Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Virtue-Vanity is the Main Identity for Many in the West. Virtue Vanites reject Tangibles for Intangibles.

The main identity of many people in rich nations is none other than Virtue-Vanity as shaped by PC, which of course is controlled by the GLOB(globalist elites).

So, if the GLOB says homos are sacred, the V-V's(virtue-vanites) make a big show of their special 'virtue'. Also, Virtue Vanity is less something to practice personally than display fashionably. It's like a hat or high-heel shoes. It's a form of pseudo-ethical exhibitionism, and Virtue-Vanites get their jollies and virtugasms by making a spectacle of themselves. Indeed, the mindset of V-V partly stems from celebrity culture. Recall how Rock Stars held concerts to party and boogie about some cause or other to highlight their vanity not only as rich famous pigs but oh-so-caring saints. Morality for charlatans. Have the cake and eat it too. Celebrate and throw a party AND win plaudits as the new jesuses.

People are naturally 'spiritual'(and crave 'emotional uplift'), but since God has been banished from the culture, people thirst for new issues and themes to feel rapturous about. And PC offers the latest fix of Fashion Faith for the quasi-spiritual junkies.
So, if the latest neoligious(neo-religious) craze is 'trannies in the toilet', that's Virtue Vanitism's snakeoil-of-the-hour... until something new is hyped by the PC machine.

This explains why the political culture is so often 'vanitized' than merely sanitized. It is sanitized of inconvenient truths but also 'vanitized' to make people feel self-righteous and holier-than-thou. Thus, the matter goes from a social event or political issue to a new crusade or chest-beating sermon.

For many white people in the West, the vanity of virtue is the ONLY identity they have left since they are not allowed to connect or reconnect with their racial roots, cultural core, and historical bonds. Because those rich, deep, and healthy drives have been condemned and expurgated as 'racist' and 'evil', white people hunger for something to provide them with compass, meaning, and direction.
And the ONLY hope offered by PC is for whites to feel to good about themselves by putting down other whites. The 'bad whites' are those who choose to defend things that are tangible and real: race as biology, nations as homeland and territory, actual history as memory, collective & shared property of the white race.
According to PC, whites must forgo all bonds with anything that is real, substantial, or tangible. Instead, whites must strive to be 'good whites' denouncing and attacking 'bad whites', those who still hold onto the real and tangible. 'Good whites' are kindled to chase after intangibles such as 'universalism', 'social justice', 'equality', or fantasy of limitless genders. Because intangibles tend to be vague and uncertain, 'good whites' must be animated with blind faith and fanaticism. So, virtue-vanites are most hard-headed about things that can least be hand-held. Virtue Vanity is a fire that burns on PC fumes. But once the fumes vanish, so does the fire because there is no tangible wood or coal to keep the fire going independent of artificial feel-good fumes supplied by PC.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Identity is the Foundation of Power

Identity is the foundation of power. After all, without self-knowledge, you'll be clueless as to your being and course of action. Without knowing which race, culture, or people you belong to, you won't know what it is you must defend and whom it is you must fight/resist. Suppose amnesia wipes out your memory, and you've no sense of personal history and ethnic identity. If you don't know whence you came, you won't know where you're headed. If you don't know who your people are, you have no sense of obligation to a community.
Imagine you're an athlete on the field and you suffer a concussion. Suppose you are rendered amnesiac and no longer know who you are, why you're on the field, and which team you belong to. You would stand there feeling clueless. As such, you would be at the mercy of OTHERS who tell you who/what you are. Since you have no idea yourself, you'll have no choice but to just go along. Others will mold your narrative, like neocons have done for George W. Bush, whose brains were turned to mush by too much drugs and self-indulgence.

Imagine that you belong to a Tribe A at war with Tribe B. But suppose you come down with amnesia, and you don't know you're part of Tribe A anymore. Also, you've forgotten that Tribe B has attacked your community and killed your loved ones.
Because you're confused and disoriented from lack of autonomous memory, the Tribe B can fool you into thinking that you belong to it and that you should fight against Tribe A. Without autonomy of identity, you are at the mercy of those who impose an identity on you. It's like the Turks conscripted Greek boys at a young age and brainwashed them of their original identities(as Hellenic Christians) and instilled their minds with Turkic-Islamic identities. Thus, identity is crucial to power, and it is the agenda of your enemy to either wipe out or weaken your identity.

If the enemy cannot wipe your identity to be replaced with something else, it will try to associate your identity with wickedness so at to demoralize you. Burdened with guilt and shame, you'll feel obligated to serve another identity(deemed to be sacrosanct by the official narrative), even if its members are hostile toward your tribe.
Jews have done exactly this with white identity. By associating the white race with 'racism', 'antisemitism', 'white supremacism', and a host of 'historical crimes' --- as if such 'evil' acts were unique to the white race --- , Jews have associated whiteness with sin-that-must-be-cleansed-forever. Thus, whites have been made to atone for whiteness by sucking up to Jews, fighting Wars for Israel, worshiping the Holocaust as new god, encouraging white women to use white wombs to hatch black babies, and all but ignore the plight of whites who've fallen on hard times due to the degradation of black thuggery, homosexual decadence, Jewish financial robbery, and anti-culture of hedonism.
In some ways, Negative Identity can be more potent than Amnesia as an instrument of psycho-political warfare. Those afflicted with Amnesia may be confused and disoriented, thus at the mercy of those who manipulate them, but they are, nevertheless, without shame or guilt. In contrast, those infected with Negative Identity feel infested with shame and guilt for which they must seek cure and redemption forever. In effect, they become emotional dogs to their masters.

Jews use both means, amnesia and negative identity, to push through their globalist agenda. Via the insidious impact of Afro-Homo Pop Culture(that promote mindless animalism and phantasm of narcissism), Jews seek to weaken a sense of history, heritage, and roots from the minds of all gentiles. The result is mass amnesia.
But then, Jews also employ the germ warfare of PC, mainly against white gentiles, to infect hearts and minds with the virus of chronic shame and guilt, for which the infected feel they must atone forever, especially at the feet of Jews(and their allies, mainly homos and Negroes).

Because identity is a source of power, it is the primary target of the enemy. The British tried to weaken Irish identity. White slave-owners tried to cut blacks from their African roots. Christian gentiles sought to associate Jewish identity with pain and humiliation to pressure Jews to convert to Christianity. Likewise, Muslims associated 'infidel' identity with inferiority, hardship, pain, or even death to pressure non-Muslims convert to Islam.

