Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why do Jews hate Gentile Nationalism? Same reason a man with a sword hates your sword.

Even though Jews love Israel and Jewish nationalism(aka Zionism), Jewish power really resides in gentile nations, especially the US and nations of EU. Since the survival and viability of Israel depend to a large extent on the support of Western nations, Jews feel they must ensure the loyalty of gentile nations to the Jews and Israel. In other words, white gentiles must favor Jews over themselves.

So, when Jews say nationalism is a bad thing, what they really mean is that the rise of gentile nationalism poses a challenge to Jewish nationalism. If nationalism means one's preference of one's own people over others, it means gentile nationalism will lead to gentiles favoring themselves over Jews. And that may pose a threat to Jewish nationalism and supremacism. China is nationalist and favors Chinese interests over any other. Iran is nationalist and favors Iranian interests over any other. Even though China and Iran may not be overly anti-Jewish, they will not place Jewish interests above their own. So, Jews cannot control those nations to serve the Jews. But Jews have persuaded white gentiles that nationalism --- at least in white nations --- is evil, a kind of 'Nazism'. (In truth, it was Polish nationalism, French nationalism, Russian nationalism, Chinese nationalism, and American nationalism that rolled back the tide of Axis Imperialism.) White gentiles, baited with Holocaust Guilt and in awe of Jewish power in media & finance, have become mentally colonized or psycolonized by Jews.
However, when Jews demean nationalism, it is not ALL nationalisms. Paradoxically, Jews attack white gentile nationalism to shore up and boost their own nationalism. Jews don't say ALL peoples, Jews included, must abandon nationalism. If anything, Jews justify their own nationalism among themselves on the basis that gentiles are innately evil and wicked. 

At any rate, Jewish fear of gentile nationalism is rational. If nationalism means the favoring of one's own people to others, then every gentile nationalism will favor the gentile majority to the Jewish minority. This doesn't necessarily mean 'antisemitism' or anti-Jewish discrimination. After all, Russia allows all sorts of freedoms and opportunities to Jews to get rich and pursue happiness & success. But gentile nationalism does mean Jews are not allowed to gain supremacist power in gentile nations, and this denial is no longer tolerable to Western Jews who now feel entitled to supremacist control over goyim. Jews no longer struggle for equality or fairness. They are addicted to maintaining their supremacist control over gentiles, especially whites. They want whites to spiritually worship Jews, financially serve Jews, culturally follow Jews, sexually surrender to Jews, etc. Jews accuse white gentile nationalists of being 'Nazi', but if 'Nazism' is a form of supremacism, then no people are as Nazi-like as the Jews are in today's world. Ironically, Jews fear gentile nationalism because gentiles will act like Jews: Favor their own kind over others. Since gentiles greatly outnumber Jews in gentile nations, this can be a real challenge to Jewish power and supremacism if gentiles were to have their own kind of gentile 'zionism'. 

Nationalism is a political weapon. It is a shield with which to defend one's own people from others. It is a sword with which to fight the enemies. A swordsman uses his own sword & shield in his fight against other swordsmen with their swords & shields. In battle, a swordsman wields his weapon to disarm his opponents of their weapons. A swordsman prizes his own sword & shield but fears, even loathes, the swords & shields of his rivals. So, it is only logical that Jews, in love with their own tribalist sword & shield, seek to destroy the swords & shields of gentiles. Jews want to be the only ones with the sword & shield of nationalism lording over all others who kneel before the Jewish king and kiss his one and only true sword. 

If we recognize nationalism as a powerful weapon, we can understand why Jews would fear the gentile nationalism of other peoples. If Jews had a nice big nation of their own, they might be content with what they have and tolerate other peoples' ownership of their own nations. But Jews are a majority in only one nation, the tiny state of Israel. So, unlike Russians, Chinese, Indians, or Iranians, Jewish power isn't much if located only in Israel. Jews must derive their power and wealth from gentile nations in which they are minorities, and therefore, Jews are keen on suppressing the nationalism of gentile peoples who've come under their thumb. Also, no people are as ambitious and arrogant as the Jews. If most peoples are content with control over their own nations and respect other peoples' control over theirs, Jews like George Soros feel this insatiable desire to remake the entire world in their radical image. Jews are tireless like rats in gnawing away at the national defenses of other peoples. Jews bitch about anti-Jewish hatred or 'antisemitism', but they ignore the fact that anti-Jewish hatred has often been defensive against Jewish aggression that gnaws itself into every region on earth to subvert and undermine gentile identity and interests. Even when Jews gain mastery over other peoples, they don't stand tall and upright as the new masters --- which would at least be honest and honorable --- but shrug their shoulders and underplay the Jewish nature of their agenda to fool the goyim. They want to be invisible masters, and this is why they rely so heavily on shabbos goyim to serve as Fronts. 

