Sunday, August 28, 2016

Natural Prejudice/Preference versus Ideological Prejudice/Preference

AR or Alt Right is closer to Natural Prejudices and Preferences, whereas Political Correctness or PC is closer to Ideological Prejudices and Preferences.

Natural prejudices don't have to be taught. Most people are born with them. Having negative feelings about homosexuals is a natural prejudice. For most people, the idea of men sticking their penises into other men's bungholes is gross. The sight of a guy who acts girly and talks funny is also off-putting. As for a man who wears women's dress and wants to have his penis and testicles removed to get a fake vagina... that sounds crazy from the perspective of natural prejudice.

It is also a natural preference for most white people to want to live with fellow whites and apart from TMB(too many blacks) because blacks look & sound different, are stronger, and more aggressive(therefore, more prone to crime and other disruptive behavior). White people don't have to be taught such preferences that come naturally to them based on how brains wired and on observations of blacks.

Alt Right feels there is nothing wrong with such natural prejudices and preferences. Of course, in a diverse nation like the US -- but then, who made it so diverse? -- , people do need to get along and therefore should check their overt natural prejudices. That said, it is only normal and healthy to be in tune with one's natural prejudices and preferences on the personal level.
For the sake of social order and peace, Alt Right understands that it's not nice to call homosexuals 'faggots'. It understands that Rule of Law means that homosexuals should not be discriminated in professions just because they have weird 'sexual' fixations. The thing is to feel what comes naturally but also to check those feelings in certain areas of life for the sake of social peace and cooperation.

Alt Right's real problem is with Ideological Prejudices and Preferences. These aren't natural and are often directed against nature.
When it comes to homosexuality, PC has an ideological prejudice against 'homophobes', a bogus term devised to demean and dehumanize anyone who exhibits natural prejudices about homos. 'Phobia' is not an objective term that simply means 'fear' or 'strong dislike'. It is a judgmental term that implies that the person with the said 'phobia' is mentally ill or pathological. If 'phobia' were a neutral term, then Liberals who dislike or fear Conservatives should be called 'conservaphobes'. Of course, Liberals would never assent to such terminology. When Liberals attach 'phobia' to any attitude or sentiment, they mean it is sick or pathological to hold such views.

There is no natural prejudice against people who feel uneasy about homosexuality. Indeed, just about anyone who is straight would feel those feelings if allowed to.
PC condemns such natural prejudices and, in their stead, insists on its own ideological prejudices, especially on the impressionable young. PC works tirelessly to purge natural prejudices and to replace them with ideological prejudices that encourage people to hate, revile, and condemn 'homophobes' who harbor naturally negative feelings about homosexuality. So, ideological prejudice dupes people into believing that there is nothing wrong with fecal penetration among men or with men who remove their sex organs to get fake vaginas. And it drums up powerful passion of ideological prejudice against people who won't get with the PC program of homomania.

PC must work tirelessly to push ideological prejudices because they don't come naturally. Natural prejudices are the default facts of life. They are inborn traits.
In contrast, ideological prejudices can only come into existence through social engineering and indoctrination. This is why PC is so hysterical and tireless. Like the tale of the shark that sinks if it stops swimming, PC cannot last unless it's in hysterical mode. It's like Maoism didn't have a future except as non-stop hysteria. Its tenets went too much against the natural prejudices of humanity. PC has to constantly plug up the dam because the flood of nature threatens to break through the artificial barrier.

Or take a ideological preference like the interracism of white women going with black men. The natural preference for white men is the manly pride that derives from white women having their children. So, the natural preference of white men is to have white women have children with white men. Indeed, nothing can be more natural than that.

But PC, an instrument of anti-white Jews, want as many white women as possible to reject white men and have children with men of other races, especially blacks. Hostile Jews know it is most humiliating and demoralizing for white men when white women sexually defect to black men because black men are stronger and can beat up white men.
Surely, a white guy will feel more dejected and demoralized if the white woman of his dreams goes off with a NFL Negro than with Guillermo of Jimmy Kimmel.

There is no natural reason for white men to be happy about the sexual defection of white women, especially to black men. If anything, their natural reaction should be one of rage and anger. But then, Jews know all too well that such a passion could very well light the fire of white revolution because sexuality, along with territoriality, is one of the most powerful natural emotions of organisms. And then, the white revolution may come after Jews who've done most to push interracism to demoralize and cuck the white race.

So, Jews use PC to replace white men's natural preference for white female loyalty with an ideological preference of interracism that leads to sexual defection. This ideological preference makes white men cheer on the sexual betrayal of white women. These ideologically brainwashed 'white boys' cheer on the use of white wombs to hatch mulatto babies and the use of white breasts to nourish black-mulatto children than white children(who will never be born from her womb). PC instills white minds with the notion that 'racism' is the worst sin. PC says wicked white souls can only be redeemed by revering and serving blackness, and that means cucking out.

So, this ideological preference has white boys saying that it's a wonderful thing for America to have a mulatto like Obama -- the product of a white woman rejecting white men to have a child with a black African -- as president.

Wonderful how? This is what happens when natural prejudices/preferences are replaced with ideological ones.

Pride and Dignity for the masses were not instrumental to creating civilization

The oft-heard gripe about American slavery is that blacks were not allowed pride and dignity. This is true enough, even though maybe the white man thought there was more dignity for blacks as slaves within white civilization than as free savages in the ‘jungle’.

At any rate, the civilizational process for all peoples around the world had little to do with pride and dignity, qualities that were simply denied to them who had no choice but to live in bondage, servitude, or subjugation. They were serfs, slaves, or tenant-farmers beholden to their masters or lords. The rule of Leviathan was that Social Order could only be realized by a strong hand and an overbearing system that kept people in place. This meant little in the way of freedom, dignity, or pride for most people, but then, it was from the stability of Social Order that other good things could eventually arise. Stability, order, and discipline before idealism, reform, and progress.

So, even though it would be immoral to say American Slavery was a good thing, it had some positive effect on blacks who were instilled with work ethic, discipline, organization, regularity, and morals.
Tragically, in rebellion against white racial injustice(and it was unjust) and 'Uncle Tom'ism', blacks threw out the baby along with the bathwater.

Consider the Japanese and Nordics. Both people are known for hard work, discipline, organization, and manners. How were such virtues formed within their communities?
By every individual being imbued with pride and dignity all through their history? Not so.
For most of their history, most people lived under iron rule and discipline under their masters and lords. By our standards, the social order for most of history for all of mankind was cruel and unjust. But under such strict management and supervision, Japanese and Nordics developed work ethic, discipline, restraint, cooperation, and respect. They lived in an unfair system, but the system did nevertheless have a taming and sobering effect on them.
For the Vikings to become civilized, they had to undergo an ‘enslavement’ process that left them no choice but to develop new attitudes and norms of proto-civility acceptable to the social order.
There was also the impact of ‘unrulicide’ whereupon the most unruly, troublesome, and uncooperative members of society were exiled or executed. Thus, over time, people with more cooperative genes had children, and society became kinder as a whole.

Would it be wise for Japanese and Nordics to reject and spit on all of their social norms and values because so much of their virtues had developed under bondage, serfdom, and even slavery? Unfortunately, that is exactly what blacks did in America. If, prior to the 60s, blacks felt they'd been historically wronged but still gained something valuable from the American Experience, the new attitude was to spit on everything associated with the white man.

So, even though American Slavery can’t be morally defended, it would have produced better blacks had it lasted a thousand years or more. Then, unrulicide would have weeded out the most troublesome blacks, and many generations of blacks would have been instilled with the virtues of hard work and discipline. The resulting population would have been milder and more cooperative. So, paradoxically, the reason why American blacks are so troublesome is not because slavery lasted too long but not long enough.
Most civilized peoples underwent the process of 'enslavement' and 'unrulicide' for thousands of years. They had to be ground down before they could be molded up.

This goes for school too. School is like an educational prison. It is mandatory and doesn't allow freedom for children to opt out. Children must go to school and must do the work. And students who accept this form of 'imprisonment' do better and gain genuine skills. They accept their bondage but eventually graduate to a higher freedom. Their pride of immaturity is put in the back-burner.
In contrast, many black children demand 'pride' and 'dignity' from a young age and cannot stand being told what to do. They wanna be like rappers with attitude. They holler at teachers. They beat up teachers. Their primacy of gangsta pride means they will do as they please. But such crude animal 'dignity' and 'pride' lead to breakdown of social order and discipline. Such blacks remained mired in the freedom of thugs and animals, not of civilized people.

Is it any wonder that the institution in which blacks have done best is in the military? Why? Because of its culture of discipline and restricted choice.

Globalism leads to Diversity ruled by Fixed Number of Ethno-Supremacist Groups

The promise of Globalism and Diversity is that everyone around the world will equally share in the fruits of human achievement and excellence.
The Cult of PC, as promoted and enforced(wherever possible) by globalism, posits that 'race is just a social construct' and that open borders will lead to all peoples being accorded and afforded the same freedoms, opportunities, victories, and happiness.

But taking a hard look at globalism and diversity, we can't help but notice that these promises are false. They are Weasel Words meant to hoodwink the world into surrendering sovereignty and independence to toil under the supremacist domination of a handful of nations, peoples, and groups.

First of all, it is rather odd that the US, the main purveyor of globalism, arrogantly pontificates about how it is the 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation. On the one hand, US pushes globalism in the name of equality, but on the other, it huffs & puffs like the Big Bad Wolf as the 'greatest' nation that is immune to international laws and norms on the assumption that it always knows best.
So much for equality among nations. Even more is amusing is that 'progressives', who claim to abhor hierarchy and inequality, love this kind of talk from the mouths of Hillary Clinton, Neo-Wilsonians, Neocon Zionists, and the Military-Industrial Complex.
It is rather similar to Jews posturing as 'progressive' champions of equality while commandeering all gentiles to serve Israel and Jewish interests as sacrosanct.

