Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why Globalism is Left-Imperialism and the Problems of Conversion-Consumption Mindset

The reason why Western Globalists side with ‘migrants’ on some instinctive level is due to European Imperialist Legacy. European ‘migrant’ colonists arrived on other lands and gradually and then dramatically took over. It’s like the Pilgrims first arrived as ‘refugees’. And British convicts arrived as migrants in Australia and took over.

Newspapers like the Guardian are left-imperialist. They believe any people have the Human RIGHT to barge into other lands and colonize them. It is a retro-justification for European imperialism, just like Diversity Cult justifies past imperialism that forced Diversity on the world.

Using Guardian Left-Imperialist Logic, No people have a right to defend and preserve their nation and culture. All nations must be Tibetanized or Hawaiianized, i.e. invaded and transformed by migrant colonists. (But Israel gets Pass-Over privileges.)

Globalism is Left-Imperialism.

Australia passes ‘gay marriage’ and welcomes Muslims.

UK celebrates Jungle(African sexual-savagery) and invites Jihad(of Muslims).

Diver-psychosis results in strange symptoms.

The conversion-consumption mentality has come to define every aspect of Americanism and the West.

A missionary is bored with existing Christians. His excitement and joy derive from converting heathens into New Christians. So, he seeks out yet more heathens to convert. He gets his thrills that way. Already-Christians are boring. The glory comes with saving new souls for Christ. It’s like a hunter is bored with trophies on the wall. He wants to kill new animals. A fisherman is bored with caught fish. He wants the excitement of catching new fish.

Same goes for shopping and collecting. A woman is bored with clothes and shoes in the closet. The joy comes from buying New shoes and clothes. The new stuff could be no better or even worse than the stuff she already has, but there is excitement in newness itself.
And book collectors keep getting new books even though old ones go unread because of the excitement of getting new stuff. And people want to travel to new places to feel the thrill again.

So, America is more excited about New Americans. America has to shop for New Americans. Old Ones are boring. America must convert non-Americans into Saved People by becoming New Americans. Turning immigrants into 'Americans' comes with missionary zeal.
And Europe is excited about New Europeans. Merkel is like a fisherman dragging in a giant net that overflows with tons of new fish(even though it's mostly leeches).

So, even illegals are ‘dreamers’ for 'progressives' caught up in the missionary zeal of 'converting' non-Americans into New Americans and saving their bodies(since we no longer believe in souls) with consumerism. And the future is always seen as more hopeful than the past or the now. As Scarlett said, “Tomorrow will be another day.” And Annie sang about Tomorrow. America is to be Tomorrowland.

But as the retro-nostalgia of TOMORROWLAND showed, there can be no tomorrow without yesterday. And BACK TO THE FUTURE shows future owes to the past. And the Renaissance was about advancing into the future by regaining lost knowledge, culture, and glory.

Progs are into missionary zeal. They are about converting others into New Americans or New Europeans.

Conservatives are more into the born-again mentality. It’s about rediscovering the truth within you and drawing excitement from such realization via re-connection. To be born-again means to realize what’s inside that has been ignored or forgotten.

Hilary was into converting the world. She is missionary-istic.

Trump’s MAGA message is Americans must be born-again and find glory in the Americanism they'd forgotten. It is 'baptivistic', to be born again, to become who you are.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

How Increased Representation of Asians in Elite Institutions Might be Useful for White National Liberationists

Here is a 4D chess move idea.

It might be advantageous for the Alt Right and White National Liberators to push for ending anti-Asian ‘affirmative action’ policies in elite colleges. Greater Asian representation in upper echelons of privilege might aid the cause of White Racial Emancipation from Globalist Supremacism IF more Asians took over the commanding heights of power and privilege.