The story of Moses is about the politics of identity. Moses was a Hebrew who'd been raised as an Egyptian, but his life changed upon regaining his true identity as the son of his real parents, as a member of the Tribe. His was a story of Becoming-Who-You-Are. He embarked on and completed the spiritual journey to his ethnic origins. Likewise, those who seek autonomy-and-independence must trek up the river of identity to find the true source of their being. One's identity is dependent on one's own people, and one's own people must be independent of other peoples, especially those with hostile or parasitic intent.

There are two ways of power. One is remaining true to one's original identity, as Jews have done for thousands of years. No matter where Jews happened to be in exile, they clung to their historic roots, ethnic identity, and their bio-spiritual Covenant with God. This was a great source of their power, enabling them to survive as a race and culture across the millenniums.

But another way of power is to forge ahead with a new or variant collective identity, as Anglo-Americans did. As colonials, there had been part of the British Empire. As members of the Anglo race and empire, they had shared in a great identity and power. However, there came a time when they wanted independence from the empire to set up their own Republic, and this called for a new identity which was both a cultural extension of Anglo civilization and a political break from it.
In time, the various Spanish colonists in Latin America also broke away from their motherland of Spain. Thus, the Hispanic colonists became Mexican nationals, Bolivian nationals, Peruvian nationals, and etc.

Anyway, identity is the foundation of power. In order to have control over yourself and your own people, YOU must define and shape your own personal identity(of family, values, and life experiences) and YOUR PEOPLE must decide on their group identity(of race, nation, and history). If you lose sight and control of your identity, you will be at the mercy of others who know the value of identity and will try to manipulate your identity to serve their interests.
And always beware of those who would associate your identity with negativity. Resist and forge a Positive Identity. And associate your enemy with negative identity. After all, there are tons of skeletons in the histories of Jews, blacks, Asians, Muslims, and etc.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Why is Capitalism so closely tied with 'Progressivism'?

Why are capitalism, privilege, and success so closely tied with 'progressivism'? Are capitalism, wealth, privilege, and success inherently proggy? Perhaps in the sense that both capitalism and proggism are invested in change, transformation, and reinvention. Capitalism seeks new products, new technologies, new everything. Proggism feeds on the conceit of new frontiers in the struggle for justice. Both are at war with tradition, roots,and established norms. In economics, this makes sense since improved/advanced technology is objectively better than earlier ones. Surely, a new computer is better than one 5 yrs ago, let alone 10 yrs ago. Technology can demonstrate superiority. Also, Pop Culture must promote changes in fashions to hook new generations to new trends and the 'hottest thing'.

But can same rules be applied to arts, culture, morality, justice, and emotions? Is modern art necessarily more 'advanced' than classical art, and is post-modern art necessarily more advanced than modern art? Is today's concept of family really 'more evolved' than the concept fifty years ago? Is hipster sensibility superior to the sentiments of an earlier era?
To be sure, the more a society becomes productive and plentiful, the more various peoples(with full stomachs) tend to seek their own fetishized niche of ‘justice’ concocted to cater to his or her personal whims. Also, when even the personal is politicized or filtered through ideology, even trivialities or frivolities are mistaken as 'rights' deserving of moral recognition and benediction by all of society.
In a hungry society, the main priority is providing enough food for the masses. If Michael Jackson had been born into a sharecropper family in 1900, he would have worked in the fields and focused on food & basic needs. But he made lots of money in a rich nation and could indulge his fantasies. Eventually, the flight into fantasy became a new ‘right’, and so, we are witnessing the Michael-Jacksonization of society. Michael was effectively transsexual, transracial, and transage. He was a perpetual Peter-Pan-kid. At least he kept it to himself. Today, every freak is no longer content to indulge in his/her whims but demands all of society to recognize and celebrate what he/she is. Once homos went from a group-to-be-tolerated-and-left-alone to a group-that-must-be-praised-and-worshiped-by-all-of-society, freaks of all stripes began to take their cues from the homo movement and make similar demands.

Anyway, capitalism has lots of tendencies that aren't necessarily proggy. So, how did it end up being so proggy?  Three possible explanations.

1. Most business and science/technology types don’t have much time or interest in ideas or culture. They are into money, success, ambition, and geek stuff. So, most of them don’t form their own ideas on society, politics, humanity, and history. Bill Gates is a very smart guy, but his main focus for most of his life was on geek stuff and making money. So, where do people like him get their ideas? From social sciences and media controlled by other sorts of people. So, if academia and media people lean proggy and globby(globalist), even apolitical people-of-success will gravitate in that direction. It could be that simple.

2. Mafia-type extortion. Businesses naturally want to be left alone to make money. Because Conservatives tend to be pro-business, they leave businesses alone. So, businesses have NOTHING to fear from Conservatives who kiss the butts of the business class. Why pay for something you can have for free? Conservative don’t run extortion schemes on businesses. Even when conservatives hope for donations from rich people and big business, they go pleading, not demanding and certainly not threatening.

But proggies and blacks do make demands. (And Jews make demands on gentile businesses to fork over money to Jewish causes and be mindful not to fund anything deemed 'antisemitic' or 'racist'. This means anti-white Jewish organizations & cause receive tons of donations, whereas any group even mildly associated with white interests get no funding from big business.) Jesse Jackson made an art of this and reaped a fortune by going from company to company, sniffing for ‘racism’, and extorting funds for his own coffers. (Jackson's extortion scheme ended only under Clinton & Co. that forged a deal with Big Business that progs would drop their knee-jerk anti-corporatism IF big business poured the bulk of their donations to Democrats, homos, and progs. Clintons even created a foundation to do just that on a global scale.)

Proggies, via power of media and NGO agitation/subversion, have devised an effective way to extort money and support from big companies. So, even if businesses are apolitical or conservative-leaning, they fear threats and attacks from progs who are funded and organized by the likes of George Soros. Businesses feel they have no choice but to pander to them. Progs act like a bunch of Don Fanucci’s. Just like the mafia gained control of labor unions and caused 'union trouble' for companies that didn't play ball, the Proglob(prog-globalists) operate the same way.