There is no equality among nations in globalism. Globalism means the US gets to dictate policy to all other nations. Globalism has made the EU and client states of Latin America & East Asia even more beholden to the US. Is there anyone in Europe with the stature of Charles DeGaulle or even Helmut Kohl anymore?
Globalism is not about all nations equally putting sovereignty aside in the name of mutual harmony and cooperation. It is about all nations coming under the the ever-expanding influence of the US.
Worse, this Power isn't even invested with or reflective of most people of America(who also lose out under globalism). Rather, American globalist power is all about concentration of wealth and privilege in the 'cosmopolitan' elites in NY and DC.
Most Americans get nothing from this supposed glory of American predominance. If anything, the globalist elites in the US despise most of their own native population and are hellbent on reducing them to a minority via massive Third World immigration. Of course, the immigrants win out because conditions are better in the US than back home. But as their own nations experience brain drain and loss of political agency(and come under migratory strains from other nations), they face long-term decline under globalism as well. When so much energy is invested in moving to the West than reforming and building their own nations, the world will get worse, not better. Globalism offers an easy way out for many Third Worlders who would rather feed on the accumulated wealth of the West than make their own nations better.

Despite the implied idealism, the notion of an 'American' is a myth inasmuch 'Americans' are not equal. Anyone who thinks Jewish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Polish-Americans, Arab-Americans, Asian-Americans, Scotch-Irish Americans, and etc. are equal in the US is blind or crazy. Theoretically yes, but money buys power in the US, and Jewish-Americans can afford an organization like AIPAC. What do Palestinian-Americans have? Do American politicians follow idealism and treat both Jewish-Americans and Palestinian-Americans with an equal sense of justice, or do they suck up to whomever has more to offer or more firepower to destroy their enemies?
Under globalism, Jews who rule America rule the world. So, if Jews want a certain nation hit with sanctions or bombs, it will happen even if the reasons given are bogus. But whatever Israel does, the US keeps singing praise and offer billions in aid.
That is globalism.

Also, despite the PC contention that all races are equal in intelligence and ability, the effects of globalism show this not to be true. If all peoples were alike, they would be equally successful in all endeavors. In truth, because of higher IQ among Ashkenazi Jews, globalism means the entire world coming under the influence of Jewish finance, media, academia, entertainment, and agenda. Why are there so many people like George Soros in the upper echelons of power?
Globalism is like a pool hustler duping you into thinking you're winning, only to find out you've been taken for a ride and robbed of everything, even the shirt on your back. Ask the Russians what globalism did to them in the 90s.

And look at Popular Culture. Globalism hasn't led to worldwide sharing and appreciation of all cultures. It had led to the dumbed-down and vulgarized masses all over the world hooked to the same junk music(mostly rap, hip hop, or pop idol music), same movies(more Hollywood blockbusters), and same fashions(ugly tattoos, piercings, and cult of narcissism). Globalism has McStandarized culture all over the globe.

Only four peoples are gaining under globalism.

At the top, there are the Jews who control finance, media, law, academia, and Western governments. Globalism means Jewish tentacles reaching into every corner of the globe. The worldwide Jewish networks seek domination everywhere and ruthlessly seek to undermine or destroy any resistance to that power, be it Iran, Syria, Russia, or China.

There are the homos who have been favored as the proxy-allies of the Jews. With their preening vanity, narcissism, and bitchiness, homos are more than happy to play the role of auxiliaries to Jews in the game of global domination.

There are the Negroes who, though backward in economics and academics, are the toughest, fastest, and loudest people in the world. So, globalism had led to worldwide worship of the Black. Even yellow boys in China worship Negroes in the NBA as demigods. And the cult of 'mandingo' means that there is demand for the Negro stud all over the world. This will lead to the blackening of the world, especially since so many young people all over are enthralled with American black-dominated sports and black music like rap.
Every new Olympics features ever increasing number of blacks not only from African nations and the US(that imported black slaves) but from European nations. Even Eastern European nation like Ukraine and Central Asian nation like Azerbaijan featured black athletes. Japan fielded three black athletes, the product of Japanese women having kids with black men. Theoretically, globalism says all races are equal, but in practice, all nations take notice of the fact that blacks win in sports. So, globalist trend in sports is for all nations(even non-black ones) to recruit, favor, and revere black athletes. Once blacks come to be revered in such manner, every people will feel it's their imperative to have blacks in order for their nation to be 'cool'. Especially because American Culture dominates the world, the sacrosanct image of the Negro as both ultra-spiritual and ultra-'badass' has penetrated into every nation. It is the universalization of 'white guilt' and white-created 'jungle fever'. As such, blacks are seen as the nobler and cooler race, one that a nation must have in order to be 'vibrant'. So, globalism is not about equal sharing of glory by all races. It means all races worshiping Negro muscle as superior.

Then, there is the Asian-Indian. Even though sectors of India are much like the rich West and developed East Asia, it is different in one important regard. Whereas White Europeans and Yellow East Asians have stopped having babies and face steep demographic decline, Asian-Indians are still multiplying like rabbits. While Asian-Indians are nothing special when it comes to brains(at least vis-a-vis Jews, whites, and East Asians) and muscle(especially in relation to blacks), the sheer combination of exploding demographics and sufficient ability is making Indian a winner of globalism. India not only has a growing economy but its growing population will colonize the world, not only America but Europe and East Asia(that is looking to other nations for cheaper supply of labor). It's no wonder that Fareed Zakaria is such an avid fan of globalism. He talks of Diversity, but he sees it as pathway to rise of Indian power around the world.

But who else wins under globalism? Sure, there will be many people who do well enough... but for how long? With all those black Africans pouring into Europe, how long will white Europeans cope? With all those black males taking over sports and sex culture in the West, what is there for the white man but to see increasing numbers of white women using their wombs to produce mulattoes while he himself is reduced to a cuck-dork-loser?

And what will happen to East Asia when it also embraces enrichment by Diversity, not least due to pressures of the US and American-educated Asians who spread PC back in their homelands? As for the masses of Mexicans, they will amount to little more than dish-washers and lettuce pickers in the globalist order. As long as Mexican elites an dump their problems on the US, Mexicans will never be incentivized to take hard but necessary measures to make Mexico into a better nation.

'Radical', 'Extremist', 'Subversive', 'Heretical', and etc. are all Relative Fetishes of Changing Politics

Hillary Clinton and PC commissars may negatively label the Alt Right as 'extremist' and 'hateful'; and the Alt Right might counter by labeling itself 'radical', 'heretical', or 'dissident', but all such tags are relative to the conditions of power.

When communists were out of power, they were heretical, rebellious, dissenting, subversive, and radical. The 'reactionary' or 'bourgeois' powers-that-be denounced them as 'extremist', 'hateful', or 'destructive'.
But when the communists took power, they were the New Establishment and the New Normal. And those who had once held the power were denounced as 'extreme', 'hateful', and etc. And leftist rebellious voices against Establishment Communism were denounced as 'adventurist'.

So, the ultimate worth of any vision, ideology, or set of values is not the labels tagged onto itself or by its enemies. Arguably, ALL systems and ideologies are 'radical' relative to the conditions of power. What goes by the name of 'moderate liberal democracy' would be considered 'radical' and 'extreme' in Islamic Iran or Saudi Arabia, or in totalitarian North Korea. A communist would be a radical in a capitalist system, and vice versa. Capitalists are dime-a-dozen in America, but they would have been hounded as 'extreme', 'dangerous', and 'subversive' in Stalinist or Maoist China.

Atheists are commonplace in Western Europe and may constitute the majority of the population. But an atheist would have been seen as 'extreme' in the past when virtually all Europeans were Christian and regularly attended Church services.

There was a time when 'gay marriage' would have considered as 'extreme' and crazy, indeed even by the biggest Liberals. Today, majority of Americans are resigned to accepting it, and there are even people who feel that 'marriage for homos' is the greatest moral crusade of our age.
So, 'gay marriage', once a radical idea, is the New Normal. If anything, it is people who remain resolute in denouncing 'gay marriage' who are reviled as 'extreme'.

So, what is 'extreme'? What is 'radical'? It is relative to who has the power, who controls the Narrative, and who controls the taboos and relics.

Some in the Alt Right define the 'movement' as 'radical'. It may well be that in the current political climate. But if radicalism defines the Alt Right, what happens if reality were to conform to Alt-Rightism?
Let's play a little mind game. Suppose Alt Right wins and gets everything it wants. It gets to define the Official Normal, and most people are instilled with Alt Right ideas and values from cradle. Could the Alt Right still claim to be 'radical'(or even Alt)? If the essence of the Alt Right is 'radicalism', it would lose its raison d'etre the moment it gains preeminence. If it were then to cling to the 'radical' label, it would akin to communists waving the revolutionary banner even after its power has been firmly entrenched as the New Normal.

Consider. Galileo's ideas about astronomy were once 'extreme', 'heretical' and 'blasphemous'. Ultimately however, they came to be accepted as true, and even most uneducated people know that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Now, were Galileo's ideas valuable because they were 'radical' in their time or because they were true and correct? If 'radicalism' is the highest essence of value, then Galileo's views would have been rendered worthless the instant the Establishment accepted them as canonical.
But if the essence of value is truth, it doesn't matter if his views were deemed 'extremist' or 'official'. Whether only 1% or nearly 99% of the world agreed with him, he would have been right simply because he was right. If Galileo's core ambition was to be 'radical', 'contrarian', and 'heretical'(for all eternity), he should have come up with a theory that could never be accepted by most of humanity. Maybe a theory says the sun is a tiger that plays polka music while the planets, which are actually jelly beans, waltz in space for kielbasa on sale. Now, every generation would find such an idea 'radical', 'outlandish', and 'ludicrous'.

The paradox of people who are labeled(or self-labeled) as 'radical' is that their mission is to prove that their views are actually normal and true. Galileo wasn't trying to be 'radical'. He was just being honest, courageous, and truthful. He strove to demonstrate that his views, though denounced as 'extreme', weren't such at all.

Someone may be targeted as a 'radical'(in the negative sense) because the powers-that-be and/or the great majority see his visions and values as crazy, 'extreme', or 'unacceptable'.
Someone may designate himself as 'radical'(in the positive sense) because he believes himself to be honest, courageous, and principled in saying it like it is even if condemned as outcast by the powerful and/or the unwashed masses.
However, in either case(and this is very crucial), he would be trying to show that his views are not 'extreme' or 'radical' and instead should be accepted as the New Normal or, better yet, the True Normal.