As John Derbyshire once explained, the Jewish takeover of elite institutions went almost unnoticed because Jews are a subgroup of the White Race. Though distinct in ethnicity and religion, most Jews are largely European and even their Semitic side is Caucasian. Steve Jobs, half-European-American and half Lebanese-Caucasian, hardly looked different from other whites. Jewish mixture of European blood and Semitic blood is similar to that of Steve Jobs. So, Jews could play it both ways. They could pose as white and non-white. Their white side mingled and assimilated with white gentiles, especially in elite institutions where their intellect was admired. Also elite social domains are more manner-centric, and as such, even whites who didn’t like Jews couldn’t just blurt out epithets and make a scene, like working class ‘Polacks’, ‘dagos’, or ‘schvartzes’ might belittle lowly Jews in the mean streets.
Also, Jewishness gained a cachet of holiness with the elevation of the Holocaust Narrative to a secular religion. So, not only could Jews pass as whites but their ascendancy could hardly be blocked once the Holocaust narrative became sacrosanct in American consciousness. Saying NO to Jews might be like attaching yellow stars on Jews in Nazi-occupied territories.

In contrast, Asians will always be seen as Asian even if they work hard, succeed, and rise to the top. Asians won't be able to pass as whites. When whites(and blacks and Mesos) see so many Asians on top, they will be less likely to submit to the Globalist Plan. Globalism led by Jews is almost untouchable because Jews, as a Holy People, are untouchable. Anything associated with Jews is protected by a Taboo Shield. However, with more Asians visible in elite circles of power, Globalism will not only seem more alien to most Americans but will be open to more criticism for being associated with Ming the Merciless and Fu Manchu. If the Jew Taboo forbids criticism or condemnation of Jewish power and agenda, no such Taboo protects Asians and whatever their favored agendas may be. Indeed, given the amount of resentment and contempt that Americans feel toward Asians, anything associated with Asians might automatically be discredited. Asian elites may reach out to other minorities, but blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans will resent the fact that ASIANS have gained far more power and privilege than them. Despite anti-white animus among non-whites, it’s usually the case that blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims would rather see whites than Asians on top. At the very least, they are used to the idea of white man as overlord. It is a source of resentment but also assurance of continuity and stability, like sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Also, whites-on-top is useful as a perennial excuse for their own failures. White Privilege! But if Asians rise to the top, it means blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims can no longer blame whites as the source of their problems. After all, if Asians can make it in America, why can't they? (Btw, Asians are universally resented by all Americans because they lack the Cool Factor but got the School Factor. Celebrity-obsessed-America can accept handsome whites, tough blacks, funny Jews, and stylish homos as worthy winners because of their ‘popular’ appeal, but they have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that uncool, boring, dull, droopy, and lame Asians rise so high in elite institutions. It goes against the Law of Charismatics in the American Mind. Asians, a people so devoid of fabulous winner-qualities, don't deserve to win in life. Asian success violates the rule of celebrity.)

Also, while Jews are protected by the Shoah Cult, there isn’t much to feel guilty about when it comes to Asians. Sure, Chinese-Americans can mention the opium trade, but that was British and Jewish doing than American(even though the Roosevelt clan did make some big money). Filipinos can bitch about the American-Philippines War, but Filipinos hardly know their own history. Most Filos are clowns or whores. Besides, Filipinos tend to lag behind other Asians in rising to elite positions. As for Japanese-Americans, they’ve interbred so much with other Americans that they hardly exist as an Asian-American community. And even though there was the ‘internment’ thing during WWII, it wasn’t exactly the Shoah, and besides, the reticent Japanese-Americans haven’t been very savvy or forceful in pushing their own tragic narrative. There was Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the Narrative says Japan attacked first, was allied with Nazi Germany, and did horrible things in China, so that evens it all out. Koreans in America may bring up the Korean War, but the consensus among dog-like Koreans is that the noble US bailed them out and saved them from communism(even though it had been US machinations that divided Korea and handed over half to Stalin). The Korean Left is now mostly into Diversity and Homomania.
Chinese-Americans may mention the hardship of railroad workers in the 19th century, but even after the KUNG FU series, Americans could hardly make themselves care about the boring and scrawny yellows. Asians just don’t inspire much guilt because yellow cake is even more boring than ‘white bread’. Americans like to feel guilty about special people. They like their guilt gilded.

So, White National Liberationists don’t have to worry much about Asians guilt-tripping them as pushy Jews and nasty blacks have done. Therefore, nationalist whites(and other non-Asians) will likely freely speak truth to Asian power. Notice how even Jewish-run media love to play Yellow Peril tropes. So, if Asians become prominent in elite circles, Americans can declare Open Season on elite power.