In contrast, since businesses have the unconditional support of Conservatives, there's no compelling reason to fund or support Conservatism. Businesses fear threats more than they appreciate support. After all, Conservative support for business is just that. It’s like a woman's devotion to a man no matter what he does. He can take her loyalty for granted. But proggy threats can get nasty, especially since proggies have close ties to media, academia, courts, deep state(with secret intelligence on everyone), and groups like SPLC & ADL and especially since Proggies can destroy careers and reputations with accusations of  ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’.
Also, to appease proggies even further, corporations have hired progsters to manage the publicity departments and to devise office policy, which means everyone has to attend endless meetings on PC this or that. Also, advertising has been taken over by the Proglob and is used mostly as a vehicle for homo, interracial, anti-white, hedonist, and nihilist propaganda.
And with the vulgarization of Gramsci’s notion of ‘cultural hegemony’, many progs and even creative types now believe that anything related to culture — even TV comedies, comic books, advertising, and manuals — must be used as vehicles of ideological indoctrination. Nothing is objective or apolitical anymore. Every image or sentiment is used to promote Jew-worship, homo-worship, mass-invasion & diversity, and idea that white wombs exist to produce black babies.

This is why Conservatives need to understand the paradoxical nature of power. If cons want businesses to be more pro-conservative, conservatives must be more anti-business. Only by threatening businesses with boycotts and lost revenue will corporations pay heed to interests of conservatives or, at the very least, not cave to proggy demands so much. For too long, businesses took Conservatives for granted since the Right has been so pro-business no matter what. The rebellion of middle America by voting for Trump’s anti-globalism and the hits taken by Target(over tranny stuff) & Starbucks(over refugee stuff) illustrates that the ONLY way to make big business respect your side's values and positions is by threatening it with dire consequences. Patriotic Americans need to formulate systems and organizations that enable massive boycotts of companies that go anti-white or anti-conservative.

3. Hipster factor. This is a conceit, especially among the young. Young people like to see themselves as forever young, cool, hip, and edgy. And the center of hip culture is in downtown areas of big cities with the glitter, fashion, buzz, dazzle, and the fun. It’s La Dolce Vita, and people want IN on this culture, like those revelers in LAST DAYS OF DISCO eager to be let into the hottest night club. Such a world is appealing for its permissiveness, experimentalism, individualism, ‘creativity’, and anything-goes-ism.
Despite the repressive aspects of PC, cultural freedom is still mostly associated with bohemian areas of NY, SF, Chicago, Austin, and the like. And the political culture of this community is proggy by default — even if most denizens of this world aren't hardcore leftists — because bohemianism is inherently anti-square and un-conservative. The whole spirit of experimentalism and alternative-lifestyle-ism, as carryovers from modernism, is a rejection of traditionalism and conservatism seen as stuffy, dull, outdated, and boring. Now, most people who hang around such communities are not so strange or ‘different’ themselves. They are mostly 9-to-5 working stiffs themselves. It’s like yuppies filled up Soho and other creative parts in NY in 80s. But they want to be around the vibes of latest trends. It’s like Charlie Sheen character in WALL STREET dates some decorator with connections with ‘creative’ types.

How come libertarians don’t fit well into this culture even though they are individualistic and pro-freedom? Because they come in two colors: (1) opportunists who will whore out to the rich and powerful for any price. They seem crass in their obsession with wealth and power, and those who can't gain success for themselves toady up to the powerful, like the contemptible Poe character in PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID (2) cold-hearted ruthless greed of someone like Gordon Gekko or Jordan Belfort.

Bohemian types are for unfettered freedom, but they also want to feel justified as people concerned with 'justice' and 'meaning'. They want be cool, not cold. They want feel warm and fuzzy on social/moral issues, not hard and bullying like libertarians for whom individual liberty and self-interest trump all other considerations. Even though libertarianism is about freedom, it strikes those who want a more relaxed cultural atmosphere as too hard-hitting and hyper. Libertarianism is more about will to power than will to party. It’s like someone who is for freedom to exercise to build muscle. It’s calisthenics than aesthetics of freedom.

Main Problem with the World: the US is the Lone Superpower, and it is ruled by a Lone Superpower Ethnic Group, the Jews

First problem: the US is the lone superpower.

That, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily bad since majority of Americans are decent people.

It’s the Second problem in combination with first problem that makes the world so toxic.

Among various groups in the US, there is only on superpower group. Jewish Ethnics.

In the past, the lone superpower group within the US was Anglo-American or Wasp.

And then, esp after WWII, the racial/ethnic dynamics became more balanced among Wasps, Catholics, Irish, various other Ethnics, blacks, Jews.
Also, there used to be the generational divide that pit Experience vs Youth. But over time, Youth Culture took over everything, and even old people still listen to youth music and rock. In the 60s, the culture of maturity stood against culture of excitement. But the boomers never really grew up. As such, they co-opted the young of successive generations or caved to infantile demands. Cult of Youth became dominant, even though most things young people enthuse over have been planted in their minds by older people -- boomers and X-ers -- who control the academia and media. When we hear, "Young people demand this", they've made to demand it by older people who planted those ideas and images in naive immature minds. And if boomer in their counterculture heyday rebelled against elders, today’s youths take all their cues from teachers and Pop culture controlled by boomer/ X gen elders. So, there is no longer any balance of power between youth and experience. There is just the Cult of Youth that defines everything. There is no respect for age, and if anything, older people are pressured to cave to demands of young people whose minds have been corrupted by PC and Pop Culture. Look how Hillary sucked up to Lena Dunham.

Wasp power declined precipitously beginning in the 1960s. Ethnic power also faded as various ethnics — Italians, Irish, Polish, etc — just became generic Americans, hardly an identity to rally around. Blacks got stuck in rage politics and self-destruction. Religious identity faded and Catholics grew weak. Evangelicals and Southerners got numerical power but not much brains.

Meanwhile Jewish power rose and rose. In time, Jews became a superpower group in America. Eventually the ONLY ONE. There had been a time when Anglos were the lone superpower group. And then, there was balance among various major groups since end of WWII. But in the end, the only group that was perpetually on the rise were Jews who gained preeminence as the Lone Superpower Group in America.

There has been massive arrivals of non-white immigrants, but most Mexicans and other 'Hispanics' have been lackluster in gaining elite power. As for Asians, they do better in schools and make decent money, but they lack spark and unity among themselves. Whereas all Jews tend to become ONE in the US regardless of national origin(Hungary, Poland, Russia, Germany etc), the various Asians groups don’t see eye to eye on anything. Chinese and Hindus as one people? Fat chance. Also, especially among East Asians, there is too much interracial marriage to maintain a strong sense of identity and interests. The prevailing attitude among Asians is that they must be the 'feminine' partner in relation to whites, Jews, or blacks. Since Asians generally follow and suck up to power, they generally do whatever is necessary to garner favor from Jewish elites.
Muslims haven’t amounted to much either.

