Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Power that owns the Left is truly awesome power.

The Power that owns the Left is truly awesome power.

It is because most of opposition politics have come from the Left.

People of leftist disposition are naturally inclined to be restless, agitated, abrasive, and confrontational. They like to bitch, thrown tantrums, and be defiant. Even in a perfect world, the leftist mindset would find something to complain about. The problem is more internal than external. The leftist mindset loves to fuss about how something is wrong and how others must be blamed.
Consider Betty Friedan. She had a nice middle class life, but she compared it to the Holocaust. Leftists blame the world, but the real agitation is within their hearts. It's like what Mao said in Stone's movie: "The real war is in us. History is a symptom of our disease."

Rightists can be violent and disruptive, but it's not in their nature. When things seem normal and stable, most rightists just stay home and tend the garden. They don't enjoy marching in streets, tossing molotov cocktails, holding up signs, and dreaming of utopia. They may dream of personal kingdom of God, but they accept the world as it is UNLESS things get really bad. Then, even the rightists take to the streets, as happened in interwar Europe and as is happening in current Europe(due to massive migration) and the US(where support for Trump shows there is growing anxiety among conservatives). The left is ahead in making and/or anticipating trouble; the right is late in recognizing and/or reacting to trouble.

Because rightists tend to be calmer and allergic to agitation and trouble-making, the power need not fear them much. A rightist is like Norman Fell's character of the landlord in THE GRADUATE who tells Benjamin Braddock that he won't have any agitation; he wants order and peace.

The Power fears the Left because it is often agitated, hysterical, excited, angry, bitter, violent, aggressive, demanding, righteous, utopian, deranged. (The Power also fears blacks because they are crazy and riot and loot for the hell of it.) The Power, when it was Waspy, used to fear restless and relentless Jews. But now the Power is held by Jews.

When Wasps held the Power, the leftist Jewish opposition was feverish and driven.

Today, when Jews hold the Power, it is the Power that is most feverish and driven.

The Power doesn't have to worry too much about the Right. Right tends to be either timid, reserved, restrained, orderly, stoic, and too normal for much trouble-making.

Even when Rightists are pissed, they usually stay home, hunker down, and gripe alone.

But the Left is much more likely to hit the streets. Also, the left is much more likely to be engaged with arts, media, and academia and shape public opinion and inspire young to make trouble. The Right tends to be philistine and anti-intellectual.

So, the Power has much to fear from the Left.

It is a great boon to the Power to win over the Left and have it on its side. If the Left feels that its side is in power, it is less likely to go nuts and make trouble. And the Power had less to worry about since the Left would support the Power.

Of course, this causes a problem. The Power is never about equality. The PTB--powers that be--are always going to be richer, more privileged, and more powerful than the rest. Leftism is anti-hierarchy, so it isn't easy to square the Left with the Power, especially capitalist power that leads to the creation of oligarchy and super-wealth(and imperialist expansion).

The classic left bitches about the 1% vs the 99%.

The Power tries to make the 1% even richer and more powerful.

The 1% has much to fear from the Left.

After WWII, the 1% had less to fear about the Left. Anti-communism made Americans suspicious of radicalism and Soviet Union and Red China.

Also, the post-war boom led to rise of vast middle class. It wasn't a time of 1% vs 99% but a time when the vast middle had it pretty good. There was more wealth distribution throughout the economy. US labor was strong. US was the leader in manufacturing, and even highschool graduates could have decent jobs and raise a family in a world where family values still mattered.

But US entered into the globalist era. With massive outsourcing of working class jobs and massive insourcing of immigrants in service and high-tech jobs, many Americans are feeling the squeeze in the middle and below.

The 1% is richer than ever. It is also more Jewish than ever. Jews are 2% of the US population but 43% of the top 1%.

Jewish leftists loved to attack the Wasp Power. But Jewish progs today don't want to be overly harsh on the Power since it is held by their tribal brethren who, btw, shower them with money and favors.

But, given the increasing rift between the rich and everyone else, there should be more reason than ever for the Left to speak truth to the Power.

But the 'left' is now more supportive of the Power than ever before. Why?

Now. there was some leftist fury during the Bush era, especially with the Iraq War that turned into quagmire.
But during the Clinton and Obama era, there was mostly silence.

Clinton forged a new alliance between 1% free trade globalism and the Left. Via Clintonism, those who were on the Left could find promising careers funded by the rich, especially in NGO's. Also, it was the boomer Libs who became the richest people in the 80s and 90s.

Also, in a nation that worships Diversity and Holocaust, the fact that there are so many rich Jews made it rather uncouth to be overly critical of the rich. After all, it might be 'antisemitic'. Also, celebrity culture features so many rich black rappers, homo fashion designers, liberal Hollywood stars, the likes of Oprah, and etc. Their fans love the fact that their 'heroes' and idols are so rich. So, super-wealth was made 'cool'. Much of 'leftism' today is swooning over the fact that Jay-Z and Taylor Swift are worth gazillions. Who complains if their sports hero signs a $100 million contract? Who bitched about Tiger Woods raking in millions with all those endorsements? And who said anything about Clinton making $100 million from speeches?

Also, the Proglobalists increasingly changed leftism from economic to cultural, demographic, and lifestyle issues. 'Radical politics' had less and less to do with class and economics. It had more to do with celebrating homomania. The celebration of privileged and well-connected homos doesn't hurt the super-rich at all, especially when so many homos cater to the vain rich. It is celebration of the fact that Tim Cook wants a dick up his bunghole.

It had more to do with style. So, celebrating black athletes and rappers became part of 'leftism'. Slut culture and porny behavior(promoted by consumer-capitalism) became 'leftist'.

With so many young people immersed in hedonism and self-indulgence as their main political agenda, they were never going to pose a threat to the Power. No wonder Hillary invited Lena Dunham to give a speech at DNC. What rich person of The Power would fear such a creature whose idea of 'progress' is getting tattoos, hooking up, and acting like a materialistic pig?

And of course massive immigration. Immigrants can be a tax burden on the rich. But they also provide cheap labor. And they serve as buffer between the urban gentry and criminal blacks. Also, as many immigrants happen to be Mexican or Asian, they tend to have docile with Asiatic genes. Mexicans are mostly happy to pick lettuce and say 'Si, senor' and yellow folks are mostly dogs and drones who serve their new masters. Even as most yellows are now proggy, they merely follow the 'leftism' as devised and dictated by the Power. If the Power says 'leftism' is about homo-rainbows, that is what yelloids go with. They have zero originality and zero intellectual agency, at least outside Asia.

So, with the Power in control of the 'left'(as lifestyle and vanity), there is no challenge to their status and privilege. Hillary, the darling of Wall Street and War Machine, is seen as the 'leftist' candidate. (Merkel is supposed to be 'conservative' but shmoozes with Hillary and her ilk. Go figure.)

There was some challenge from Bernie Sanders voters, but Sanders gave up real socialism long ago. He is a phony who appeals to upper-middle-class kids who want free college tuition. His supporters are trust-fund kids, not working class folks and their kids.

As for the challenge from Trump supporters, maybe it will lead to something in the long run. But the Right isn't good at the culture of dissent, opposition, trouble-making, and etc. The Right is, by nature, used to favoring order, harmony, conformity, and unity. They don't thrive in the role of opposition and rebellion.

But things may get so bad that the Right may become the new kind of left.

Indeed, the trick of fascism was it was a rightist movement that took the style and energy from the leftist model.

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