Also, Asians as new elites will be confused and bewildered because they are incapable of coming up with new paradigms. When Jews gained power over Wasps, they had the vision and daring to rewrite the narrative, change the rules of the game, replace the idols, and alter the themes. This Jewish remaking of American culture and ideas happened across the ideological spectrum, from the ‘right’(Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman) to the ‘left’(Noam Chomsky and Norman Mailer). And Jews produced prophetic figures like Bob Dylan.

In contrast, most of the new Asian elites will be dull yellow dogs of PC, able to follow up the ladder of success but overcome with paralysis upon reaching the top. After all, Asian drones never had an original or independent thought in their lives. They may be higher in IQ but are low in PQ or personality quotient.
As long as Asians follow the lead of Jews, homos, white cucks, and blacks, they have something to parrot and imitate in idea or style. But in the role of elites, they will be confused and lost without a will, vision, or agency of their own. It’s like Japanese investment in America in the 1980s turned into a total disaster as Japanese weren’t adept at operating outside their cultural milieu.

As for the Hindus, most Americans may find them amusing as Apu on THE SIMPSONS, but no one wants to live in Planet of the Apu. Pushy Jews are bad enough. The last thing Americans want is another pushy people insulting them and telling them what to do. So, if Hindus-as-elites push against whites, whites will be far more likely to push back hard. Also, as there is no Hindu Taboo and no Hindu counterpart of ADL, whites have an easier time with Apu than with the likes of Apatow.

With too many Yellows and Hindus in the upper echelons of power, it will be much easier for White National Liberationists to wage war on the Globalist Elite project.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Why Jews Turned Diversity into a Hate Cult & Why the Jew Taboo Preempts European Resistance to the Real Power behind Diversity

Jews, whites, and Diversity. A conundrum.

Jews use the Diversity Card to secure their Tribal Supremacist Power. Jews have elite power but are weak in numbers. As only 2% of the population, they feel vulnerable against the 98% that is gentile. So, Jewish rely on growing Diversity to create divisions among gentiles and to use non-whites against the diminishing white majority.

But there is a problem. Jews have a hard time making Diversity(masses of non-whites) love Jews. Mexicans and Asians are indifferent to Jews. Blacks tend to be hostile. Muslims even more so. Hindus will play every which way.
So, Diversity cannot side with Jews on the basis of love. Many non-whites see Jews as too rich, too powerful, or too corrupt. Many see the GOP as the bigger Israel First party.

So, if Jews can’t get Diversity on-board the Jewish train on the basis of love for Jews, the only option is on the basis of hatred toward whites. So, notice how PC made Nancy Pelosi’s grandchild feel ashamed of his whiteness. He wants to be of another race. Whites are made to hate their own kind, and non-whites are made to envy, resent, and hate whites, even as they want to be with whites and get stuff from whites.

Diversity is a Hate Cult. If Jews could have made non-whites love Jews, it might have been a sunnier cult. But Jews have failed to make most non-whites care much about Jews. If anything, plenty of non-whites just see Jews as the richest whites. Also, growing numbers of non-whites favor BDS over ADL.

So, the only way Diversity can be an effective tool of Jews is by making it into a hate campaign against whites. Unite non-whites under the banner of hatred against whites if it's impossible to unite them under the banner of love for Jews.

Anyone who knows anything should know that Jews use Diversity as a weapon against whites.
That being the case, the most natural thing for whites would be to call out on Jews for their anti-white hostility.
But, whites can’t because there’s this thing called the Jew Taboo.
The Jew Taboo decrees that Jews can never be accused or judged because Jews can never do wrong(and even if they do wrong, they are still right because they are above the law like God over man). The Jew Taboo assumes that Jews are a perfect people, always so wise, angelic, or tragic(as innocent victims of ‘rabid’ and ‘virulent’ ‘anti-Semites’).

