Thursday, August 25, 2016



1. Speaking truth to Globalist oligarchical power.

2. Noticing that Jewish elites rule America and saying so.

3. Being honest about the role of race and racial differences in American society.

4. Calling out on the hypocrisy of Conservatism Inc and Liberalism Inc. Both SAY one thing but DO another. Hillary claims to love blacks and Muslims, but the new Democratic Party since Bill Clinton locked up record numbers of black males(to drastically reduce crime) and accelerated gentrification -- code word for driving blacks out of urban areas. It also pushed Wars for Israel that killed over a million Arabs and Muslims since the end of the Cold War. Establishment and its minions are experts at Weasel Words.

5. Not being afraid of Political Correctness that forbids free exchange of ideas in media and academia. PC sucks all the air out of the room wherever people pursue serious and free discussion. Alt Right is glasnost from PC. Alt Right knows the truth shall slay the Great Deception. Even a one-dollar truth has more value than a million-dollar lie.
Alt Right with no money speaks more truth than governments, establishment media, and institutions with many billions.

6. Calling out all American politicians as whores of the donor class, especially that of Zion.

7. Opposing neo-imperialist Zio-American Globalism that arrogantly declares America to be an 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation beyond International Law. Alt Right has no use for such jingoism, chauvinism, and supremacism masked masked with neo-missionary zeal.

8. Condemning the 'new cold war' with Russia concocted by Jewish oligarchs who remain sore at Putin's nationalism that foiled the Jewish takeover of Russia.

9. Refusing to kneel at the altar of Homomania -- a cult-worship of homos and trannies as holy angels -- pushed by Wall Street, Hollywood, Ivy League, Las Vegas, and rest of the oligarchic class. Also refusing to worship Holocaust as a religion and MLK as god. Alt Right knows only too well that so-called 'secular liberalism' has its own gods, relics, and taboos. Alt Right understands PC to be a quasi-religion despite its conceit of rationalism and objectivity.

10. Believing in the right of free speech and right to own guns to protect oneself from crime and the tyrannical state.

11. Supporting nationalism for all peoples to ensure sovereignty and independence for every country.
Alt Right does not rely on 2-PC's -- Pop Culture(controlled by Jews and homos) and Political Correctness -- for core values and principles to guide life and morals. It leaves that stuff for soulless globalists like Bill Clinton and Lena Dunham. Alt Right believes in heredity, heritage, and the rich myths of a people.

12. The realization that Diversity is the strength for globalist elites(especially Jews) who use divide-and-rule among the various racial and ethnic groups to prevent a unified challenge to elite rule. For most people, Diversity means more division, more inequality, more distrust. It is exactly what the ruling elites ordered as they want the rabble confused and divided.

13. Rejection of finance-capitalism as the core economy.

14. Consciousness of European identity and ancestry; the Will to preserve heritage and territory. In this sense, Alt Right is Zionism for white people. If Jews deserve Israel as their sacred homeland, each European nationality deserves its own nation as its homeland.

15. Seeing race-traitors like Hillary and Jeb Bush for what they are: comprador-collaborators of the globo-Zionist elites.

16. The realization that WE ARE ALL 'PALESTINIANS' under Jewish domination and manipulation. Just as Jews dispossessed the Palestinians(who live in defeat and humiliation), they are now engineering the dissolution of blood and soil of Europeans and European-Americans.

17. Choosing conviction and principles over careerism and self-interest unlike the cuckservatives and cuckerals who will sell their mothers down the river for thirty pieces of silver.

18. Being tough and courageous than being 'triggered' by everything and demanding 'safe spaces' from reality.

19. Having the guts to say the main reason why blacks cause so many problems is because they are naturally stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent. Evolution is real, and it matters.

20. Having the guts to say the reason why Jews rule America is due to their higher IQ, tribal networking, cynical exploitation of the Holocaust(to suppress any criticism of Jewish power), and lack of scruples.
Alt Right knows all too well that Jews push 'universalism', 'diversity', and 'inclusion' to expand their tribal power. If Jews are about rejection of race and identity for a globalized humanity, why do they pressure all US politicians to attend the Jewish Nuremberg rally called the AIPAC Conference?

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