Friday, April 7, 2017

Main Problem with the World: the US is the Lone Superpower, and it is ruled by a Lone Superpower Ethnic Group, the Jews

First problem: the US is the lone superpower.

That, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily bad since majority of Americans are decent people.

It’s the Second problem in combination with first problem that makes the world so toxic.

Among various groups in the US, there is only on superpower group. Jewish Ethnics.

In the past, the lone superpower group within the US was Anglo-American or Wasp.

And then, esp after WWII, the racial/ethnic dynamics became more balanced among Wasps, Catholics, Irish, various other Ethnics, blacks, Jews.
Also, there used to be the generational divide that pit Experience vs Youth. But over time, Youth Culture took over everything, and even old people still listen to youth music and rock. In the 60s, the culture of maturity stood against culture of excitement. But the boomers never really grew up. As such, they co-opted the young of successive generations or caved to infantile demands. Cult of Youth became dominant, even though most things young people enthuse over have been planted in their minds by older people -- boomers and X-ers -- who control the academia and media. When we hear, "Young people demand this", they've made to demand it by older people who planted those ideas and images in naive immature minds. And if boomer in their counterculture heyday rebelled against elders, today’s youths take all their cues from teachers and Pop culture controlled by boomer/ X gen elders. So, there is no longer any balance of power between youth and experience. There is just the Cult of Youth that defines everything. There is no respect for age, and if anything, older people are pressured to cave to demands of young people whose minds have been corrupted by PC and Pop Culture. Look how Hillary sucked up to Lena Dunham.

Wasp power declined precipitously beginning in the 1960s. Ethnic power also faded as various ethnics — Italians, Irish, Polish, etc — just became generic Americans, hardly an identity to rally around. Blacks got stuck in rage politics and self-destruction. Religious identity faded and Catholics grew weak. Evangelicals and Southerners got numerical power but not much brains.

Meanwhile Jewish power rose and rose. In time, Jews became a superpower group in America. Eventually the ONLY ONE. There had been a time when Anglos were the lone superpower group. And then, there was balance among various major groups since end of WWII. But in the end, the only group that was perpetually on the rise were Jews who gained preeminence as the Lone Superpower Group in America.

There has been massive arrivals of non-white immigrants, but most Mexicans and other 'Hispanics' have been lackluster in gaining elite power. As for Asians, they do better in schools and make decent money, but they lack spark and unity among themselves. Whereas all Jews tend to become ONE in the US regardless of national origin(Hungary, Poland, Russia, Germany etc), the various Asians groups don’t see eye to eye on anything. Chinese and Hindus as one people? Fat chance. Also, especially among East Asians, there is too much interracial marriage to maintain a strong sense of identity and interests. The prevailing attitude among Asians is that they must be the 'feminine' partner in relation to whites, Jews, or blacks. Since Asians generally follow and suck up to power, they generally do whatever is necessary to garner favor from Jewish elites.
Muslims haven’t amounted to much either.

So, we have a dangerous situation. US is the only superpower in the world AND the US is ruled by one ethnicity as the lone superpower group. This group is only 2% of the US population but has tremendous control over brain and nerve centers of law, economy, government, judiciary, and etc. If it weren't for the First Amendment, Jewish Power would be even greater as American Jews, like their counterparts in Europe, would have made it illegal to criticize any aspects of Jewish dominance.

If Jews were the lone superpower group in America in a multi-polar world, it wouldn’t be so dangerous. In that scenario, even if Jews dominated the US, the US would not dominate the world that is multi-polar and balanced among various great powers. So, there would be a sense of geo-political equilibrium, and the US, even if Jewish-dominated, would have to respect that balance.

But, as things currently stand, the US is the lone power and controls the world. So, WHO controls the US is has huge repercussions to all the world. If there was balance of powers among various racial/ethnic groups within the US, it wouldn’t be so bad since different groups would balance each other’s interests, agendas, and avarice.

It’s like various political parties balance each other out in a democracy. One-party system can lead to autocracy and corruption of power. In the current US, we have a one-ethnic-group system despite there being many larger groups in America and despite the lone superpower group being only 2% of the population. There is Red State vs Blue State divide in the US, but the ONE ISSUE on which both sides are completely in agreement about is Israel, Israel, Israel, Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust, and Jews, Jews, Jews. Jews are so holy and wonderful and need to be worshiped and etc.