So, given the pervasive, omnipresent power of the Jew Taboo, whites cannot call out on Jewish hostility toward whites. The Jew Taboo says Jews are incapable of doing anything vile, ugly, hateful, or evil. So, if whites feel that Jews are being hostile, the problem is in the minds of whites, and it is their obligation to purge their ‘paranoid’ minds of ‘nazi’-like suspicions. And if on occasion Jews do admit to their hostility, whites fully deserve the animus because whites are still the primary source of all the problems that plague the world. So, most times when Jews spit in the faces of whites, whites must make believe that Jews didn’t do it because accusing Jews of such dastardly deed would be ‘antisemitic’. And in the few cases when Jews do admit to spitting on white people’s faces, they were well-deserved because white people still have so much to atone for.

Since Jews are deemed holy and untouchable, whites can only say and do things that are complimentary of and beneficial to Jews. So, if Jews use Diversity — massive colonization of the West by non-whites who are taught to hate whites the moment they get off the boat — to undermine white power, pride, property, & heritage AND if whites are alarmed about the radical transformation of their lands, whites must never blame Jews and instead frame their complaint in such a way as to exonerate Jews. So, even when Jews are the main culprits and whites feel compelled to vent their anger, whites must always be mindful that Jews cannot be named as the villain.
Imagine if a Jew punches you in the nose, and you are allowed to blame anything in the room except the Jew. So, you hurl your rage at chairs, tables, walls, various objects, and etc. as the reason why you have a bloody nose when, in fact, it was the Jew who smashed your nose. But the Jew Taboo prohibits you from naming the Jew. Doing so would be ‘antisemitic’, and then, you’d be a ‘nazi’. So, you try to convince yourself that you will be safer if you replace or dispose of the various objects in the room. But then, even after the room is transformed, you are punched in the nose again by the Jew, but again, you can’t name the Jew, so you once again repeat the cycle of blaming the anything in the room but the Jew. Or if indeed the Jew admits he punched you, it was surely your fault for standing in the way, in which case you most richly deserved it.

Since whites cannot blame Jews for the Diversity that is leading to Eurocalypse, what can whites do about the mounting threat to their race, culture, and lands?
The most that whites can do is argue against Diversity on grounds that it may harm or endanger Jews. Since the Jew Taboo says Jews are holy, the primary concern of whites must be the well-being of Jews. Whites must put Jewish interests and well-being before their own. It’s like Jews bitching about why white people weren’t so eager to sacrifice their own kids to save Jewish kids during WWII. Now, if a bunch of gentiles were being butchered by Nazis who, hypothetically speaking, had decided to leave Jews alone, does anyone think Jews would have been willing to sacrifice their own children to save the children of goyim? Did American Jews volunteer to save Ukrainians being slaughtered by the Bolshevik killing machine? If anything, a whole bunch of Jews were pro-communist and supported the oppression and mass killing of Christian Slavs. Jews don’t care about gentile lives, but Jews milked ‘Holocaust Guilt’ to make whites feel that they mainly exist as cattle to serve Jews, protect Jews, and even sacrifice themselves and their children for Jews. So, the relationship between whites and Jews is as follows: Jews have a right to put Jewish identity & interests first and foremost, and Jews are right to expect that gentiles will always be mindful to watch out for Jewish needs and wants, BUT whites have no right to put white identity & interests first, and if anything, they must be ready and willing to serve and even sacrifice themselves for Jews and on demand. This is why, even when Jews use Diversity against whites, whites can only oppose Diversity on the basis of protecting Jews from non-whites who may be less sympathetic to Jews and even ‘antisemitic’. And since it’s now well-known that Jews are wild about Homomania or Queertianity(as replacement for Christianity), whites must frame their anti-Diversity argument on the basis that non-whites, especially Muslims, may do harm not only to Jews but to homos. Never mind that Jews and Homos dominate the political power that calls for More Diversity.

Now, it may well be that certain elements of Diversity do indeed harm and even, on occasion, murder Jews. After all, there have been outbreaks of anti-Jewish violence in parts of France.
But overall, Jews see Diversity as a net advantage because it divides the gentile masses into warring factions, all the easier to manipulate and control the goyim via divide-and-rule. All said and done, most Jews came to the conclusion that Diversity is indispensable as a weapon to undermine white power so as to permanently secure Jewish supremacism in the West.