The boy in the story of the EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES was not trying to be 'radical'. He was just being honest. If his words sounded 'radical'(or like a crude gaffe), the fault wasn't with him but with the system that wove a web of lies around the emperor and his flunkies. (One wonders if the weavers in the story were serving or trolling the Cult of the Emperor.)

So, the Alt Right needs to be wary of labels. Because it finds itself in the 'radical', 'extreme', or 'heretical' position for the time being, it may fall into fallacy that its core agenda is to 'make trouble', 'outrage the establishment', pull the fire alarm, and etc. What the Alt Right has to do is ask itself, "Does its vision and values have worth even if were to take power as the New Normal?" Will its 'New Normal' be just a new fad or fashion, or will it really be the True Normal with Eternal value?

Indeed, even the notion of 'alt' is relative. Alt Right currently offers an alternative because the American Political Narrative has been, for too long, dominated by Democrats and Republicans. But if Alt Right voices become prominent, they will no longer be 'alternative'. If such time were to come, will 'Alt Right' have value other than as a dissident voice? It's always easier to attack and ridicule those in the game than to play the game.

If Alt Right is to have a lasting impact, it must ask itself what its vision and values are apart from its relative position to the conditions of power.

In a world that insists 2 + 2 = 5, both assertions that 2 + 2 = 4 and 2 + 2 = 6 may be condemned(or praised) as 'heretical', 'extreme', and 'radical' for deviating from the official orthodoxy. Inasmuch as both assertions rebel against the dogma, they may have 'radical' value. But once the power that insists 2 + 2 = 5 is removed, 2 + 2 = 4 would continue to have value whereas 2 + 2 = 6 would no longer have value.
The 6'ers may have had radical value in resisting the oppression of the 5'ers, but in the end, their formula was just as wrong as that of the 5'ers. Once the 6'ers lost their radical chic, they only had the wrong answer to offer. In contrast, even after the 4'ers are no longer deemed 'extreme', 'heretical', or 'radical', their answer still has value(indeed eternal value) because they are correct.

In a repressive system, ALL voices that resist and challenge the Power may have 'radical' value, but once the oppression is vanquished, the only lasting vision and values are one with the truth. Truth, in the end, is neither official or radical. 2 + 2 = 4 regardless of whether it is asserted by officialdom or radicaldom. In contrast, 2 + 2 = 5 and 2 + 2 = 6 are wrong regardless of their adoption by officialdom or radicalism.

The 'radical' is a mere fetish relative to the conditions of power. Truth, on the other hand, is the real flesh.

Power Outside Politics. Learn from Jews.

Looking to politics for ultimate power misses the point.

Jews are 2% of the population, and there has never been a Jewish president. But Jews rule this country because they work as a team in controlling the key industries and institutions of America.

Whites need to learn from Jews. Act in unity for identity. Identify or create a common enemy against which white people can come together. Gain power and create networks OUTSIDE politics. Once that has been accomplished, the political gains will naturally follow.
It's like training in the off-season prepares for the performance during the season. The game itself is only the culmination of all the practice away from the playing field.

Black failure hasn't been primarily political. It has been economic, moral, and social. They abused freedom to revert to savage African nature. Blacks have succeeded politically in places like Detroit and Baltimore. But, their political success only led to social failure because blacks are weak in morals, virtues, skills, and knowledge. Outside politics, they succeed in failure.

Diversity vs Blacks. The Globalist Democratic Elite Strategy

Look at California. Do blacks have much power there?

That is the direction that the Democratic Party wants to go.

Yes, Democrats rely on black votes. But Democrats are also sick of black crime and stupidity. Notice urban Democratic white/Jews/homos want to relocate blacks out of cities via gentrification and Section 8 vouchers(that has the blessing of Libertarians).

Ultimately, the future that the Jewish/homo/white-Liberal Democrats is something like California. They want blacks to be replaced by Asians and Hispanics who are more docile. True, Hispanics take too much from the dole. True, Asians take 'too many' college slots. But both are reasonably docile and harder-working. In contrast, blacks commit too much crime and are too destructive.

So, all this immigration/diversity-pushing by Democrats is actually to reduce black power as well as white gentile conservative power. Killing two birds with one stone. Democrats want more Diversity to destroy the GOP, but it is also to eclipse black power within the Democrats by having browns and yellows provide the bulk of the votes in the future.

Notice that blacks in GOP-controlled Deep South have more power than blacks in California that is Democratic but dominated by Jews, white Progs, browns, and yellows. Blacks are losing out in Ca except in rap industry and sports teams.

That is what Trump is playing on. He signals, as Coulter did, that the Immigration Law of 65 pretty undid the Civil Rights Law of 64.
Blacks got equality but then diversity exposed blacks to massive competition from immigrants from Latin America and Asia.

Democratic narrative would have us believe that this coalition of colored folks are rising against ‘white racists’, but the fact is blacks have been out-competed by browns and yellows for jobs.

Illiberals and Unconservatives. Identity is the last man standing.

We now have a contest between Illiberals(as 'liberals' are not liberal) and Unconservatives(as 'conservatives' are not conservative). Illiberals follow PC, and Unconservatives also follow Jewish/Homo-controlled PC, only one step behind.

If there's a process by which the Democrats and Republicans grow closer, it is by betraying their core principles and core base. Democrats dump the People by favoring vain homos and immigrant scab-labor who serve the interests of the globalist elite minority, esp the Jews. And Republicans dump true values and tradition to win favor with globalist elite neocons. Thus, both sides prioritize serving the political and economic interests of the globalist Jewish elite minority. It’s no wonder that there is greatest amity between both parties at AIPAC orgies where Hillary and Trump might as well '69' each other.

Why are things the way they are? It’s because politics in the US is essentially ethno-dominant.

When Wasps ruled America, politics followed Wasp interests.

Now that Jews rule America, both ideologies of right and left reflect Jewish interests.
Jews are more dangerous because, unlike Wasps, they don’t admit to their power and privilege. They keep hyping ‘white privilege’ to hide their own.

We need to clear away the smoke-and-mirrors and de-abstract the the true character of the political struggles in our time.

It’s not about left vs right or liberal or conservative.

It is mainly about Jews vs whites vs blacks vs browns vs yellows, and etc.

‘Diversity’ is smoke-and-mirrors that obfuscates the issues. Blacks have been fooled into thinking ‘diversity’ is good for them since it will ensure Democratic victory over the Republican. But look at California. Diversity via more immigration has led to Hispanic/Asian eclipsing of black power. Indeed, blacks have more clout in the Republican Deep South where the mix is mostly white and black. If Democrats win by more diversity, it mean the rise of Jewish-white-illiberal-Asian-Hispanic power at the expense of black power.

Whites aimed for colorblind society but the rise of multi-culturalism and anti-white diversity-mongering destroyed that, and there is no going back.

It is now all about Identity. So, white people need to ask “Is it good for whites?” before “Is it liberal?” or “Is it conservative?” When both ‘liberalism’ and ‘conservatism’ are so cucked out, whites need to put whiteness first and foremost.

Identitarianism is the only option.

That is the only way, the only thing that matters now.

Everyone is Race-ist but C-racists are honest whereas D-racists are Not

All this talk of ‘racism’ misses the point.

In fact, we are all ‘racists’. It is impossible not to be because we have eyes, ears, and flesh. We were designed to notice things, and humans notice differences. It was part of evolution, to notice differences.

The real difference isn’t between ‘racists’ and ‘non-racists’(or ‘anti-racists’).
It is between c-racists and d-racists.

C-racist is a Candid Racist who is honest about his awareness of the existence of races and racial differences.

D-racist is a Dishonest(or Disingenuous)Racist who concocts all manner of rationalizations, evasions, and deceptions to mask or obfuscate what he really sees, feels, and thinks while pretending to be ‘progressive’, ironically often by championing the blatant racism of other peoples. So, while it is wrong to be‘virulently white’, it’s okay to be virulently Jewish in NY, virulently Cubano in Miami, virulently brown in LA, and virulently black in Detroit or Baltimore.

D-racism can be conscious or subconscious because so many people have been conditioned to reject the notion of race altogether and to see whites and only whites as the source of all evil. As such, they think solving the ‘white problem’ will be a cure-all. It’s like a communist believing the economy will prosper once all the capitalists have been eradicated. Of course, the economy only gets even worse without the capitalists, so communists end up accusing each other as ‘capitalist roaders’ to rationalize the worsening economy. Or, they spread propaganda that paints a rosy picture when millions are starving.

Racism can be based on truth or falsehood. There are correct racial theories and false racial theories. The theory that whites are faster than blacks is false. The theory that blacks are faster than whites is true. Jesse Owens destroyed the false Aryan theory and established the true Black theory that blacks can run faster. His feat didn’t prove racial equality but black superiority in sprinting among blacks. But d-racists only focus on the discrediting of the Aryan theory, as if it supports the Equality Theory. If a beagle claims it can run faster than a greyhound and loses, does it mean all dogs are equal? No, it means greyhounds are superior in speed. Thus, false racism has been replaced by true racism.

A theory that Eskimos are smarter than Jews is false. A theory that Jews are smarter than Eskimos is true. Perhaps, to c-racists and d-racists, we can add another category: the f-racists or false racists who peddle false racial theories. D-racists(who pretend to be anti-racists) claim to have disproved racism by discrediting the false racists who peddle false theories of race. But they never disproved the c-racists who notice REAL existing racial differences. D-racists use the straw man of f-racists to discredit c-racists.

F-racist says beagles are faster than greyhounds.
D-racist says all dogs are equal because the greyhound beat the beagle and discredited the beagle theory of superiority.
C-racist says greyhounds are faster and superior in speed to beagles.

C-racism is the only truth.

When we look at how people respond to sports, music, crime, residence, academics, justice, sex, policing, etc, everyone seems to notice racial differences on some level.
C-racists admit as much. D-racists deny that they do even though they do.

