Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rule of Empire: Only the Master Race is allowed both Nationalism and Imperialism

If you want to know who controls the empire, look to the group that can play it both ways: nationalism and imperialism. All other groups must play only by the rules of imperialism.

In the British Empire, the Brits could be patriotic & nationalist(and guard British sovereignty) but also imperialist in transgressing against the national or tribal independence & sovereignty of other peoples. Since non-Brits couldn't insist on their own tribal or national independence/sovereignty, their only option was to submit to the imperialist agenda enforced by an external power.

So, even though there were many races and cultures in the British Empire, the Brits ruled whereas others were ruled. Brits guarded their power and independence in the empire whereas all other groups had to succumb to British power and obey.

And it was likewise in the Japanese Empire. Only the Japanese could be both nationalist and imperialist. Japanese territory, identity, and independence were inviolable.
In contrast, other Asian peoples within the empire had to play by rules of imperialism. They could not have national sovereignty or independence. So, Japan wasn't just part of the empire but its master. Empire was designed to glorify and increase Japanese pride and power at the expense of others who could only benefit as imperial subjects.

Today, globalism is the new imperialism that mainly emanates from the US. Now, which is the ONLY group that is allowed both nationalism and imperialism in the globalist game? Some might say Americans, but that's not true. After all, white Americans(and Europeans) are not allowed to have a racial, cultural, or national identity. Even Germans, French, Swedes, British, and Irish now must believe that there is no such thing as distinct or particular European Culture. 'Western Values' are now all about Diversity, Pop Culture, homomania, and opening white nations to endless tides of Third World thugs, savages, and grubsters.

Does this mean globalism is a kind of universal imperialism where ALL nations and peoples become equally invaded and overrun and transformed?
After all, the West easily invades and turns the Middle East upside down. And, the West is helpless to stem the invasive tide from Middle East and Africa. So, are all peoples equally helpless and victimized under globalist imperialism?

No. There is one people and a nation that are exempt from the imperialist rule. Look at AIPAC, Israel, and Holocaust-as-religion, and Jews are clearly exempt from the imperialist rule of having to surrender -one's identity, heritage, and nation-hood. If anything, there are more holocaust memorials going up all over Europe to spread the worship of Jews as a holy people. And if there is ONE ISSUE that both parties are agreed upon in the US, it is that we must all support Zionism and Israel, even turning a blind eye to 'apartheid' conditions in West Bank and war-torn ghetto conditions in Gaza.

So, globalism is not universal imperialism that equally tramples on the national sovereignty of every people. One people are passed-over, and if anything, all nations must sing hosannas to Israel. Even as globo-Jews insist that Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Baltics states must fill up with Muslims and Africans(or else be denounced as 'far right' or 'nazi' by world media), all those gentile nations must pledge in unison the utmost importance of defending, preserving, and glorifying Israel as a Jewish State.

And even as whites must never ever fret about the loss of their identity and culture(and instead welcome non-whites as 'new Europeans' and 'new Americans' to replace them and spit on their graves), it's perfectly fine for Jews to worry about the loss of Jewish identity as the greatest tragedy imaginable.

So, if only the rulers of the empire can have both nationalism and imperialism, then it's reasonable to conclude that Jews are indeed the rulers of the globalist empire as they and only they are allowed to proudly keep and guard the distinctness of their identity, history, and territory.

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