Because of the Jew Taboo, this obvious truth cannot be spelled out. The most that white people can do is try to justify their anti-Diversity position on the basis of working desperately to save Jews from non-white ‘anti-Semites’ who might bring upon the New Holocaust. Of course, Jews are laughing at the stupid, pathetic white goyim.

To better illustrate the point above, imagine a Jewish guy grabbing a mallet and clobbering a white guy in the head. The most obvious thing would be for the white guy to call foul on the Jewish guy hitting him on the head. But that simply isn’t an option because the Jew Taboo says Jews are always holy and innocent. So, the only recourse for the white guy is to condemn the mallet on grounds that it may sprain the Jew’s precious wrist. Never mind his own aching skull from being hit on the head by the Jewish guy. Never mind the Jewish guy hit him with malice and contempt. Never mind the Jewish guy sadistically gloats over the harm done to the white guy. Despite the virulent hatred felt by the Jewish guy toward the white guy, the latter’s main concern must be for the well-being of the Jew because, of course, Jews are so holy. So, instead of accusing the Jew, the white guy condemns the mallet, and not so much for the harm it did to his head but the harm it might do to the Jewish guy’s wrist(in hitting him many more times). Of course, the white guy gets hit harder and harder by the Jewish guy because no one, especially a vicious Jew, respects a cowardly craven stupid servile cuck.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Why We Need to be Vigilant of the Power of the TEMPLATE

Some on the Patriotic Right fret about the corrosive effects of Cult of White Guilt, but it’s actually a secondary problem flowing from a much bigger one, namely the power of the TEMPLATE.

The Template decides who are approved & who can accuse as opposed to who are accused & who must atone.

But once the Template is smashed, it doesn’t matter what people believe as individuals. The personal consciences of individuals matter only in relation to the condemnation or consecration by the Template held by the Power. Why does one’s personal views and feelings about Jews matter in America but one’s views and feelings about Buddhists don’t? It’s because the Template protects and favors Jews but is utterly indifferent about Buddhists. So, a person can love or hate Buddhists, and it wouldn’t matter one way or the other. Neither loving nor hating Buddhists is either an advantage or a disadvantage. The Template just doesn’t care. But if one’s feelings about Jews were made known, it’d have serious consequences on the social, economic, and political level because Jews are so central to the Template.

Take communism in East Germany. As long as the System was in place, the Template was “Marxism-Leninism is the eternal truth, and good communists are on the side of angels, and it is their right and duty to accuse and expose anti-communist heretics.”
Under the System, the pro-communists could accuse and condemn anyone deemed anti-communist. They didn’t need to explain or justify their feelings and actions. The System ensured its supporters to take for granted the infallibility of Marxism-Leninism. All they had to do was point fingers and accuse. Destroy the enemy and feel justified as good comrades. As for the accused, they had to either deny the charges of anti-communism or defy the system with all the courage they could muster(and almost invariably pay a heavy price). The System enforced the Marxist-Leninist Template. Even if we were to suppose everyone in East Germany, communist and anti-communist alike, was motivated by the purest ideals and principles, what ultimately decided their fate was not their individual consciences but the Template that had the power to choose winners and losers.

But once the System came tumbling down in East Germany, it no longer mattered if there remained hardline communists or Marxist true believers. The System no longer existed to protect and favor them. Whether few or many, they were now all alone to make their case without the System enforcing the Template in their favor.

Also, their accusations no longer carried any weight. They suddenly lacked the power to affect the lives of others because the Template no longer existed to lend them support against others. If anything, there was the sudden realization that their power had been illusory. Because they could destroy other lives under communism, they’d been lulled into believing that their personal sense of righteousness, in and of itself, had the force of history. But in fact, it had been the systemic wind behind their backs that had created the impression of having agency in history.
It’s like Christians in a Christian Order may feel empowered by Faith alone. After all, the Christian Faithful feel blessed in a Christian system that favors their kind. One could easily overlook the crucial role of the system and believe in God as the source of one’s blessed position in society. But one’s favored status really owes to the power of the Church that endorses and ensures the privilege of the true believers. If the power of the Church were to fade, their faith alone wouldn’t amount to a plate of beans. Today, American Christians have begun to realize this. Because core institutions of America are now effectively post-Christian(and even anti-Christian), what with the Template consecrating Jews-Negroes-Homos above all others, being a Christian today has little resonance within the domains of power. If anything, it could be a liability in many key areas.