So, we have a dangerous situation. US is the only superpower in the world AND the US is ruled by one ethnicity as the lone superpower group. This group is only 2% of the US population but has tremendous control over brain and nerve centers of law, economy, government, judiciary, and etc. If it weren't for the First Amendment, Jewish Power would be even greater as American Jews, like their counterparts in Europe, would have made it illegal to criticize any aspects of Jewish dominance.

If Jews were the lone superpower group in America in a multi-polar world, it wouldn’t be so dangerous. In that scenario, even if Jews dominated the US, the US would not dominate the world that is multi-polar and balanced among various great powers. So, there would be a sense of geo-political equilibrium, and the US, even if Jewish-dominated, would have to respect that balance.

But, as things currently stand, the US is the lone power and controls the world. So, WHO controls the US is has huge repercussions to all the world. If there was balance of powers among various racial/ethnic groups within the US, it wouldn’t be so bad since different groups would balance each other’s interests, agendas, and avarice.

It’s like various political parties balance each other out in a democracy. One-party system can lead to autocracy and corruption of power. In the current US, we have a one-ethnic-group system despite there being many larger groups in America and despite the lone superpower group being only 2% of the population. There is Red State vs Blue State divide in the US, but the ONE ISSUE on which both sides are completely in agreement about is Israel, Israel, Israel, Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust, and Jews, Jews, Jews. Jews are so holy and wonderful and need to be worshiped and etc.

Suppose Palestinian Americans, Russian-gentile-Americans, and Iranian-Americans also wielded considerable power in the US. Then, US foreign policy wouldn’t be so rabidly Zionist and Judeo-centric, radicalized and abused to serve the narrow interests of the Jewish Tribe grown supremacist over the years. But since there is NO balance of powers among the various groups in the US, the US as lone superpower is essentially a War Machine for the Tribe as the lone superpower group in the US. This state-of-affairs is very dangerous. For all the world to tremble before the supremacist interests of a single small ethnic group in America… it can only mean things will be completely out of whack, and indeed they are.
The New War on Russia is really a Jewish War on Russia. Jews use homo proxies and pussy riots proxies — just like ‘white helmets’ are used as proxies in Syria —, but the puppet-masters are of the Tribe.

Long ago, the UK sought to maintain balance of power on the European Continent so that no single nation would be able to consolidate all of Europe against the UK.
Today, something must be done to bring forth some kind of ethnic balance of power in America because Jewish lone-superpower-group domination is greedily whipping into frenzy the awesome Might of America to serve very narrow tribal supremacist interests, albeit under cover of ‘principles’ like ‘human rights’, ‘liberal democracy’, and etc. (These Jews who claim to be for 'liberal democracy' actually prefer Deep State shenanigans to undermine the true will of the people.) Nikki Haley is just another 'servitor of the Empire'. Her ilk whore out in any way and anyhow to climb up the ladder of prestige and privilege.

Anyway, if the US were the lone superpower in the world BUT wasn't dominated by a lone superpower group domestically, there would be some restraint to US power at the global level. Even with US as the most powerful nation, its foreign policy agenda would be counter-balanced among various contending ethnic groups within the US. It’s like Greek Americans side with Greek Cypriots and Turkish Americans side with Turkish Cypriots. But as neither side is dominant, US doesn’t use its power to favor Turks or Greeks. That is balance. And because Irish-Americans gained considerable power, the US respected Irish interests as well as the interests of Britain, long the main ally of the US. But pity the Palestinians. They got no power at all. So, even after so many yrs of Zionist occupation, all we hear from US politicians is “Israel, Israel, Israel” and almost no sympathy for Palestinians.

So, the real problem is Jews have become the lone superpower group in the US that is the lone superpower in the world. This situation is more dangerous than when Anglos were the only superpower group in America. For one thing, since Anglos were the majority of America for a good part of US history, it seemed only right that they would wield the most power. And even when Wasps were no longer the majority, they comprised a huge percentage of the population, and furthermore, many ethnics had become Anglo-Americanized and shared in core values and interests. So, Wasp power did represent many peoples and even groups within America. Also, due to the Christian values of Wasps, there was *some* sense of human interests beyond the merely tribal.

But Jews have never been more than 3% of the US population. So, for them to have lone superpower status within the US throws things out of balance. Also, as the core organizing principle among Jews is ethno-tribalism, their hypocrisy when it comes to universal human rights goes far beyond Christian hypocrisy.

If the US had three superpower groups, even that wouldn’t be so bad for the world. If Wasps, Jews, and Hispanics were three superpower groups, there would be some kind of balance among them. Therefore, American Power couldn't be used solely as an instrument of Jewish interests.
But Jews constitute the ONLY superpower group in the Current US, and that means the awesome power of America is to serve Jews uber alles.
To be sure, white gentiles could become a superpower group if they all pulled together, but white identity is deemed either suspect or generic. Genericism means whites are like a slug with no backbone. As such, whites must lean on OTHER stronger identities to gain a sense of cultural or moral embodiment.

In a hypothetical scenario, suppose the US has Jews as the lone superpower group in America, but American power is only on par with Iran or Brazil. In that case, Jews would dominate the US but the US would not dominate the world. And that would make for some balance in the world.

But when Jews are lone superpower in the US that is the lone superpower in the world, that is a dangerous formula. That is too much power around the world for too small a group. It is Jewish supremacism.
Jews have achieved in America what Napoleon or Hitler sought in Continental Europe. Control over all.

Traditionally, the two powers that did most to maintain balance-of-power on the European Continent were the UK and Russia. Both feared the unification of European power under one nation. Napoleon(France) and Hitler(Germany) unified Europe and waged great wars on the UK and Russia. In both wars, UK and Russia were allies. And it seems rather logical that UK, with a history of suspicion for Continental politics, has been the first European nation to exit the EU. Still, UK is no longer what it used to be. It’s a spent power, a poodle of the US. Russia is still a major power though also greatly diminished.

US and EU united under Jewish hegemony is very dangerous to the world. And we are seeing it.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Alt-Right must Own the Banner of the ANTI-WAR Movement

Alt Right must adopt the orphaned Anti-War Movement in this crucial moment in history. The world is now being torn asunder by hyper-imperialist globalism of the US as Lone Superpower, which, in turn, is controlled by the Lone Super-group, the Jews.