Look at yuppie Liberal Gentropolis. It is because Jews and Asians are smarter than there are more of them than blacks in those areas.
Look at the NBA, and blacks dominate because blacks are bigger, faster, and stronger.
Much of interracist sex is black male and white female because white women find Negroes to be superior studs.
Look at gentrification carried out out by affluent urban ‘progressives’. It is essentially about pushing blacks out to make safe spaces for bobo yuppies and hipsters who attended good colleges and/or received generous trusts from grandparents.
Jews are smarter and control US foreign policy to favor Israelis over Palestinians. Jewish ‘progressives’ or progs seem to have no problem with this Foreign Policy racism that prioritizes Jews over Palestinians.
And on an on. Jews are among the biggest d-racists.

‘Racism’ is something far more complicated than saying the n-word(nigger). Ism means belief or consciousness, and it is impossible not to notice racial differences and be affected by it.
Even when you prefer another race more than your own, you are being ‘racist’.
When a white woman prefers a negro man and when a white boy wants to be like a black rapper, they are acting on premise that black race is superior to the white race is fuc*ing and fighting(and acting unruly).

So, it’s really about c-racists and d-raciats.

I notice racial differences that are the product of 100,000 yrs of human evolution, and I see how they affect society.

After all, the main reason for black aggression isn’t history but biology. Blacks are more muscular and have more aggressive temperaments. I grew up in an integrated community, and black boys tended to see white boys as slow weakling wussies easy to pick and beat up. (That was the main reason for white flight in which Jewish liberals took part. Jews are the biggest d-racists around, always denouncing white gentiles as ‘racist’ while doing everything to seek safe space from the tougher and more aggressive blacks. After all, NY made a comeback by getting very tough on black crime. But it never got tagged as ‘city of hate’ or ‘city of greed’ because NY owns the national media that serves as its publicity machine.)

Needless to say, I’m a c-racist or race-ist.

Ism means belief or consciousness, and I believe in the existence of race and racial differences.

Give the land back to Nature, not to Foreigners.

If birthrates in Europe and Japan are in decline and if certain areas are being depopulated, then return those areas to nature. Let animals and plants reclaim them. In this day and age when humans have taken over so much of the globe, a nation can always do with more nature.

So, don't see a declining population as a bad thing. Don't feel that towns and villages must be repopulated with immigrants, foreign migrants, or invaders when the native population declines. There is always the wonderful option of letting nature reclaim deserted areas that can be transformed into sanctuaries for birds, mammals, trees, and flowers.

Currently, the Japanese population is 120 million. Let's suppose the population declines to 70 million in 50 yrs. If parts of Japan become emptied of people, then turn those areas into nature preserves. If nature reclaims them, they will remain as parts of Japan. But if foreigners take over, Japan will cease to be Japan.

Respect nature.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alex Jones is NOT Alt-Right, and the Real Reason why Hillary's Masters(the globalist Jews) loathe the Alt Right is because it does NOT peddle in conspiracy theories

According to Hillary, the Alt Right is all about paranoia and conspiracy-theorizing. Among the villains she mentioned was Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is a conspiracy-theorist, sometimes right, often wrong. He has connections to the Alt Right, but he is not of the Alt Right. Indeed, most Alt Right people see him as amusing at best.

The problem with Jones and others like him is they rely on elaborate conspiracy theories because they are afraid to speak the plain truth. Conspiracy theorizing allows them to go around sacred taboos, the violation of which can jeopardize their careers.

So, instead of Naming the Jew, Alex Jones will talk about the 'Illuminati'. Or, he will pretend that the Saudis run Hollywood. Or, he will invoke 'false flag' operations whenever a crisis hits.

And people like him will yammer endlessly about silly subjects like GMO's or vaccination.

Alex Jones peddles in sensationalism, and his brand of conspiracy-theorizing may entertain on the level THE BOURNE TRILOGY or V FOR VENDETTA.

But, we don't need fantasies and exaggerations to know what's really going on. And this is where Alt Right can make a real difference. Alt Right is Zzzzzzzzzz about most conspiracy theories. Alt Right sees them as diversions from the plain truth of what is really happening and what needs to be said. Alt Right is committed to tackling the obvious truths suppressed by the Narrative than to concocting outlandish theories in the hope of bypassing PC no-go zones. Illuminati? The Masons? Please!

Alt Right also knows there are limits to ideology. While excesses of socialism can undermine society, the failure of Detroit and other black-dominated cities cannot be explained with ideology alone. After all, even communist Poland, as bad as it was, wasn't as bad as Detroit or black areas of Baltimore.
If libertarians, ever fearful of being called 'racist', attribute black failure to public education(and lack of charter schools), Alt Right says it like it is. Blacks fail more because they are stronger(therefore hold other races in contempt), more aggressive(therefore less cooperative), and less intelligent. Alt Right doesn't care about the taboos against speaking such obvious truths. It notices and says what it sees. Alt Right has no use for Rand Paul the 'Detroit Republican'. Alt Right has no use for NYT 'progressive' hacks who cook up ever more outlandish theories to explain black domination in sports and failure in education. Alt Right knows Weasel Words when it hears them.

THIS is why the Establishment is afraid of the Alt Right. People like Alex Jones(who are not of the Alt Right) can easily be dismissed for obsessing over chemicals in morning cereals and umpteenth theory of Building 7 on 9/11. They can be mocked as cranks, clowns, or lunatics.

But Alt Right doesn't truck in such diversions. It takes a cold hard look at who has the real power in America. Alt Rightists notice the Jews. And they notice that the Jewish-globalist agenda is hostile to gentile populations everywhere. The Zio-globalist policy of Invade-Invite has led to the mass destruction of the Arab/Muslim World and the mass-invasion of the West by uprooted Third World hordes. Alt Right takes notice of this and says it like it is.

Alt Right also takes notice of the real source of racial problems in the US. It is due to blacks being more muscular/stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent than other races. Alt Right is about Occam's Razor or, better yet, Occam's Laser. It has no use for bogus explanations cooked up by disingenuous 'progressives' and craven 'libertarians' who either blame 'system racism' or 'socialism' for the problems stemming from the black community.

An example of how the Alt Right operates:
The Alt Right community played a key role in exposing and debunking the UVA fraternity rape hoax. It didn't have to cook up wild conspiracy theories to do this. It only had to look at the hard facts.
If anything, it was the 'progressive' Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone magazine that had concocted an elaborate hoax about blonde 'Aryan' rape gang terrorizing college girls. (I think Hillary topped the Haven Monahan Hoax with Putin-as-grand-poobah-of-Alt-Right. And they said Joe McCarthy was deluded.)
To this day, NYT has yet to admit that the whole UVA scandal was a wild hoax pulled off by a venomous Jewess. Jew denounce 'tribalism' among white gentiles, but Jews sure watch out for each other's backs.

The Establishment fears the Alt Right because the Alt Right refuses to tiptoe around sacred PC taboos. Alt Right picks up the drill and bores right through the taboos. Also, Alt Right doesn't fritter away its energy on ridiculous conspiracy theories because it prefers to speak the honest and simple truth about Jewish Power and Black Thuggery.

Also, Alt Right has no use for mindless brainwashing slogans like "Diversity Is Our Strength", "Marriage Equality", "Inclusion", or "Gay Pride" -- 'pride' about homo fecal penetration or de-sausaging of the penis to form a fake vagina? Those slogans are weasel Words. After all, if 'progressives' really believe in 'marriage equality', why don't they push 'incest marriage' or polygamy? Why did Homos get special treatment? Alt Right knows without being told because the facts are so obvious: Jews are the Ruling Minority Elites in the US, and they funded and pushed the Homo Agenda to NORMALIZE minority-supremacist-domination because many homos are successful and well-connected in elite fields. The homo agenda is not about justice or tolerance(though it may have been that in the past). It is about power and domination.

Alt Right is sober and doesn't need escapist conspiracy theories to explain or understand the world. Its only tools are honesty, courage, and integrity, which are qualities sorely lacking in all of establishment media and academia totally dominated by PC enforced by Jewish Power.

Can anyone prove that Jews are NOT the ruling elites of the Western World? Follow the money. Look at Jewish representation in elite institutions and industries. Look at the powerful people around Obama, Hillary, and even Donald Trump. Alt Right is simply the boy who has the guts(seen as 'gall' by the Establishment) to say the Emperor has no clothes.

With the Alt Right, the Gun-Laying against the Main Enemy is clicking ever closer into gear.

Artillery wins or loses in battle according to Gun Laying skills. Gun Laying is defined by Wikipedia as: "the process of aiming an artillery piece, such as a gun, howitzer or mortar on land, or at sea, against surface or air targets."
If you don't lay the gun properly, you will never hit the target, and all the barrage will have been for naught. You can shoot off a thousand rounds and hit nothing if you can't identify the target. But just one volley with proper gun-laying can decimate the key enemy position. A marksman with one bullet is more lethally effective than a drunken blind-man with a machine gun with 1000 rounds.

With each passing year, it is becoming ever more sobering and evident to White People in Europe and America that those who are most invested in the destruction of the West are the Jews. Jews are the main enemy. They control Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Ivy Leagues, State Department, Intelligence Services, top Law Firms, and Big Media. They've even taken over Christian Churches with their homomaniacal infiltrators and subversives.

Because of the Cult of Holocaustianity, generations of white people since the end of WWII have been raised to sympathize with Jews as a wise and tragic people. But it is becoming ever more apparent, year by year, month by month, and day by day that Jews have become the most arrogant, devious, parasitic, murderous, ruthless, and hypocritical power in the world. Whether it's Neocons inventing lies to destroy Iraq, Jewish Supremacists crushing Palestinians who still live under Occupation, Shills of Zion(like George W. Bush, Obama, and Hillary) utterly wrecking Libya & Syria, Robber-barons of Wall Street exploiting dubious financial schemes to fleece the world(and then gorging on 'bailouts' to get even richer on top of their ill-gotten plunder), and Jewish globalists pushing open borders & mass migration to reduce white populations into minorities in their own homelands, it is becoming ever clearer that the main enemy of white people are the Jews.
As for non-whites, they side with Jews who've kicked open the Western gates for the entire world to barge across for better material life. 'Gold Star Family' Khan didn't mind that his Muslim son was used by Zio-Globalists to kill other Muslims(and be killed by them) in the Middle East because he made his fortune in the US.
But one only needs to look at Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria to realize that the Jewish design for the non-West is just as sinister and destructive as it is for the West. Invade/Invite Strategy is double-edged sword that destroys both the Third World and the West while Jewish Globalists gain advantages from both. Jews hold the hilt, so they don't get cut. Others do the bleeding while Jews suck on the blood. One look at George Soros, and you know he is an insatiable bloodsucker. But the likes of him bankroll and control what goes by the name of 'progressivism'. It ought to be called Sorosism.