Suppose Palestinian Americans, Russian-gentile-Americans, and Iranian-Americans also wielded considerable power in the US. Then, US foreign policy wouldn’t be so rabidly Zionist and Judeo-centric, radicalized and abused to serve the narrow interests of the Jewish Tribe grown supremacist over the years. But since there is NO balance of powers among the various groups in the US, the US as lone superpower is essentially a War Machine for the Tribe as the lone superpower group in the US. This state-of-affairs is very dangerous. For all the world to tremble before the supremacist interests of a single small ethnic group in America… it can only mean things will be completely out of whack, and indeed they are.
The New War on Russia is really a Jewish War on Russia. Jews use homo proxies and pussy riots proxies — just like ‘white helmets’ are used as proxies in Syria —, but the puppet-masters are of the Tribe.

Long ago, the UK sought to maintain balance of power on the European Continent so that no single nation would be able to consolidate all of Europe against the UK.
Today, something must be done to bring forth some kind of ethnic balance of power in America because Jewish lone-superpower-group domination is greedily whipping into frenzy the awesome Might of America to serve very narrow tribal supremacist interests, albeit under cover of ‘principles’ like ‘human rights’, ‘liberal democracy’, and etc. (These Jews who claim to be for 'liberal democracy' actually prefer Deep State shenanigans to undermine the true will of the people.) Nikki Haley is just another 'servitor of the Empire'. Her ilk whore out in any way and anyhow to climb up the ladder of prestige and privilege.

Anyway, if the US were the lone superpower in the world BUT wasn't dominated by a lone superpower group domestically, there would be some restraint to US power at the global level. Even with US as the most powerful nation, its foreign policy agenda would be counter-balanced among various contending ethnic groups within the US. It’s like Greek Americans side with Greek Cypriots and Turkish Americans side with Turkish Cypriots. But as neither side is dominant, US doesn’t use its power to favor Turks or Greeks. That is balance. And because Irish-Americans gained considerable power, the US respected Irish interests as well as the interests of Britain, long the main ally of the US. But pity the Palestinians. They got no power at all. So, even after so many yrs of Zionist occupation, all we hear from US politicians is “Israel, Israel, Israel” and almost no sympathy for Palestinians.

So, the real problem is Jews have become the lone superpower group in the US that is the lone superpower in the world. This situation is more dangerous than when Anglos were the only superpower group in America. For one thing, since Anglos were the majority of America for a good part of US history, it seemed only right that they would wield the most power. And even when Wasps were no longer the majority, they comprised a huge percentage of the population, and furthermore, many ethnics had become Anglo-Americanized and shared in core values and interests. So, Wasp power did represent many peoples and even groups within America. Also, due to the Christian values of Wasps, there was *some* sense of human interests beyond the merely tribal.

But Jews have never been more than 3% of the US population. So, for them to have lone superpower status within the US throws things out of balance. Also, as the core organizing principle among Jews is ethno-tribalism, their hypocrisy when it comes to universal human rights goes far beyond Christian hypocrisy.

If the US had three superpower groups, even that wouldn’t be so bad for the world. If Wasps, Jews, and Hispanics were three superpower groups, there would be some kind of balance among them. Therefore, American Power couldn't be used solely as an instrument of Jewish interests.
But Jews constitute the ONLY superpower group in the Current US, and that means the awesome power of America is to serve Jews uber alles.
To be sure, white gentiles could become a superpower group if they all pulled together, but white identity is deemed either suspect or generic. Genericism means whites are like a slug with no backbone. As such, whites must lean on OTHER stronger identities to gain a sense of cultural or moral embodiment.

In a hypothetical scenario, suppose the US has Jews as the lone superpower group in America, but American power is only on par with Iran or Brazil. In that case, Jews would dominate the US but the US would not dominate the world. And that would make for some balance in the world.

But when Jews are lone superpower in the US that is the lone superpower in the world, that is a dangerous formula. That is too much power around the world for too small a group. It is Jewish supremacism.
Jews have achieved in America what Napoleon or Hitler sought in Continental Europe. Control over all.

Traditionally, the two powers that did most to maintain balance-of-power on the European Continent were the UK and Russia. Both feared the unification of European power under one nation. Napoleon(France) and Hitler(Germany) unified Europe and waged great wars on the UK and Russia. In both wars, UK and Russia were allies. And it seems rather logical that UK, with a history of suspicion for Continental politics, has been the first European nation to exit the EU. Still, UK is no longer what it used to be. It’s a spent power, a poodle of the US. Russia is still a major power though also greatly diminished.

US and EU united under Jewish hegemony is very dangerous to the world. And we are seeing it.

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