Alt Right must own the Anti-War Movement. So-called 'progressives' have completely sold their souls to globalism. Whatever anti-globalist and anti-war impulses that they once had during George W. Bush's presidency soon evaporated under Obama, whose brand legitimized American Hegemony in the eyes of Liberals, Leftists, and Decadents. The invasion and destruction of Libya couldn't be so bad if a black guy did it, right, especially since he's for 'gay marriage'? New Cold War with Russia can't be so bad if it's led by Democrats and homosexuals, right?
'Progressives' did NOTHING while Obama went about destroying Libya on trumped-up charges. 'Progressives' also looked the other way while Obama-Hillary administration supported Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar's funneling of arms and aid to Jihadis and Alqaeda remnants in Syria.

With the Anti-War movement all but dead in the West, the Alt Right has the golden opportunity to salvage and own the banner, in effect becoming the enviable Voice of Conscience & Courage against the scourge of Globalism.

Alt Right's message must be:

Nationalism = Peace and sovereignty for every nation
Globalism = War and imperialist hegemony over the world

Armed with this message, the Alt Right can win support not only among European nationalists but among non-whites in nations around the world who've lost patience with the crimes of corrupt Zio-globalism enabled by the US as the Lone Superpower.

Alt Right must soberly(contra Mel Gibson) lay out the case against Zionist-globalists as the main instigators of major wars since end of the Cold War for the purpose of maximizing Israeli interests while subverting and damaging Iran, Syria, and Russia --- in other words, anything deemed advantageous to Jewish Supremacism. It essentially boils down to Jews vs the World. Jews push American hegemony around the world because Jews control America. If the US rules the world, then Jews rule the world since Jews rule the US. And this is why even the 'left' has no interest in anti-war politics. Taking cues from Jews who fund and spin the narrative of the 'left', so-called 'progressives' have come under the impression that Russia is about to conquer the world. According to this paranoid narrative, the good ole US is the ONLY bulwark against Russian hegemony --- Jews sure love to project their own supremacism onto others --- , and therefore, the US and its allies must be in perpetual war-footing against Russia(especially since the Big Bear is opposed to 'gay marriage'). With 'leftist' worldview such as this, is it any wonder that anti-war sentiments are dead among 'progressives'?

Nearly every political organization or persuasion has abandoned the Anti-War position because Jewish Power controls both the 'right' and the 'left' in the West. Since nearly all ideological movements are funded, led, or advised by Jewish-globalist-supremacists, most of them bark dumbly like dogs for more tensions with Russia, Syria, Iran, and any nation currently disliked by Jews. In their rabid virulence, there isn't much difference between John McCain and Rachel Maddow.

A year ago, Trump expressed some remarkable anti-war sentiments during the campaign, thereby throwing politics-as-usual off balance by aligning the Right with peace(whereas there wasn't a war that Hillary didn't like), but alas, it appears Trump has cravenly kowtowed under Zio-con pressure.

So, the Anti-War banner now belongs to any side that will pick it up, raise high, and wave in its march for global balance, truth, and justice. Since no side is willing to take up the banner, a golden opportunity has falle on Alt Right's lap.
In the globalist melee, the ball of conscience has been fumbled by all sides. No one dares to pick it up since every side is owned by Jews who want more Wars for Israel. But the Alt Right, the ONLY substantive movement that is independent of Jewish domination, can pick it up and run with it for a Moral Touchdown.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Individual Differences are Real. What about Group Differences?

Progs have no problem with the reality of individual differences but have a big trouble with the concept of group differences. They admit some individuals are smarter than others, but they are reluctant to believe a group can be smarter than another group.

So, if someone says Mike Tyson and Justin Bieber are different in many respects as individuals, even Progs would agree. Tyson and Bieber are different individuals and different as individuals.

Now, suppose some mad scientist clones Mike Tyson and makes a thousand copies of him. Suppose this scientist also clones Justin Bieber into a thousand copies..

Didn't we go from validity of individual differences to validity of group differences?
Surely, the clone-tribe of Tysons are different as a group from the clone-tribe of Biebers.

Of course, people of a race are not clones of one another. There are too many genetic variations. Still, they are kind of like rough-clones of an 'extended family' because they share the DNA that evolved in isolation to make them distinct from other groups.

So, if we grab a bunch of average whites and a bunch of average blacks, whites will have more in common with one another than with blacks, and blacks will have more in common with one another than with whites. Even though there may be more genetic differences between a white giant and a whited dwarf than between an average white man and an average black man, most people don't have extreme-traits --- like Down's Syndrome or some rare genetic condition --- and belong to the racial mean.  Among people of this mean, they have more in common with members of their own race(or subspecies) than with members of another race.

Anyway, the Tyson-Bieber Experiment proves that group differences can exist. Just multiply the traits of an individual to form a larger group. Such a group will surely differ from another group with different DNA basis.

Monday, April 3, 2017

PC or Political Correctness needs to be classified & treated as a Disease

PC should really be treated as a disease.

What is a disease? It is something that makes an organism sick, defenseless, and weak.

There is organic disease caused by bacterial or viral infections. And there is disease resulting from physical injuries like falling down or being thrown off a horse(even leading to paralysis).

But, as Richard Dawkins theorized, ideas also work like viruses or bacteria. Ideas have a kind of iDNA.
Some have a way of colonizing, infecting, subverting, and reprogramming minds and senses.

Some ideas and images are beneficial to the organism and promote healthy outlook, constructive habits, and well-being. Their impact is like nutrition, exercise, beneficial micro-organisms(like lactobacilli), vitamins, and oxygen-rich red blood cells.
Some ideas and images are harmful and lead to dissipation, confusion, agitation, deterioration. Their effects are not unlike rabies from a bite of diseased animal or diabetes from excessive intake of sugary calories.
Ideas can infect minds like viruses and bacteria infect cells. Ideas can lead to Idea-disease or Ideasease. Punk Rock culture had a toxic and degenerative effect on the British Working Class.

PC is a kind of idea-disease. To understand the danger of PC, we need to consider the immune system, be it biological or socio-political.
A healthy organism relies on a strong immune system. Every individual body is organo-nativist-and-defensivist. It is under constant bombardment from countless germs in air, moisture, and objects. The body’s immune system must constantly maintain itself against invasive-foreign elements. It tries to filter in only the things that are essential to the body. A healthy body accepts food to be digested and absorbed by the body. It also benefits from some beneficial ‘germs’, like lactobacillus. But it must constantly be on guard to keep out useless and especially hazardous materials. Harmful germs and parasitic agents are useful only to the extent that they strengthen organismic immune system against them. People in germ-free environments will end up up immune systems grown lax and weak. So, the body’s constant struggle against germs has a way of invigorating and recharging the immune system, thus keeping the body vigilant and hardy.
But when there is TOO MUCH invasion of germs and hazardous elements, the exhausted and/or overwhelmed immune system can’t sustain itself and collapses.
More dangerous yet, a virus may sneak in and play fifth-column from within the cells, insidiously subverting the immune system from the inside. That’s how HIV works. It enters cells and wreaks havoc on their internal mechanism, thus rendering their immune capacity moot.