White people have been aiming their artillery in the wrong direction at the wrong targets for so many years. The idea of Sharia Law taking over America? Come on! Western Artillery needs to readjust its gun-laying toward Jewria that is the REAL power of the West.

Shooting is not enough. You have to learn how to aim.

Those who invoke Diversity against Alt Right need to realize that Alt Right is the product of Diversity

When the West was comfortably white(or all-white as in the case of Europe), there was no need for a 'white identity'. It was taken for granted that the Eurosphere is white.
But with increasing Diversity and the Politics of Hostility against whites(as the scapegoat of all evil), white people are beginning to realize that they better rouse up and have a honorable identity of their own because they will otherwise be blamed for everything and sucked dry by leeches from all over the world.

Diversity-Mania looks upon the white race as a blank canvas that needs to be filled in with all the colors of the world. So, whites don't constitute a distinct people and culture in their own right in their own world. They are 'invisible' and exist only to be enriched and colored in by the rest of the world. Diversity Cult says the White West must be Jackson-Pollocked out of existence 'in order to survive'. Survive as what? A culturally unintelligible hodgepodge that has value only to investors with big bucks?

In truth, the White West is not a blank canvas that needs to be splattered with the colors and stains of the world. It is a beautiful masterpiece with noble images, rich textures, and subtle hues that needs to be preserved and appreciated for what it is.

The core essence of PC is anti-whitism that lays all the blame for world's problems on whites. Mass poverty in India? Blame White America for not taking in enough immigrants from South Asia. Massive corruption and backwardness in Mexico? Blame gringo for not allowing full open borders so that any number of Mexicans can enter and enjoy free stuff. Blacks imitating gangsta rappers and murdering each other by the bushel? Have an idiotic organization like BLM blame whites for the bloodbath in the black community. Jews ripping off the world through their control of the FED and Wall Street? Blame 'white privilege'(while never mentioning Jewish Power and Privilege that are most instrumental in global finance and neo-imperialist US foreign policy that even calls for a 'new cold war').

The meme of Evil Whites might as well be called 'whitites' because anti-whititism follows the same twisted logic of classic antisemitism that didn't merely blame Jews for bad Jewish behavior but all the problems in the world.


University of Chicago is disingenuous in not offering 'safe spaces' and 'trigger warnings' to incoming students

While I fully support University of Chicago's stance against Political Correctness in defense of free speech and discourse, the only reason why U of C can function as an oasis of civil and learned discourse is because the community of Hyde Park is an artificial Safe Space sustained by a heavy-duty double-layering of police force that discourages blacks in the surrounding area(crime-ridden Chicago South Side) from entering and making trouble.

Do search the Internet for: “A Wall Around Hyde Park”: The History and the Future of the UCPD

Furthermore, is the University of Chicago really a haven for free speech and exchange of ideas? According to Jonathan Haidt, there is a concerted effort in every university, elite and otherwise, to discourage and squeeze out conservative and contrarian voices that challenge the prevailing PC orthodoxy. Robert Putnam, the author of BOWLING ALONE, even sat on his own data for years because he didn't like what it implied.

Also, if students are hysterical about 'micro-aggressions', 'triggers', and the like, it is only because they picked up these tics from the educational system.

It wasn't the students who drove Lawrence Summers(of Harvard) from his position when he ventured to speculate that males may be advantaged over females at the tail ends of IQ. It was the professorial class itself that threw fits and tantrums.

Would things be any different at University of Chicago? I don't think so.

Institutions like the University of Chicago were just fine and dandy with PC hysterics as long as it was directed at 'conservatives' and 'reactionaries'. But now that the 'red guards' of PC-revolution are beginning to devour their own parents, U of C makes faux-principled noises about defending free speech against PC. I guess Zionists at U of C are afraid that BDS folks might come to town to shut down any pro-Israeli voice.

What Paul Wolfowitz means when he says Trump is a Security Risk

In case you haven't heard, Zionist-Neocon Warmonger Paul Wolfowitz says he is supporting Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is a 'security risk'. Risk to whose security? The security of the Zio-Imperialist American Warfare State, of course. It is like the joke about why the sharks didn't attack the lawyer. Professional courtesy. As the US is ruled by War Criminals like Paul Wolfowitz(invader and destroyer of Iraq) and Hillary Clinton(destroyer of Libya and supplier of Jihadi terrorists in Syria), they scratch each other's backs. THIS is what has become of 'progressivism' in America.

Wolfowitz the Jewish supremacist and Hillary the shikse-whore-of-Zion are on the same page when it comes to guarding the 'security' of the American Warfare State that foments Wars for Israel and the 'New Cold War' against Russia at the behest of globo-Jewish oligarchs. Wolfowitz is War Pimp, and Hillary is War Whore.

In truth, it is Zionist-ruled America that is a security threat to nations around the world. It is America that has destroyed the Muslim world, increased tensions in Europe(by antagonizing Russia and pushing massive Third World migration) and 'pivoted' in Asia to 'contain' China when it is the US that needs containing given its aggressive globalist policies since the end of the Cold War.

Needless to say, both Wolfowitz and Hillary subscribe to the supremacist, jingoist, and chauvinistic notion that the US is an 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation that the world can do without. Really? Just ask the Palestinians, Iraqis, Libyans, Iranians, etc. They could have done without the Zio-controlled US.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Pepe the Frog is the Pigasus of the Alt Right

In the end, when the fun and games end, Alt Right will succeed or fail on the basis of what it can deliver in its critique of Power and in its vision for a new Eurosphere consciousness.

In the late 60s, the Yippies had lots of fun and got lots of attention with their proto-trollish antics highlighting Pigasus, the hog candidate for the presidency. But in the end, it was the more serious leftist critics of power like Saul Alinksky who led the way in shaping the future. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin knew how to grab attention as clowns but didn't mean anything in the end.

Alt Right may be young, but youth fades fast, and immaturity cannot define a movement.

Alt Right is defined by DEFIANCE

Alt Right is defined by DEFIANCE, an absolute refusal to play by rules of PC as enforced by the GLOB(globalist masters) and its PC commissars.

If cuckservatives always look over their shoulders for Neocon approval and if cuckerals look over theirs for Soros & gang's permission, the Alt Right isn't afraid to shoulder the burden of telling it like it is.

Political Correctness bitches about 'White Supremacists' but the real problem is 'White Slavists'

We hear so much about 'white supremacism', but if indeed so many white people were 'white supremacists', US would be ruled by Hitler.

But who rules America?

Jews rule America because most white people are White Slavists or White Servilists who get on their knees and suck up to the Zio-Master-Race and Super-Negroes.

We don't need white supremacism(and neo-Hitlerism), but we don't need white slavism either.

We need white humanism, a national humanism that recognizes that white people were not put on this planet to serve the arrogant supremacist whims of globalist Jews.

In a nutshell, Alt Right is Zionism for White People

Jews say that Jewish communities all around the world should form mutual networks and cooperate to preserve Jewish identity & heritage, further Jewish interests, and resist forces deemed hostile to Jews. Jews also believe that Israel should be defended as the sacred homeland of Jews.


Alt Right says that all white peoples around the world should do likewise. They should preserve their identities, remember their rich histories, work together for common interests, and push back against their globalist enemies.
Alt Right also believes that every European people -- Poles, Irish, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Estonians, Finns, etc -- have the right, indeed sacred duty, to preserve their homeland where their ancestors have been buried since time immemorial.

Alt Right does not begrudge the wish of Jews to cherish their identity, interests, and territory. But, too many globalist Jews are hellbent on destroying the identities, interests, and destines of the Eurosphere. Jews seek to Palestinianize the entire white race. Just ask the Russians in the 90s who were bled dry by parasitic Jewish oligarchs.

It's been a one-sided war where only one side does the fighting. Since the end of WWII, Jews have been beating up on whites who not only refuse to fight back but sing hosannas to Jews who do them most harm.

Alt Right is a turn-around in this one-sided fight. It doesn't bring flowers to a knife-fight.

The Two Ways of Power. Courageous or Craven

There are two ways of power.

Power by honesty, courage, truth, and integrity in challenging the ruling power and formulating a new order on firm grounds.


Power by sucking up whomever has the most money, leverage, and connections.

GOP cuckservatives and Democratic cuckerals are mere toy servants of power. It is the power of the craven. GOP cuckservatives invoke 'principles' to mask their opportunism. (After all, if they really into 'universal values', why do they favor Jews over Palestinians in the Middle East conflict?) Democratic cuckerals like Hillary will pay-to-play and play-to-pay to get what's hers. There is zero consistency in her world-view. She claims to care about Muslims, but no one did more to destroy the Muslim world in the past 8 yrs than she did.

Alt Right has chance of starting a movement that is built on honesty, courage, truth, and integrity.
This is possible... but it can't happen until Alt Right distances itself from 14/88 types who have no honesty and no integrity. They have courage in violating taboos about the Holocaust, but a courageous falsehood is still a falsehood.

True courage is having the fortitude to favor facts and truths even when they upset one's own comforting narrative and worldview.
14/88 morons find comfort in HEIL HITLER and cannot handle the truth of history that says Nazism was, in the end, a total disaster, the main culprit of which was Hitler. They are just blind stupid SJW's of the far right.

Tell a 14/88 idiot that he is wrong about Hitler, and he throws tantrums just like an SJW idiot on college campus. He is easily 'triggered' by challenge to his narrative. He wants his own 'safe space' from real history and real world. Let him hunker in his bunker with a portrait of Hitler as a frog.

Alt Right has better things to do... if it wants to do them.

