Saturday, May 13, 2017

Most Important Fact of US-led Globalism is that Jews won the Invisible War

There are military wars. US won most of them. Even when US lost, the other side suffered far more damage than the US. It’s been said US lost the Vietnam War, but compare what happened to US with what happened to Vietnam. It’s like George Kennedy’s loss to Paul Newman in COOL HAND LUKE.

Some might say US lost in Iraq too, but US was untouched by the war. Iraq is a total mess.

But there is a war more crucial than military wars or Cold Wars. There is the Invisible War. The power within the US has been determined by the Invisible War. And it was this War, more than the Cold War, that shaped the future of the world. USSR was once a world power, but it failed to win the hearts and minds or the loins and groins of the masses of the world. So, once the USSR collapsed, the question was which group in America would get to determine America’s lone-superpower agenda for the entire world?

This Invisible War mattered a great deal because US is ethnically diverse.
All nations have Invisible Wars among various groups contending for dominance, but in a homogeneous nation, the dominant race-and-culture of that nation is in charge regardless of which side wins. Suppose there are various factions vying for power in China. Whichever wins, China is controlled by Chinese.

And it used to be like that in the US. For awhile, the only major groups vying for power were all white Protestants, or Wasps. But then, waves of immigration added new groups to the contest of power.
And something fundamentally changed since the 60s.
The Invisible War came down to Wasps and Jews. This was fought in the realm of media, academia, arts, culture, finance, ideas, and various industries. But it wasn’t a simple ‘war’ between two ethnic groups in the way that Italian gangs might fight Irish gangs.
Invisible War happens in the realm of ideas, so the other side could be turned to serve your side. Their minds could be colonized by the ideas of your side.
So, over time, more and more Wasps came to be won over to the Jewish side. Most Liberal Wasps came under domination of Jewish politics. And in time, most Wasp conservative figures came to be mentally-colonized by Neocon thought. Jews won not only by conflict but by conversion.

So, Jews won the Invisible War in America, and their agenda has been turning the world upside down with Wars for Israel, Open Borders, anti-nativitism, pro-invasivism, Homomania, crazy feminism, and Afromania.

It’s a strange agenda. At its core, it is tribal and ethno-supremacist, but it is promoted as ‘western values’, ‘human rights’, or ‘universal principles’, all vague notions manipulated and distorted in meaning to serve an agenda that aligns with Jewish supremacist machinations.
So, this ‘universal values’ requires the US to make life hell for Muslims over there but hug them like long-lost brothers over here. It’s seems crazy and illogical, but once you understand the Power it really serves, what seems like contradictions on the surface make perfect sense at the core.

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