PC is like HIV. It messes up the white race’s immune system from the inside.
PC makes white folks suffer from RIDS, or Racial Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

PC memes infect white folks' neurons with paralysis of ‘white guilt’ and images of ‘white evil’. Thus 'converted' or 're-programmed', even when white folks sense danger(and the need to respond accordingly), their corrupted internal mechanism tells them NO. PC-infected whites feel they have no right to defend their own kind.

Young PC types  in colleges are not rational beings, and they didn't arrive at their worldview rationally. Rather, right from the cradle, their minds were inculcated with PC. Thus infected, they feel that their race has no right to defend itself or preserve itself. They see the white race as a rapacious parasite that deserves to be leeched on by other races who'd been historically sucked dry by the white race.
So, as a race or ethnic community, white folks infected with PC have been rendered defenseless. PC-programming allows white virulence & aggression only in attacks on its own kind.
Even so, despite their antipathy to their own kind, every single organism seeks out safety and comfort. So, even as white PC brats are committed to their racial demise, they nevertheless strive for success as individuals. Devious PC offers this opportunity to white collaborators as a hook. The pledge to abandon group-survival and collective-power buys them certain privileges as atomized individuals.
Invasive systems often play this game on their prey. Since wholesale conquest may be too daunting a task, the invasive force seeks out collaborator-agents(with the uncanny ability to loosen themselves from the whole) to turn against their own kind for rewards of individual gain. Certain germs have the same effect on the body. They make some parts of the body cooperate against the rest of the body. This is also true of how human organs work. The tongue can become a fatal collaborator against the body. Its sweet-tooth addiction can make the tongue take leave of its senses and 'collaborate' with the Junk Food Industry that encourages it to consume more junk that tastes wonderful to the tongue but does the rest of the body wrong. SJW-s who spout PC to gain individual success are slurping-in-tongues. They do will say and do anything to gain sweet things for themselves at the expense of their own race. Of course, they can rationalize their betrayal on universal grounds --- they live for all of humanity than for the tribalism of race --- , but such mindless utopianism isn't grounded in the limitations of reality. It is as stupid as parents who neglect their own children to pursue the impossible dream of caring for all children. Of course, utopian-universalism is, more often than not, just a crutch for doing nothing at all. When one's task is conceived in such grandiose and herculean manner, one never knows where to start, so he doesn't. Instead, one can just pursue individual interests while pontificating about how he hasn't the time for his kind since he is concerned with the entirety of the 'human race'. It's like a general who refuses to fight a single battle since he's too occupied with the entirety of the war.

We mustn't treat PC-infected youth as rational agents. They are mentally infected and diseased. All healthy organisms seek to survive and be strong. As humans are social organisms, it makes no sense for a group of humans to invite harm & danger to its own kind. Swedes are not acting rational or natural by inviting more Invasion of Diversity. Nature is about organisms using sense and reason to save themselves, grow strong, and survive. It is not about organisms inviting self-destruction. Organisms act to harm themselves ONLY IF they are diseased.
Health = More Strength and Better Survival.
Disease = More Weakness and More Harm.

PC whites are idea-diseased or ideaseased. They are like Red Guards in China whose minds were infected with Maoism. When dealing with the diseased, we need to focus on the disease, not on the patient. It is the disease that renders the patient weak. Weakened state lowers the immune system, and then more foreign elements attack and infect the body. Thus, HIV had a domino effect on the body. Initially, the body falls prey to HIV and is made weaker. And then, more infections by other viruses and bacteria make the body increasingly weaker until the body cannot even defend itself from the weakest pathogens.
The pathogenic effect of mass immigration-migration-invasion into the West works in a similar manner. PC has been the ideological-HIV that weakened the Western immune system's effectiveness against invasion. PC weakened white-pride and white-defensive-resolve by associating such ideas & passions with negative emotions tainted with 'racism'. Thus, the West was helpless to stem the initial waves of invasion. But with each successive wave of invasion, the Western body is made weaker as its resources & energies must be allocated toward taking care of these invasive foreign bodies. Each successive stage of weakening means another round of invasion, even by ragtag mobs. Just like the weakest & smallest creatures can gorge on a beached whale or fallen elephant, the most hapless bunch of nobodies can invade a civilization whose defensive systems have corroded and decayed to the point of no return.
Naturally, there have been signs of healthy reaction from certain elements of the West. There are righteously enraged patriots in Sweden and other nations. They are like white blood cells activated to destroy germs and foreign elements. However, the West is under treatment by the globo-Jewish quack-doctor who keeps injecting the White Body with sedatives & chemicals to weaken its defenses. Thus, white blood cells must contend with both the infection(by foreign bodies) and the injection(by Jewish versions of Dr. Mengele).

Organisms have control over certain foreign bodies but may come under control of others. When we eat, the food-as-foreign-body is controlled by our bodies. Our bodies process the food, take what we need, and excrete the rest. We use and 'control' the food, not the other way around.
But when germs-as-foreign-bodies infect us, they control us. They mess with us and try to take over us.

Anyway, any organism that acts against its own interest must be diagnosed as sick and diseased. A deer that runs into a pack of wolves is surely not well in the head.
To the extent that PC is making Swedes invite self-harm and self-ruin, Swedes are idea-diseased. Their minds are filled with ideas and images that lead them over the cliff.
Furthermore, a diseased-mind can become schizophrenic and be given to hallucinations. Sweden is under such a delusion. Its hallucinations of delusions-of-grandeur as a 'moral superpower' has rendered it blind to obvious facts of what's really happening in Sweden and around the world. It has turned batshit crazy, indeed into the Crazy Cat Lady of the World. But then, in the Current West under the chemi-control of the globo-Jewish doctor --- Jew-run academia serves as mental institutions and the Jew-run news/entertainment media serve as dope-pushers --- , so many gentiles now hallucinate that homos = rainbow, man's anus = sex organ, and sexuality = 50 genders.