Cult of Ethnicity and Cult of Ideology are just as damaging as Cult of Personality

Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and Mao wrapped themselves in the Cult of Personality. They became all-knowing demi-gods to their minions who were willing to follow their Great Leader to the gates of hell. We know how that ended up. Same dynamics with the Jim Jones Cult in Guyana.

But even without the Cult of Personality, there is the problem of the Cult of Ethnicity and Cult of Ideology.

In the West, the Holocaust has become a religion -- it might as well be called 'Holocaustianity' -- , and we are supposed to respect, worship, and obey Jews as the Perfect Race, one that can do no wrong.
So, Jewish Power, the dominant force in the West, never goes questioned, criticized, and challenged. It grows more ethno-megalomaniacal, corrupt, hateful, and aggressive by the day. Jewish-influenced foreign policy has destroyed the Arab/Muslim World and now heightens tensions with Russia because Putinism has said NO to total Jewish control(by the likes of Soros and Khodorovsky).

If it is stupid to worship the Great Man as infallible, it is even dumber to worship the Great Race as godlike. We need to talk about Jewish power.

There is also the problem of Cult of Ideology. Zio-America of the 21st century is filled with neo-imperialist jingoism, chauvinism, and militarism. It declares itself above international law because the US is presumably an 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation. It is a new form of supremacism. Ugly and dangerous. But because of the Cult of Ideology -- the 'American' way of doing things is best and only correct one -- so many dumb Americans support the crazy globalist agenda, not unlike how the bread-and-circus-addled Romans hailed the conquering Caesars.

The notion of End of History -- The West won and is right about everything -- may well bring about the End of the World.

Just think... so many Americans are willing to vote for Hillary, the War Criminal who destroyed Libya and supports the rebranded Alqaeda in Syria to topple Syria.

The crazy hag(who belongs in the human rights court at the Hague) also wants a 'new cold war' with Russia, a nation with no ill-will toward Americans.

This is what happens to a nation when it becomes beholden to the Cult of Ethnicity and Cult of Ideology, both manipulated by Zio-globalists.

Alt Right must be an Identitarian AND Identification Movement.

Alt Right must be both an IDENTITARIAN and IDENTIFICATION movement.

Alt Right identifies itself as white, European, and Occidental.
But identifying oneself isn't enough in any grand struggle.

One must also identify the enemy. Who is he and what does he want?

This is where the Right has failed over and over.

In contrast, Jews have succeeded beyond the wildest dreams because they identify themselves as Jewish and identify the enemy as 'white gentile'(in the West) and Arab/Muslim(in the Middle East and North Africa). Jews see themselves in the mirror and see the enemy through the rifle scope.

Jews have successfully identified themselves as proud Jews reverent of their own identity, history, and heritage. And they have effectively identified their main rival/enemy as the white gentiles of West(and Russia) and Muslims of the Near East.

Why did the Western Right fail? It refused to identify as white and western. If anything, it identified as 'mini-me servant of the Zionists'.
And it failed to identify the main enemy as the Jews who are hellbent on reducing the white race into a bunch of deracinated serfs whose men are castrated cucks and whose women offer their wombs to blacks to produce mulatto enemies.

Know yourself and know your enemy.

The 2 PC's (political correctness and pop culture) are the Depressant and Stimulant in the Assisted Suicide of the West

By its very nature, life struggles to live and stave off death.

When a man drowns or has a pillow pressed over his face, he desperately and violently struggles to survive. It is the natural way of life. No one drowns or suffocates calmly or happily.

So, when a national entity is faced with invasion and displacement, the natural reaction is for the population to fight and struggle to preserve themselves. It is the way of life.

To achieve the dissolution and degeneration of the West, the globalists opt for Assisted Suicide that administers Political Correctness(as depressant to dampen the mood to resist) and Pop Culture(as narcotic to detach people from reality in favor of fantasy).

George Soros and his ilk are the Jack Kervokians of the World. They administer the downfall of entire peoples and cultures.

Because life violently resists against extinction, the globalists must lower the natural defenses of life. Consider how the British Imperialists used opium to weaken the resolve of the Chinese. It is like in the movie INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. "They get you when you sleep", when you're most defenseless and vulnerable.

There are two kinds of defenselessness.
One of drowsiness and depression.
One of hysteria and over-excitement.

PC #1 or Political Correctness is meant to sap your strength by dampening your confidence as white people.
PC #2 or Pop Culture is meant to turn you into dumb children easy to manipulate emotionally.

Western People are in a schizo state, paralyzed by toxic Political Correctness and stimulated by trashy Pop Culture.

Only when the Western Mind regains balance and health will it come alive and violently resist the attempt to destroy it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Alt Right must focus on telling the truth than seeking political power.

Alt Right doesn't have the money, organization, and connections to gain political power. Not yet. So, it shouldn't even try. Instead, it should devote itself to becoming the most honest, potent, principled, and fearless critic of power. In our age of PC, Alt Right has a golden opportunity to take on this role.

Alt Right should also criticize the so-called 'powerless', e.g. blacks burning down cities and 'white trash' ruining their lives with meth. While the powerful hold great sway over the world, the 'powerless' in great numbers constitute a great power that can even bring down civilizations. Look at Detroit that was destroyed by all those 'powerless' blacks.

Speaking truth to power constitutes a kind of power, perhaps the most important kind of power. By exposing and de-legitimizing the corrupt globalist powers-that-be, Alt Right can prove its worth even to its enemies who, under PC medication, lacks the agency and courage to call it like it is.

Honesty and truth are power for those below. Alt Right has no money but has something that is priceless: the honest truth.

Alt Right must be the Woodward and Bernstein of the 21st century. Truth brought down Nixon, the 'most powerful man in the world'.

Alt Right is the only voice willing to play the role of the boy who dared to say the obvious: 'Emperor has no clothes'.

Cuckservatives of the GOP seemed impregnable as 'custodians of the right', but their empty rhetoric, however lavishly funded, couldn't save them from the barrage of the Alt Right that had truth on its side.
Conservatism Inc. collapsed as dramatically as the Soviet Union.

Likewise, as rich and powerful as the Jewish Globalists and the PC 'progressivism' may be, they too are empires built on sand. A few well-placed truths could do to them what a few well-placed explosives do to a bridge.

The globalists are so vulnerable because they only have lies to tell. Sure, they are expensive lies that, for the time being, have a lot of people fooled. But lies cannot withstand the power of simple truth forever. A time will come when their power will collapse most unexpectedly.

The media will have to own Hillary since they protected and promoted her. Their ties to her, like their ties to Obama, have made them less reliable and trustworthy. They've chosen to rot with Hillary.

Alt Rightists should call each other 'Triggers'.

Black rappers call each other 'niggaz', short for 'niggers'.

Progs prefer PC fantasy and hate being triggered by the truth.
In contrast, people of Alt Right value the truth and want to trigger the world with it.

If black rappers want to call each other 'niggaz' or 'niggers', that's fine by me.

One thing for sure, Progs who push PC might as well be 'riggers' because they rig the Narrative through their censorious control of the media and academia.

Since the Alt Right wants to trigger the world with the truth about Jews, race, power, and other heretical topics, its members might as well be called 'triggers'.

The Narrative is about black rapper 'niggers' spewing trash and about globalist 'riggers' pushing PC dogma.

Against the demented 'niggers' and disingenuous 'riggers', there are the 'triggers' of the Alt Right who do not cower in fear or cowardice.

I'm a Trigger. Be a Trigger too.

So... what's up, Trigger?

Hillary Clinton Is a Supporter of ALT-Qaeda in Syria and Libya

To bring down the government of Assad, Obama and Hillary Clinton(at the behest of their Jewish masters) funded and armed the Al-Nusra Front, an offshoot of Alqaeda, the terrorist group that did 9/11. The havoc that Al-Nusra(an alternative version of Alqaeda) caused turned Syria into a war zone and even invited in the ISIS, funded by Saudi Arabian rulers who also bankrolled the Clinton Foundation. Hillary is a War Criminal, a mass murderer who belongs in a court in the Hague. Unfortunately, Jewish-controlled America controls the West, and the Hague will never bring to justice any American-Imperialist mass-killer.

How to Bring Down Big Government. The Bigger Government Paradox.

If you want to bring down big government, demand bigger government.
Government will eventually run out of means and resources to hand out all the free stuff.

Look at the collapse of the USSR. Look at the tottering state of Venezuela that promised too much free stuff to too many people.

So, all Americans who hate Big Government should support BIGGER GOVERNMENT and demand more free stuff for everyone. Progs will have no grounds to object(since they claim to espouse 'socialism'), and then, it won't be soon before the whole government collapses. And then, the Revolution can start.

Democrats and Republicans Merging into Hybrid Creature

Democrats taking from Republicans is nothing new.

Bill Clinton took 'free trade' and 'law and order' from the GOP. And even the proposal for 'welfare reform'. He locked up record numbers of blacks in prison.
He gave up on the American working class and made a pact with the Davos elite class. Bill also won the Heart of Wall Street with massive de-regulation. He also pushed shock-treatment-capitalism on Russia. He was a better 'Republican' than most Republicans though he cleverly masked his globalist decisions with 'progressive' rhetoric, such as celebration of 'year of the women'.

So, the process of Democrats-becoming-the-New-Republicans has been taking place since 92 when Clinton won the election.

Hillary is just hammering in the final nails on the empty coffin of the two-party state. Both parties are really just two version of AIPAC, the party that really runs America.

We say GOP will lose forever, and US will be a one-party state. But the New Democratic Party is nothing like its original self. It wouldn't recognize the policies of FDR and Kennedy. It is actually closer in many ways to Reaganism and Thatcherism. Though it is called the 'left', it has no use for class politics or issues of 'equality'. Its idea of 'neo-equality' is that 'men in dress have equal rights to use the ladys room'. It's a parody of egalitarianism. Leftism is turned into a farce so that it will never challenge the power of the elite class. And the fact that people in the media and academia all support Hillary goes to show that, despite their pretension of speaking truth to power in the name of the people, they are part of the elite(or aspire to be such) and want to keep their power and privileges under the protective wing of globalist oligarchs.