Anyway, the fall of East German communism meant that anti-communists no longer needed to fear informers or cower before their accusers. They no longer needed to deny their anti-communism. They no longer needed to defend or justify their anti-Leninism. They could freely express their disdain for communism.
And as long as the New Template favored those who called out against communists of the prior regime, their anti-communism had value as a token of power. But once the New Template lost interest in making an example of former communists, even anti-communism came to mean nothing. In time, neither having served communism nor having resisted communism carried any water in the New Order where the Template was devised and enforced by globalists.

Same logic applies to the cult of ‘white guilt’. It’s not the feeling itself that is most worrisome. Same goes for the cult of Diversity and Homomania. Before Diversity and Homomania were promoted as part of the Official Template, it didn’t matter if one espoused nationalism or anti-homo sentiments. One could openly question or mock Diversity or the Homo agenda prior to their consecration into the Template. And it didn’t matter if some people were pro-homo-agenda or pro-mass-invasion. They lacked the backing of the Template and could therefore be pushed back because they stood alone with their own convictions.

But once Diversity was canonized into the Template, its advocates had the blessings of the System. And its opponents were effectively excommunicated by the System. If an idea isn’t yet canonical, opposing it cannot be heretical. Thus, while opposing it may lead to heated arguments with its advocates, one cannot be destroyed by the System for harboring such views because the System has yet to canonize the idea that would render such views heretical.

Once elite institutions canonized the tenets of PC, opposing views were no longer regarded as mere disagreements or dissent but as heresies of ‘hate’. So, with the full spectrum of elite opinion from left to right chanting the sacred mantra of ‘Diversity is our strength, the message was loud and clear that Diversity now has the full blessing of the Template. It was no longer a position among other possible positions but The Position, the Only Position.

So, the key issue isn’t White Guilt per se. Such sentiments always exist because any society(even non-white ones) will have its share of self-loathing types who love to make a spectacle of their higher virtue via atonement and redemption.
What gave Self-Loathing Whites or SLW’s the moral and political advantage is that the Globalist elites used their immense power to push the Iron Template of Diversity and Homomania. So, SLW’s are now favored in the way that communist zealots, communist toadies, and communist hacks were favored in Stasi-dominated East Germany. But notice how the commies in all walks of life lost their advantage overnight when the System came down. Being communist in a system tailored to Marxism-Leninism was like having an anti-gravity belt. But once the system’s power was shut down, those hovering in the air all came crashing down. Tragicomically, while they were up in the air, they thought their power of levitation emanated from within their own souls. They learned the truth the hard way when the system no longer supplied power to their belts. It's like a soldier has the power to kill other people as long as he is consecrated as a 'hero' by the System. But back in civilian life, he realizes his 'power' of 'heroism' totally depended on the System.

So, the problem isn’t so much the existence of SLW’s, annoyingly unbearable as they may be. Rather, it’s that they are blessed by the System that calls for Open Season on White Heretics, aka the Patriots. Once the Template is smashed, the Patriots can fight back with the full force of facts, logic, and passion, and then, SLW’s will have to stand on their own legs in the fight that they will inevitably lose. After all, those who hate their own kind will lose to those who love their own kind. Also, the support of the Template made the SLW’s spoiled and lazy. Their reliance on anti-gravity belts powered by the Template made their bones weak.

We must smash the Template, or the Tabernacle.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mass Immigration by Foreign Elements Is Imperialism, Pure and Simple

US should have severely restricted non-white immigrants like the Founders intended.

We hear all this whining about ‘hate’, but ‘hate’ is appropriate to cases where a people aggressively attack and invade other peoples, not when they defend their turf from outsiders who are different in race and culture.
Were Algerians and Vietnamese ‘haters’ against the French in their resistance struggles? No, they only hated French aggression and imperialism. They had no hostility against the French nation per se. They were only trying to reclaim their beloved homelands from foreign occupiers.