When we respond to SJW’s as if they themselves are the problem, we are giving them too much credit. It’d be like blaming Red Guards or Hitler Youth for their own virulence(as if they'd rationally and individually arrived at their 'convictions') when, in fact, their minds were infected with radical idea-germs inculcated into them by the all-powerful-system. Though the US is not a totalitarian power, most of its institutions and industries have fallen into the hands of Jewish globalists whose agenda is drive by a 'radical will'. If anything, the conceit of the US being a 'liberal democracy' makes PC delusions all the more insidious because the PC-infected can believe themselves to have come to their conclusions by way of free will and individual choice when, more often than not, the decisions/delusions were made for them by the controllers of the academia and media. At least in Stalin's USSR and Hitler's Nazi Germany, everyone knew there was no such thing as 'free speech'. In contrast, the globo-Jewish West trick the PC-infected with the notion of 'free speech but no hate speech'. The PC West tricks people into believing they have the freedom they really don't.

Anyway, it’d make no sense to treat a sick patient as if he is rationally willing the disease to be there when, in fact, he’s been taken over by the disease. Once infected, he has no control over the disease that has a logic of its own. It’s like someone with malaria is sick regardless of what he thinks or feels. It'd make no sense to treat a diseased person as if his condition is a matter of creed or conviction. (Likewise, when dealing with problems of addiction, it's important to understand that the addiction has control over the person, not the other way around. An addict is what he is not because he has wrong ideas but because the totality of his mind and body, his soul, has become slave to the addiction. Even though rational understanding of the problem is helpful to the addict, it isn't enough for him to break free. It's like someone suffering from flu or malaria cannot overcome the illness with medical knowledge about it. Whether sick or addicted, the starting point of the treatment must be the realization or admittance that the mind-and-body has been taken over by a force that is beyond the power of reason and morality.) If someone has rabies, it doesn’t matter what he thinks or feels as an individual. The fact is the rabies virus has control over him, and it is the virus that must be the focus of medical attention. As with any disease, some people can be saved, some cannot. Also, we need to give it time and expect no quick fixes. Just as a disease goes through phases and cycles, PC has its own symptoms and processes: its infection state, incubation state, fever stage, delirium stage, etc. Some eventually emerge from it and regain mental health. Others become chronic cases and become college professors or journalists... or slacker antifa types or crazy cat ladies.
A PC-deranged person has to be treated as a patient with an infection that may be cured(for good) or controlled(like Herpes that never goes away) than as a rational thinker with free will or individuality. Though there's no quick fix, helpful advice may allow more mental oxygen and iron into his intellectual bloodstream and hasten the healing process. (In some cases, PC passes away naturally. It's like growing up. Some people seem difficult in teen yrs and destined for trouble but land on their feet as soon as they mature.) A sick patient with a flu or malaria can't do anything about it --- he can only wait for the disease to play itself out and exit the body --- , but there are still precautions and procedures he can undertake to make the sickness subside faster. For example, he should be resting and eating healthy than partying and drinking. Likewise, we can goad the PC-infected to take certain steps to bolster their white blood cells and reactivate their immune system that will help them realize how demented & deranged PC really is. Still, it will take time. (To be sure, there may be instant cures, like dropping them into Haiti for a week, but I don’t think too many PC types will go there.)

SJW’s, who all sound and talk alike, are zombies infected with same virus. If indeed they are free-thinking agents, why do they drone the same mantras like mental clones? They all exhibit the same ‘symptoms’. It’s like people with rabies or leprosy all end up the same way. SJW’s all have the same psycho-symptoms or psymptoms.

When the priests treat Regan in THE EXORCIST, they focus on the Demon inside her, not on the girl. Once the evil spirit has taken possession of her, she no longer has agency. (AMERICAN PASTORAL is even more frightening on the matter of ‘possession’.) Regan is really helpless even when she acts wild and crazy. It is the spirit-possessing-her that is really driving her.

Certain ideas and images have this power to take over someone's soul. Same is true of certain foods. Most foods are not addictive. Whoever heard of broccoli or spinach addiction? But sugar can be additive. And certain drugs, like nicotine or cocaine, can be very addictive. It gains control over the person…. like opium in China and meth among certain white demographics. People with strong moral fiber and critical mindset are less prone to fall under the influence, but some people are either weak of mind/spirit or have personalities prone to virulence & extremism. As for children, they can easily fall for anything… which is why PC keeps targeting kids at younger ages. “Is you baby racist? You must make him worship at the altar of the Mountain-sized Negro who loves a little white mouse or the Tranny Drag-queen from the earliest age possible.” (If no amount of social engineering can turn a homo into non-homo or tranny into non-tranny, why does PC believe that normal-sexual people can be pried out of their 'hetero-normativity'?)

If some people become diseased with ideas, others become diseased with images and sounds. Intellectual types often fall for radical ideas that may turn out to be harmful.
The hoi polloi often fall for addictive images and sounds of pop culture. These are without ideas — though increasingly fused with PC into ‘cool’ memes — , but they can be just as powerful, indeed even more powerful. Bad ideas can close the mind, but they must nevertheless must be activated by the mind, requiring some effort and modicum of critical activity. In contrast, hedonistic images and sounds of Pop Culture can turn young ones into cultural meth-heads. In the Age of Paglia, we've seen how Slut-feminists can be just as crazy, even crazier, than the earlier Stalinist ones.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Human Organisms that are no longer Defensivist are Defenseless and fated for Destruction

Some animals that evolved in blissful isolation over a long spell are incapable of registering the danger posed by invasive species. They've been pampered into complacency in their environmental bubble. So, when new species arrive and wreak havoc, the native species don't know how to react. They aren't used to dealing with this kind of danger. Worse, they even fail to identify the threat as a threat. As a result, many members of the native species get destroyed or devoured, and the entire species may face extinction. In some cases, however, there are members of the native species that learn to perceive the danger and respond accordingly to ensure their own survival. So, unlike the clueless ones that were easily conquered or summarily devoured, they learn to flee from danger or fight back and strike back.