So, this new monster should be called the Repumocratic Party. Or maybe the AIPAC Party. It's a hybrid monster. It's not the case of one party destroying the other but both parties merging under Jewish control to serve the interests of the globo 1%.

But look at the bright side. If the GOP folds and goes away, there will no 'common enemy' to hold the diverse coalition together. It will mean everyone of every gentile group will focus his or her ire on the 1% so dominated by Jewish power.

And then, the real revolution will begin. It will be gentiles vs Jews.

Alt Right Needs GENTILE IDENTITY to Fight the (((Main Enemy))) First.

While mass immigration of non-whites undermines white majority and white power, one thing will not change... namely that Jews will remain 2% of the population whereas gentiles will make 98% or even more.

In any war, it is smart to focus on the biggest enemy first. If the main enemy falls, others will also. As the German army began to lose in the Eastern Front, all its allies(Romanians, Hungarians, Croatians, Italians, etc) were doomed as well.

And enemy #1 is the Jews. If the Jews fall, then the whole globalist enterprise and the anti-white coalition will begin to fall apart.
So, until Jews are brought down, I think Alt Right shouldn't play so exclusively with the 'white identity' card. It should pull out the Gentile Identity card, namely that WE ARE ALL 'PALESTINIANS' being ripped off, exploited, and shell-shocked by Zionist Globalism the world over.

Jews know how to play this game. They despise and distrust all gentile groups but take care not to antagonize all of them at once.
Notice how Jews did most to destroy the Muslim world but also recruit Muslims in the West against whites. Jews hate Muslims, but Jews do this because, for the time being, they see whites as the #1 enemy. If Jews vilify both whites and Muslims, both groups will become natural allies against Jews. Jews use white Christians against Muslims OVER THERE and use Muslims against white Christians OVER HERE.

So, as long as Jews are the #1 enemy of whites, Alt Right should consider the meme of Gentile Identity that sounds the alarm on how all gentile groups -- whites, Asians, Arabs, blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, and etc -- are exploited, robbed, leeched by, and/or bombed by Jews. And then, all gentile hostilities can be concentrated on Jewish Globalist Supremacism.

Alt Right as a white identity movement fights on too many fronts.
It makes no sense to fight both 'kebabs' and 'bagels' at the same time.
Alt Right should fight one front at a time. Since Jews have the most power and are most effective as an anti-white power, Alt Right and all Euro-Identitarians should focus on taking out The Jew first. Various gentile groups disagree on many things, but they should be agreed on the deviously exploitative and tyrannical power of Jews.

Support BDS. Support Palestinians. Emphasize how Jewish communists destroyed the Slavs and how Jewish capitalists fleeced them. Support blacks who've been historically exploited and cheated by Jews. Tell Hispanics that Jewish elites see them as little more than kitchen help, nannies, busboys, and lettuce pickers. Tell blacks about the dirty secret of Gentrification.



1. Speaking truth to Globalist oligarchical power.

2. Noticing that Jewish elites rule America and saying so.

3. Being honest about the role of race and racial differences in American society.

4. Calling out on the hypocrisy of Conservatism Inc and Liberalism Inc. Both SAY one thing but DO another. Hillary claims to love blacks and Muslims, but the new Democratic Party since Bill Clinton locked up record numbers of black males(to drastically reduce crime) and accelerated gentrification -- code word for driving blacks out of urban areas. It also pushed Wars for Israel that killed over a million Arabs and Muslims since the end of the Cold War. Establishment and its minions are experts at Weasel Words.

5. Not being afraid of Political Correctness that forbids free exchange of ideas in media and academia. PC sucks all the air out of the room wherever people pursue serious and free discussion. Alt Right is glasnost from PC. Alt Right knows the truth shall slay the Great Deception. Even a one-dollar truth has more value than a million-dollar lie.
Alt Right with no money speaks more truth than governments, establishment media, and institutions with many billions.

6. Calling out all American politicians as whores of the donor class, especially that of Zion.

7. Opposing neo-imperialist Zio-American Globalism that arrogantly declares America to be an 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation beyond International Law. Alt Right has no use for such jingoism, chauvinism, and supremacism masked masked with neo-missionary zeal.

8. Condemning the 'new cold war' with Russia concocted by Jewish oligarchs who remain sore at Putin's nationalism that foiled the Jewish takeover of Russia.

9. Refusing to kneel at the altar of Homomania -- a cult-worship of homos and trannies as holy angels -- pushed by Wall Street, Hollywood, Ivy League, Las Vegas, and rest of the oligarchic class. Also refusing to worship Holocaust as a religion and MLK as god. Alt Right knows only too well that so-called 'secular liberalism' has its own gods, relics, and taboos. Alt Right understands PC to be a quasi-religion despite its conceit of rationalism and objectivity.

10. Believing in the right of free speech and right to own guns to protect oneself from crime and the tyrannical state.

11. Supporting nationalism for all peoples to ensure sovereignty and independence for every country.
Alt Right does not rely on 2-PC's -- Pop Culture(controlled by Jews and homos) and Political Correctness -- for core values and principles to guide life and morals. It leaves that stuff for soulless globalists like Bill Clinton and Lena Dunham. Alt Right believes in heredity, heritage, and the rich myths of a people.

12. The realization that Diversity is the strength for globalist elites(especially Jews) who use divide-and-rule among the various racial and ethnic groups to prevent a unified challenge to elite rule. For most people, Diversity means more division, more inequality, more distrust. It is exactly what the ruling elites ordered as they want the rabble confused and divided.

13. Rejection of finance-capitalism as the core economy.

14. Consciousness of European identity and ancestry; the Will to preserve heritage and territory. In this sense, Alt Right is Zionism for white people. If Jews deserve Israel as their sacred homeland, each European nationality deserves its own nation as its homeland.

15. Seeing race-traitors like Hillary and Jeb Bush for what they are: comprador-collaborators of the globo-Zionist elites.

16. The realization that WE ARE ALL 'PALESTINIANS' under Jewish domination and manipulation. Just as Jews dispossessed the Palestinians(who live in defeat and humiliation), they are now engineering the dissolution of blood and soil of Europeans and European-Americans.

17. Choosing conviction and principles over careerism and self-interest unlike the cuckservatives and cuckerals who will sell their mothers down the river for thirty pieces of silver.

18. Being tough and courageous than being 'triggered' by everything and demanding 'safe spaces' from reality.

19. Having the guts to say the main reason why blacks cause so many problems is because they are naturally stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent. Evolution is real, and it matters.

20. Having the guts to say the reason why Jews rule America is due to their higher IQ, tribal networking, cynical exploitation of the Holocaust(to suppress any criticism of Jewish power), and lack of scruples.
Alt Right knows all too well that Jews push 'universalism', 'diversity', and 'inclusion' to expand their tribal power. If Jews are about rejection of race and identity for a globalized humanity, why do they pressure all US politicians to attend the Jewish Nuremberg rally called the AIPAC Conference?

Alt-Right Can Play the Role of the Frankfurt School

When Jews didn't hold the commanding heights of power, they were penetrating critics of WASP power and Christian culture. And some of the most committed and interesting critics and intellectuals of power and privilege in America belonged to the 'Cultural Marxist' Frankfurt School.

The lesson to be drawn from this is that even those who vehemently rejected the Frankfurt School's program had something to learn from their thoughtful critique of power, privilege, control, and manipulation.
And even those who have no use for Noam Chomsky's socialist-anarchism can learn from his sharp criticism of US foreign policy and oligarchic control of media.

Now that the Western Left has become totally beholden to Political Correctness and/or oligarchic funding(of George Soros and gang), this presents a golden opportunity for the Alt Right to play a leading role in the Critique of Power, namely that of Jewish Globalists.
Because of PC and Jewish funding, nearly everyone from the Radical Left to Conservatism Inc dares not mention the J-Factor(except to occasionally condemn excesses of the Likud Party against Palestinians).
Because Alt Right has no hangups about naming the Jew in the globalist system(dominated by Jewish finance and media/academic control), Alt Right can be most honest voice on the true nature of power in the West. It can own honesty, courage, and integrity in the critique of power.

The question is, will the Alt Right take on this opportunity intelligently or will it allow dumb 14/88 provocateurs(who are likely shills of SPLC or very disturbed individuals) to drown out the debate with Pepe the Frog as Der Fuhrer.

If the Alt Right plays it right, even those opposed to the Alt Right agenda will find value in its critique of power and privilege as rigged by the globalist system.

That is a start.

Heather Mac Donald's Blind Spot on Jewish Power

Heather MacDonald said there is a 'race war' raging in America where only one side(blacks) does the fighting.

That may be so, she overlooks another ethnic conflict where only side does the fighting. Jews attack whites, but not only do whites not fight back and defend themselves but they praise they very people who are doing them most harm.

White are willfully blind to the fact that Jews are the 'Barzini' in the equation. In THE GODFATHER Don Vito Corleone eventually figured it all out. "It was Barzini all along." That's when the Corleone's shifted their aim from the Tataglia to Barzini as the arch-enemy. Vito's son Michael understood the game, which is why he understood that the Rosato Brothers only took orders from a higher power: Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART 2.

Without identifying the enemy, you cannot win. Those in the game must know the Barzini Factor.

Criticism of Power is the First Step to Power

Criticism of power is a form of power.

Noam Chomsky has great influence over many because he critiqued the nexus of power.
Jews initially rose in power as critics of Wasp Power. Jews are now the 'new wasps', and only Alt Right is willing to discuss this power honestly. And yes, wittingly or unwittingly, most gentile politicians are cuckservatives or cuckerals.

Alt Right, due to its lack of PC, can be the most honest and potent critique of Power.

But being anti-PC is a double-edged sword. It opens up free debate but also attracts the 14/88 cranks(who exercise their own brand of PC) and have nothing to contribute but yelling "Heil Hitler" and attacking ANY Alt Right who has no use for Der Fuhrer.

Indeed, Alt Right would be in a much better position right now if it had made a clean break with 14/88. It is so easy to smear the Alt Right by associating it with Daily Stormer.

There is nothing Jews love more than conflating Alt Right with Nazis and loonies like Sinead McCarthy the flat-earther.

