping them as pushy Jews and nasty blacks have done. Therefore, nationalist whites(and other non-Asians) will likely freely speak truth to Asian power. Notice how even Jewish-run media love to play Yellow Peril tropes. So, if Asians become prominent in elite circles, Americans can declare Open Season on elite power.

Also, Asians as new elites will be confused and bewildered because they are incapable of coming up with new paradigms. When Jews gained power over Wasps, they had the vision and daring to rewrite the narrative, change the rules of the game, replace the idols, and alter the themes. This Jewish remaking of American culture and ideas happened across the ideological spectrum, from the ‘right’(Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman) to the ‘left’(Noam Chomsky and Norman Mailer). And Jews produced prophetic figures like Bob Dylan.

In contrast, most of the new Asian elites will be dull yellow dogs of PC, able to follow up the ladder of success but overcome with paralysis upon reaching the top. After all, Asian drones never had an original or independent thought in their lives. They may be higher in IQ but are low in PQ or personality quotient.
As long as Asians follow the lead of Jews, homos, white cucks, and blacks, they have something to parrot and imitate in idea or style. But in the role of elites, they will be confused and lost without a will, vision, or agency of their own. It’s like Japanese investment in America in the 1980s turned into a total disaster as Japanese weren’t adept at operating outside their cultural milieu.

As for the Hindus, most Americans may find them amusing as Apu on THE SIMPSONS, but no one wants to live in Planet of the Apu. Pushy Jews are bad enough. The last thing Americans want is another pushy people insulting them and telling them what to do. So, if Hindus-as-elites push against whites, whites will be far more likely to push back hard. Also, as there is no Hindu Taboo and no Hindu counterpart of ADL, whites have an easier time with Apu than with the likes of Apatow.

With too many Yellows and Hindus in the upper echelons of power, it will be much easier for White National Liberationists to wage war on the Globalist Elite project.