Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Alt Right must be for Fascist-Democracy

Alt Right must be for fascist-democracy.

A proud people don't want to be ruled by an aristocracy, right or left or whatever. They want to be free.

People want national independence and political freedom.

In the past(and even now), various peoples have been caught between the promise of political freedom without national independence AND promise of national independence without political freedom.

Compare Puerto Rico and Cuba. Puerto Ricans are politically free to say whatever and go wherever. They can even come to America. But they have no national independence as their 'homeland' has been incorporated into the American Commonwealth.
In contrast, Cuba has national independence, but there is no political freedom for the people there. Cuba is an independent prison-state.
This may also be said of South Korea and North Korea. South Korea has political freedom but it is a puppet-whore of the US. North Korea has national independence but it is a prison-state.

When Napoleon's armies invaded other parts of Europe, the peoples were torn between political freedom and national independence. The French occupiers offered political freedom and the concept of rights-of-man. Most people gained more basic freedoms under French rule. But their nations or domains came under the iron heel of the French. They became part of the French Empire.
If the subject people sided with French Occupiers, they could have more political freedom but had to sacrifice national independence. If they sided with the native aristocratic rulers who fought against Napoleon, they might regain national independence but would have less political freedom(as aristocratic privileges would be restored). Consider how the Russian masses must have felt during this era. If Napoleon won the war, serfdom would be ended. Most Russians would have been freer. But they would have had to live under French domination.
On the other hand, if Russian masses supported the aristocrats and expelled the French, they could have national independence but then fewer political freedoms under the repressive Tsarist system.

Fortunately, a people can be politically free and nationally independent. The French Republic showed how this could be achieved. So did the Great Britain until recent history(when UK became a mere puppet of the US). So did the United States for much of its history. And Israel shows that a nation can be nationally independent(fascist) and politically free(democratic). And Japan during the Meiji Restoration managed to both expand political-social freedoms(by scrapping the samurai system) and preserve Japanese national autonomy & independence.

And this is what the Alt Right must promise. Americanism didn't fail because of democracy. It was because the democracy wasn't properly fused with nationality. Israeli Democracy was founded as a Jewish State. So, the thing is for New White Political Orders to be founded on both liberty and ethnos.
All this 'aristocratic' talk on Alt Right is rather ridiculous. So, who's going to be our new aristocrats? Greg Johnson, Jack Donovan, Ramzpaul, and Jazzhand McFeels? No thank you. I have no personal animus against them, but I don't want to live under their aristocratic privilege over me.

A social order must be made of mindful freedom. We love freedom, but freedom can be our worst enemy.
In prison, we are not free. That means we are not free to do great & wonderful things, but it also means we are not free to do horrible & destructive things.
Most of history of civilization was like a prison. Most people were not free. As such, many talented individuals were prevented from doing great things. But then, many stupid individuals were also prevented from doing really dumb things. Modernity let us out of the prison, and this means individuals can do great things... but it also means they can do all sorts of dumb, stupid, and horrible things.

A prison-state prevents people from living fully, but it also prevents people from totally self-destructing and harming others.
A free-state gives people the chance to live fully, but it also permits people to destroy their own culture, heritage, and homeland... which is what is happening to the modern-world-turned-excessive-and-decadent.

To be sure, a people can be physically and socially free but emotionally and psychologically imprisoned. Western Peoples are physically free(more or less), but they are psychologically imprisoned by PC, and that means Jewish Power is the prison warden of their minds.
People must be physically and psychologically free and morally sober & spiritually mindful. Consider ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. Many of the people in the mental ward are 'voluntaries'. They can leave if they want to, but they stick around because they are mind-slaves of Nurse Ratched. But freedom can be dangerous too if not used properly. Randall McMurphy is a fun guy, but he too poses a danger because he is so reckless and destructive with his freedom. His offering of anarchy solves no problems.

Alt Right must offer a vision of freedom that is mindful and sensible, one that is aligned with nature, culture, health, history, and reason.
The most sickening feature of the Current West is the perverse fusion of Ratchedism and McMurphyism. We have the Style of Slut Porn Pride(cultural anarchy) as the Tool of Political Control wielded by the globalist Ratcheds of the world. If past elites maintained control by banning or suppressing permissive freedoms, today's elites manipulate hedonism and wantonness to keep us like dumb animals addicted to soma and doggy biscuits. Look how Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham are social tools of the powerful. Institutionalized Anarchy. And Homo Decadence as the New Spirituality(and Morality).

In a way, America was a great curse as well as a blessing. Suppose the New World had never existed. Suppose there was only the Old World. Then, most people would have stayed in their homelands and remained deeply attached to it. Europeans would be in Europe, Asians would be in Asia, Arabs would be in Arabia, Africans would be Africa, and etc.
But the New World did exist, and the great triumph was the rise of United States, a nation forged by betrayal of colonists against their own king and homeland. From this betrayal rose a rich and powerful nation. And it encouraged OTHER peoples to reject their own homelands & heritages and come to America to gain freedoms and riches in a state of blissful amnesia. So, Americanism came to associate wealth, freedom, and progress with rejection/betrayal of one's own race, culture, homeland, ancestors, and etc. Worse, Americanism now affects even Old World nations as each nation tries to become a carbon copy of America with its own 'diversity', 'mass immigration', 'Hollywood culture', and de-racination. Culture used to be about Memory, but Americanism elevated the new cultural ideal of universal amnesia in search of Mammon.

Since Americanism is associated with riches, power, glory, and 'coolness', it serves as the globalist template for all nations, even ancient ones of the Old World with deep historical roots. America spreads the political culture of amnesia as the highest virtue for every nation. Just as anyone can become 'American' just by setting afoot in NY or LA, there is the New Notion that anyone can become 'German' just by setting foot on German soil.

What happens in America will define what happens in all corners of the world since American pop culture, academia, media, military, technology, and finance dominate everything.

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