Alt Right likes theatrics and the circus-antics, and there is a time and place for that. But, in the long run, who mattered more? Critics like Chomsky and Sontag or clowns like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin?

To be sure, Camille Paglia has shown one can be both.

Emographics than Demographics Has Been the Biggest Hurdle for the Right

It's often been said the demographic tide of Diversity(mainly by immigration) will doom White America, especially the Right. While this may true in states like California, what of all those states with solid white majorities that go overwhelmingly for 'progressive' Globalism? Why do so many whites prefer globalism over nationalism?

It is because they are EMOTIONALLY shaped by the 2-PC's: Political Correctness and Pop Culture.
If White = Right, we are not seeing it in many white-dominant states. Even Iowa went with Obama. And very white Maine and Vermont were among the most pro-Obama states. And as big cities have become more gentrified and whiter, they've also become more globalist. Also, some of the whitest states are importing Somalis for no other reason than to virtue-signal.

So, Emographics among whites than Demographics of Diversity is the real knife in the heart(through the back) of White america. After all, even many white American 'conservatives' fear being labeled 'racist' more than being called a 'race-traitor'.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nazi Memes Were Sensationalized by Neocons and Progs before Alt Right Toyed with Them.

Neocons accuse Alt Right of using Nazi memes, but NO ONE has abused Nazi memes more than Neocons and Progs do.

Neocons call any leader they don't like 'the new hitler' and call for 'regime change'. Neocons call for more wars, even a 'new cold war' with Russia. Neocons invoke Holocaust to beat the war drums with no end in sight. Apparently, there are Hitlers in 'rogue nations' that must be toppled all around the world.

Progs have been calling everything and everyone they don't like a 'Nazi' and 'fascist'.
They've been doing this forever.

Nazi as bogeyman has been a favorite meme of Progs in academia and Hollywood.

Progs even see KKK at Oberlin College. They see 'Aryan' fraternity rapes at UVA. Anyone captured Haven Monahan yet?

If some on the Alt Right have fun with Nazi memes, it is because the Progs have called EVERYTHING 'nazi' and 'fascist'. Progs and Neocons turned the 'nazi' meme into political cartoon, so why shouldn't Alt Right have fun with it?

When Progs screamed 'nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi' forever, it would bound to become a meme, ironic or not. And memes take on a life of their own.

History and What It Means to be 'American'.

Progs will say that everyone is equal in America. No American is 'More American' than any other American. American-ness is all about citizenship according to the law, not about identity-history-heritage.

But then, how can the ethnic privilege of Indian Reservations be justified? Such special right is accorded to no other group in America. It illustrates how history does matter? It is history that informs us that American Indians were here first and that they tragically lost their homeland to white conquerors and settlers. So, on those grounds, they have given special rights to have their own reservations or 'nations' within the larger nation.

And, could Affirmative Action for blacks be justified without history and identity? Isn't it because of the history of slavery and racial discrimination that blacks were rewarded with special rights in college admissions and hiring? Without that history, there would be no moral justification for Affirmative Action.

So, not all Americans are equal, indeed not even under the law. Given American history, some groups are accorded certain privileges, special rights and recognitions.

Well, if American Indians and American blacks are to be specially recognized for historical tragedy, then one can argue that European-Americans should also be specially recognized for their essential and profound contribution to the creation of America.
Just about every idea and value that were instrumental to the development of America came from Europe. And no people did more to settle, build, and expand America than white people.

So, history matters. It is history that gives Indians and blacks special recognition over other American citizens. And it is history that should give whites or European-American special credit and recognition as the people that contributed most to the creation and construction of America.

Not all American citizens are equally American. If history doesn't matter, a new arrival from Nepal should have same rights as Indians to have a 'reservation' and same rights of blacks to benefit from Affirmative Action. And he should have the same right as whites to make the claim that his forefathers founded and built America.

Alt Right Aims for the Correct Target. Aim and Game.

One area in which Alt Right is ahead of everyone, even Trump, is that it accurately, honestly, and correctly identifies Jewish Power as the MAIN FORCE behind the dehumanization and dispossession of white people.

This is where even Trump fails. All this "We must hate on Muslims to protect Jews and homos" totally misses the point.

Unless we aim for the main enemy target, the white race cannot make real change and save itself.

Imagine in a war where all your firepower is aimed at everything BUT the main enemy hilltop with the biggest cannons.

It doesn't matter how much firepower you have if your aim is off and not hitting the spot that is lobbing lethal volleys at you.

Suppose your enemy has a pistol with one bullet while you have a machine gun with a 1000 rounds. Suppose he aims the pistol at your head while you aim your gun at everything but him. You can shoot all you want, but it won't make any difference. In contrast, he needs to pull the trigger only once to kill you.

It's like in boxing. The boxer beats the brawler because the boxer knows the sweet science of hitting the opponent right on the button. Brawler just flails, missing most of the punches while tiring.

It's the politics of aim. If you don't have the aim, you can't play the game.

Jews aim for white power. In contrast, whites have been aiming at everything but Jewish power that has been most instrumental in the destruction of the white race. All those conservatives who worry about Sharia in America, Russia(in 'new cold war'), or Iran... what a bunch of dummies. Maybe they think they can appease Jews by hating on nations and peoples that Jews hate, but Jews are insatiable and never reciprocate in kind.

Alt Right is in the vanguard because it identifies the proper target. Jewish Power. Alt Right doesn't hate Jews as a people. But it knows that Jewish Power is out to destroy the white race. Too many powerful Jews are like George Soros.

Why Blacks Rejected Sanders Socialism

Blacks may bitch incessantly about how white folks got more and must share with blacks, but for whites to 'share', they need to make a lot of money and be affluent. If whites turn socialist and demand free stuff too, there will be fewer whites for blacks to take from.

Blacks are resentful of whites having more wealth, but blacks want to monopolize the politics of demanding free stuff. When blacks see whites turning socialist, they think 'they is gonna get what should be coming to us.' Also, white socialists, playing the role of 'victims' of capitalism, compete with blacks in the victim-hood sweepstakes.

From Anno Domini to Anus Homoni. 2015 Should Be Considered Year Zero of the Homomaniacal NWO.

Anno Domini heralded the new era of Christ.

Christianity is now over in the West.  Under Jewish-Globalist domination, the new faith in the West Homomania, the cult-worship of the holy homo anus.

2015 is In the Year of Our Homo-Lord. Anus Homoni.

Masses Think Like the Elites. Material Advantage Trumps All.

We blame the elites for globalism and lack of patriotism. But we must blame the masses too.

After all, so many ordinary people in the Third World want to abandon their homelands, identities, cultures, and values to come to the First World because they want a better material life. They don't care if their children don't know their own history and don't preserve their identity & culture. They don't care if their kids just become generic 'Americans' and indulge in little more than American hedonism and Pop Culture. In so many immigrant communities in the US, and the young ones imitate MTV and Hollywood. The girls dress like whores, and the boys emulate rappers. This is true of Mexicans, Filipinos, Turks, Koreans, Russians, Cubans, Pakistanis, etc.

And they want to race-mix like crazy and lose their own identity. So many Hispanic and Asian women prefer to mix with white men and produce mixed-race kids for white fathers.

So, it's not just the elites. Even the masses are willing to surrender their identities, cultures, and territories in exchange for material advantage and more fun. The great majority of Japanese say they want to emigrate. So, they don't mind going some place else, race-mixing, and abandoning their own identity and culture. These self-centered masses of Japanese don't care if Japan will be taken over by other peoples.

Even immigrant parents who work hard care only about their kids becoming rich and successful, not about their kids preserving and passing down identity and culture(or caring about the homeland whence they came.)

Why do so many non-white immigrant groups oppose Trump when he opposes globalism that is spreading American neo-imperialist supremacism all over the world? Doesn't globalism undermine the sovereignty of their homelands? No matter. All that the non-white masses care about is having the chance to come to the West and living in a McMansion. For that, they are willing to leave behind their homelands and sell their culture/identities down the river.

Think of Khan or Kinkylick. He came to the US, and his Muslim son joined the US military and was ordered to kill other Muslims in the Middle East. He became a stooge of Globo-Zionism and was more than willing to drop bombs on others of his faith. So, why are his parents for globalism and for Hillary? Better material life in the West.

It's the sad way of the world.

Alt Right Is the Only Un-PC Zone in American Politics

Alt Right is the ONLY anti-PC zone.

Conservatism Inc or Cuckservatism will not touch on issues pertaining to race and Jewish power because they serve the donor class and want approval from the cocktail party crowd.

Liberalism Inc or Globalism is now the Ruling Elite, and it cares most about holding power. It fears any truth that undermines their Narrative. It is totally Jewish-dominated and promotes MLK cult and Homomania as quasi-religions.

The Left is ideologically dead. At one time, the radical left did play an provocative and effective role of challenging the status quo and critiquing power.
But, PC came from the Left, and it stifles debate, controversy, and free exchange of ideas. Because the Left is so hampered by PC, it has muffled itself. And since the Left is funded by the likes of George Soros, it has essentially become Left Inc.

So, there is only the Alt Right that is bold and brazen enough to say it like it is.

Diversity Destroyed Bernie Sanders Movement

What undermined Bernie Sanders's challenge to the Democratic Establishment that had become beholden to Wall Street and the Warfare State?  Diversity. Because his movement was seen as 'too white', it drove away many blacks and failed to attract Hispanics who just decided to stick with the same old, same old.  If the Democratic Party were mostly white, Sanders might have been able to defeat Hillary. But Hillary had the minorities who, lacking in intellect and inspiration, prefer what is deemed 'safe'.

Globalists promote Diversity as the triumph of 'progressivism' and 'equality', but its effect is to strengthen the elites at the expense of a diversified populace that cannot unite effectively against the Establishment.

Diversity. Elites and Masses.

Diversity drives a wedge between elites and masses. Elites no longer see the masses as the same people, and the masses no longer identify with the elites. No wonder Globalists push Diversity. It means no ore unity between leaders and the led. The so-called 'leaders' around the world only obey the globo-oligarchy, and the diverse masses in every nation don't trust one another and end up 'bowling alone', thereby incapable of making demands on the national elites.