From a purely strategic viewpoint, Jewish hostility to gentile nationalism makes total sense. If Jews want to ensure that gentiles in US and EU will primarily serve Jewish interests, Jewish nationalism, and Jewish supremacism(or Jewish 'Nazism'), then gentiles must be persuaded and/or pressured to forgo their own ethno-nationalist identities and interests that, if left to grow of their own accord, could turn into obstacles to gentile subservience to Jewish identity and interests. 

History has proven time and again that the MOST POTENT force against imperialism has been nationalism. All anti-imperialist struggles were nationalist. Without the rise of nationalist consciousness, the subject peoples failed to unite to fight to overthrow the foreign rulers. It was with the spread of nationalist consciousness that the peoples of world began to regain independence and drive out the imperialists in places like Algeria, Cuba, and Vietnam. Creation of America has been portrayed as a birth of liberty, but it was more the birth of new nationalism against the overweening imperialism of the British. So, even imperialism births nationalism among the colonizers who rebel against it.

It was the rise of nationalism that finally brought an end to European imperialist domination. In some cases, the Third World nationalism was organic. For example, there really was a Vietnamese civilization going back over  a thousands years. In other cases, the nationalism was newly constructed, as in Indonesia and even India, places that gained a sense of common destiny under the imperialism. The narrative of shared tragedy under imperialism forged a political bond. Rise of nationalism made imperialism no longer viable in the Third World. 

Today, it is the West that is under imperialist rule. It is called globalism, and it is essentially Worldwide Jewish Imperialism. All whites are under the globalist imperialist domination of Jewish supremacists. Globalism spares only one nationalism, that of Zionists. Israel gets Passover treatment while all other nationalisms are eventually to be extinguished by Jewish-globalist power. Because gentile nationalism seeks to shutter the window against this poison gas of the Jews --- Zio-Klon G -- , Jews want to shatter the glass of every gentile window so that the globo-gas will enter every nation(but Israel) and destroy national identity and pride. 

Nationalism has a populist element in obligating the elites of a nation to represent, serve, and defend the people of the nation. According to nationalism, Hungarian elites should represent, serve, and defend Hungarian identity and interests. Japanese elites should represent, serve, and defend Japanese identity and interests. German elites should represent, serve, and defend German identity and interests. This is precisely what Jews fear. Jews want the best-and-the-brightest among the gentiles to serve Jewish identity and interests. Jews want gentile elites to collaborate with Jewish globalist imperialists than to represent and serve their own peoples. It's like the British imperialists wanted Indian elites to collaborate with the British than represent the aspirations of the Indian masses. And French imperialists wanted Vietnamese elites to collaborate with the French than fight for Vietnamese independence.
Now that Jews rule the West, Jews want Western gentile elites to serve their Jewish masters than lead and guide their own peoples. (But then, even the white gentile masses have been turned onto rejecting their own identity/interests and to serving Jewish globalism under the barrage of 'white guilt' indoctrination, 'jungle fever' in sports & rap, decadent faddishness of homomania, and the Cult of Diversity. So many white people have been reduced to virtue-signaling idiots who think themselves righteous because they champion their own demographic demise via mass immigration, race-mixing, and degenerate behavior.) 

When Jews say white gentiles must forgo their national identity and interests, they don't mean it applies to Jews as well. They mean whites must put down their swords & shields to submit to the sword & shield of the Jew. If ten people have guns and if the Jewish guy happens to be anti-gun, it doesn't mean everyone INCLUDING THE JEW should surrender his gun. It means everyone EXCEPT THE JEW should give up his gun. That way, the Jew is the ONLY ONE with the gun, and he has the power over the others.
Indeed, Jewish attitude on gun rights is no different from their attitude on nationalism: It is For-Jews-Only. 
Why do Jews want to take away gun rights in America? Jews have no problem with every Jewish family owning automatic rifles in Israel because Jews are the majority there. Gun ownership in Israel means Jewish power over Arabs. But in the US, Jews are only 2% of the population; therefore, a well-armed nation means many more gentiles with guns than Jews with guns. But then, Jews control the government and elite institutions that control the military and the police. So, if only the government has the power of firearms, it means ONLY JEWS have the power of firearms since nearly all politicians are owned by Jews and nearly all of the judiciary is under Jewish control. 

Whether it's guns or nationalism, Jews want to monopolize it all. Know your Jew. 

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  1. Very well written, sir. I've shared this on and Twitter.

    We must all tribalize hardcore to protect ourselves.

    The Alt Right is an organic immunological response of white-blood cells against existential threats to our civilizations, the virus of globalism, neo-liberalism, diversity.