Scandinavian nations are vulnerable to this kind of invasion because they haven't known invasions, especially non-white invasions, for a long long time. Their only idea of 'evil aggression' involves historical narratives of others whites doing bad stuff: Nazi Germans especially and maybe the Russians. They have no idea of how dire and destructive the massive arrivals of non-whites could turn out to be, especially since most of their impression of the non-white world comes from Hollywood, PC, Pop Culture, and Christian do-goody stuff. So, when masses of foreigners arrive, these 'welcoming' whites are clueless and act like native species of Galapagos islands or Hawaii when met with the arrival of cats and rats. It doesn't register that these invasive human-organisms pose a grave threat to Sweden as a people, culture, and territory.
Because they'd been safely distanced from the non-white world for as long as they can remember, their defensivist instincts have been deactivated(at least against non-whites who are seen as poor, weak, and helpless... and in need of compassion). With weakened defensivist instincts, they're virtually defenseless against the horrors that keep piling on. They are like the Eternals at the end of ZARDOZ. Some are of them are so so 'bored' that they will even risk demise and extinction for change of scenery. (According to the EU narrative, the only invasive forces in history have been white imperialist nations. So, whites have conquered, exploited, and destroyed. Non-whites have only been conquered, and they've only suffered nobly. So, if such people are allowed into EU, they are not invaders but pitiable 'refugees' and 'migrants' seeking a better life and compassion from redemptive whites, the 'good' ones who must always berate and beat down the 'bad' ones, the 'Nazis'. In this, the EU has a schizo attitude toward the US. In some ways, America is seen as the new Nazi-like imperialist power that destroys other nations. However, the US cannot be condemned outright since it's ruled by Jews who are untouchable due to Holocaust Narrative. Also, EU depends on the US for security, finance, and trade. So, the only course of action for the EU is to indirectly demonstrate its moral superiority over the US by taking in 'refugees' created by America's neo-imperialism. By acting as the 'moral superpower' of the world, the EU will show Americans who is the really 'good guy'. Of course, it's all very amusing since NO ONE gives a crap about Sweden or EU as a moral giant. Anyway, according to PC, those Europeans who put up a defensive resistance against non-white invasion are condemned as 'aggressive', whereas non-white invaders are portrayed as bringers of 'peace' and 'tolerance'. This suggests that moral dynamics of aggression/defense is determined less by who-does-what than by who-is-what, i.e. who-is-'good-guy'-and-who-is-'bad-guy'. So, even though whites invaded American Indian lands, Manifest Destiny portrayed whites as the spreaders of 'peace' and Indians as the aggressors of 'violence'. Likewise, even though the US invaded Iraq and Libya, the globalist propaganda made the US out to be the spreader of 'human rights' & 'peace' while making Iraq & Libya as 'rogue' nations sworn to invasion and violence. We were told NATO had to invade Libya as a defensive measure against Gaddafi's acts of aggression in his own nation.)

The current situation among the human organisms of Sweden(and other parts of Europe) is worse than a case of native animals being attacked by invasive animals.
When the native species are attacked by invasive ones, many of the former remain clueless and be hunted down(and thus weeded out of the gene pool). However, others may come to realize what's up and develop resistances and even means of counterattack.

Suppose there's a bunch of wombats minding their own business, and all is well in wombat-world. But suppose raccoons arrive in big numbers and eat wombat food and even attack wombats. Since wombat had been without enemies for as long as they can remember, they fail to recognize raccoons as enemies or danger. Indeed, the very notion of alien-species-posing-a-threat has become alien to the wombat way of thinking.
So, a whole bunch of wombats get attacked without proper defenses and realization of what's really happening. But suppose some wombats have latent defensive instincts that are activated by the crisis, and they begin to fight back and resist.
At least among animals, the defenseless members will not interfere with defensivist ones that react, fight, and survive. Defenseless ones will be victimized and weeded out of the gene pool, whereas the defensivist ones will resist, fight back, survive, and pass down their genes(thereby creating a hardier race of wombats). So, there is at least a chance of defensivist ones surviving and carrying on a species.

But among humans, the defenseless ones could prevent the defensivist ones from practicing their survivalist instinct. So, instead of just the defenseless ones meeting their doom, even the defensivist ones are compelled to go over the cliff with their idiot brethren.
Such is now happening in Sweden. Some Swedes are like clueless wombats. They are like deer in the headlight and don't know what's coming straight at them. They'd been so accustomed to comfort & complacency and so instilled with holy notions of the Other(non-whites) that they have difficulty registering what is really happening in Sweden. (And some have grown so bored and apathetic with their civilization that they see its demise as welcome relief.)
But, there are other Swedes who have awoken and possess the will to resist and fight back. They see the danger and want to do the right thing.
But unlike defensivist wombats who are free to fight and resist(without interference from the defenseless wombats), defensivist Swedes are constrained by defenseless Swedes who control the institutions. At least among animals, the defensivist ones are not hamstrung by defenseless ones. They can fight hard and tough. But among Swedes, the defenseless bunch tie the hands of the defensivist bunch so that NO Swede may put up a resistance. As the West is under Jewish-American globalist control, the defenseless ones have been given political, ideological, and economic power over the defensivist ones.

But there is worse. There is the problem of the Deification of the Other. While, in most cases, human tribes have generally feared and distrusted outsiders and strangers, they've also been prone to spiritual imagination and exoticism. Thus, positive fantasies may be projected onto outsiders as holy men, saviors, liberators, and etc. (This can happen within the same race. Many European intellectuals mistakenly perceived Napoleon as a liberator and Renaissance Man, that is until French military invasion made a horror of their towns and villages. Ukrainians mis-perceived German Wehrmacht as a liberating force against the Soviet Union. Germans turned out to be even worse.) Consider the story of 'Latin America'. When Conquistadors arrived, some natives greeted & welcomed the invaders as gods prophesied in their folklore and mythology. So, even though Spanish really came to conquer, plunder, exploit, and dominate the foolish natives thought they were visited by god-angel-races who arrived to liberate or redeem them.

Today, a similar kind of neo-mythological outlook has become pervasive among white gentiles. The PC Deification of the Other as saintly, vibrant, wonderful, baptismal, and etc. had led to naive & clueless whites embracing mass non-white invasion as a kind of visitation of angels sent by the god of history bearing gifts of growth, prosperity, love, redemption, healing, color, and hope. It's like the arrival of the 3 million Wise Men.

Not only are too many whites stuck in defenseless mode but they are prone to worship the very thing that threatens their very existence as a civilization. It's not unlike childlike white folks in the US worshiping the Magic Negro as represented by the mountain-sized black guy who loves a little white mouse in GREEN MILE.

At the end of ZARDOZ, the foolish Eternals mistake the Exterminators as the Deliverers when the Exterminators just came to murder, plunder, and wreak vengeance.

Instead of seeing the Other, the non-white invaders, for what they are, white folks project onto them all their hopes and dreams, like so many voters did with Obama of the vague faith of hope.