Sunday, August 28, 2016

Power Outside Politics. Learn from Jews.

Looking to politics for ultimate power misses the point.

Jews are 2% of the population, and there has never been a Jewish president. But Jews rule this country because they work as a team in controlling the key industries and institutions of America.

Whites need to learn from Jews. Act in unity for identity. Identify or create a common enemy against which white people can come together. Gain power and create networks OUTSIDE politics. Once that has been accomplished, the political gains will naturally follow.
It's like training in the off-season prepares for the performance during the season. The game itself is only the culmination of all the practice away from the playing field.

Black failure hasn't been primarily political. It has been economic, moral, and social. They abused freedom to revert to savage African nature. Blacks have succeeded politically in places like Detroit and Baltimore. But, their political success only led to social failure because blacks are weak in morals, virtues, skills, and knowledge. Outside politics, they succeed in failure.


  1. That's what the Church and Nobility were about. Whites have to fight the way they know how. Weimar Germany had the Reichswehr. What do we have? We have the web, for now.

    1. Nobility was problematic because it caused a class schism between the rulers and the ruled. Instead of a feeling of ONE PEOPLE from top to bottom, the nobility of one kingdom preferred the company of the nobility of another kingdom.
      In contrast, there was much greater unity and affinity from top to bottom in the Jewish community.
      Also, to the extent that Christian Church doctrine is universalist, it doesn't make for sound premise for ethno-nationalism in the long run. In contrast, Jewish religion is about the special Covenant between God and Jews.
      So, the thing to learn from Jews is that whites need to be wary of class schism(from excessive hierarchicalism) and universal spiritual doctrines.

      Even if white people were believe that there is only one God, they must be like the Jews and formulate a special covenant between God and the whites.

      If it's good enough for Jews, it's good enough for whites.