Thursday, August 25, 2016

Emographics than Demographics Has Been the Biggest Hurdle for the Right

It's often been said the demographic tide of Diversity(mainly by immigration) will doom White America, especially the Right. While this may true in states like California, what of all those states with solid white majorities that go overwhelmingly for 'progressive' Globalism? Why do so many whites prefer globalism over nationalism?

It is because they are EMOTIONALLY shaped by the 2-PC's: Political Correctness and Pop Culture.
If White = Right, we are not seeing it in many white-dominant states. Even Iowa went with Obama. And very white Maine and Vermont were among the most pro-Obama states. And as big cities have become more gentrified and whiter, they've also become more globalist. Also, some of the whitest states are importing Somalis for no other reason than to virtue-signal.

So, Emographics among whites than Demographics of Diversity is the real knife in the heart(through the back) of White america. After all, even many white American 'conservatives' fear being labeled 'racist' more than being called a 'race-traitor'.

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