Japan doesn’t want to be invaded and colonized by Muslims. Is that ‘hate’?
Must a people invite demographic invasion to be on the side of angels? No, a people who invite invasion are HATE their own kind. Self-hate is the worst kind of crime.

Donald Trump deserves a lot of criticism from all sides, but on the plus side, he has allowed Russia and Iran to finish off the psychopathic ISIS in Syria. He also condemned the Iraq War and Libyan War during the Presidential campaign. If anything, it was the ‘progressives’ who were tight-lipped about all the War Crimes committed against Libya, Ukraine, and Syria during the Obama-Hillary years. Notice that those who now claim to love Muslims did nothing to protest the invasions and destruction of Muslim nations prior to Trump’s victory.

Now, if Trump’s stupid talk about Iran turns into real escalation, he’s be just another pezzonovante of the Jews. I suspect he has no personal animus against Iran. He’s just sucking up to Zionists because Jews are the real masters of America no matter which way you turn. Paradoxically, one has to be more pro-Zionist if hated by most Jews. Because Jew Worship is mandatory and because ‘antisemitism’ is a cardinal sin, one has to go the extra step to prove one’s pro-Jewish credentials when attacked by Jews themselves. Since Jews say Trump is hitler, Trump must do heavy-lifting to demonstrate he’s the best friend of Jews and the ultimate shill for Israel. Even so, there’s no guarantee that he will opt for war with Iran. He could be using heated rhetoric against Iran to keeps the Jews at bay.

Concerning the ‘refugees’, the solution is for the US to stop meddling in the Middle East. Then chances of war will greatly diminish, and then, there will be no more refugees. Muslims can stay in their own nations. If Muslims want to flee their own nations even in peacetime, it means they hate their own kind and prefer to live with whites. They would be the self-haters. Why should the West welcome self-hating Muslims who don’t even want to live with their own kind?

Anyway, no nation can survive by allowing massive foreign invasion-immigration. Mass immigration of foreigners IS invasion. Mass arrival of Jews led to destruction of Palestine. Mass arrival of Spanish led to demise of native peoples in Meso-America. Hawaiians are a minority in their own homeland because of white and yellow mass immigration. The only kind of immigration that works on a large scale is one that lets in the same kind of people. This is why Israeli immigration is Jewish Only. More Jews arriving in the Jewish State means Replenishment, not Replacement. But if Israel allowed tons of non-Jewish immigrants, Jews will face Replacement, and then, the Israel as Jewish State is lost forever.

Anyone who pushes mass immigration by foreigners is an imperialist.

People like Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, John McCain, Joe Biden, the Bush clan, and etc no longer have any concern for their own race, culture, and people. They identify with power and privilege(mostly dominated by Jews). If it’s globalism they must serve to keep their positions and privilege, they will do so.

The difference between past imperialism and current imperialism is the former was about one people colonizing another people’s land whereas the latter is about ALL nations being demographically colonized by all peoples as the elites around the world collude to favor their own aggrandizement and privilege above all other considerations. Of course, Israel gets pass-over rights in being exempted from obligation to welcome foreign invaders.
But then, which people control globalism? Only Jews are allowed an arrangement where elites identify with and protect their ethnic kin. Among gentiles, elites are to despise and abandon their own national folks in favor of the company of ‘cosmopolitan’ People of Privilege, all of whom must serve the higher power of Jewish Globalist Supremacism.

Of course, these immigrant-invaders play the passive/aggressive game. They aggressively colonize other nations but then play ‘victims’ of ‘hateful bigoted natives’ who won’t let more of them in. Just look at those Hindus. They seek to take over Anglo-made worlds with massive colonization, but they harp as ‘victims’ of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Invading other nations is now a ‘human right’ according to globo-dominated UN. Mass invasion by boat, foot, or by plane is hailed as some god-given right. So, the US is expected to offer ‘sanctuary’ to illegals sacralized as ‘dreamers’. EU must absorb all those who invade by boat or boot.

Natives are supposed to be in self-hate mode and gain love points only by welcoming invaders.

How did the world become this stupid?