Friday, May 26, 2017

Problem of Trust Culture & Education. Problem of Power Core in America.

There are lots of advantages of being part of a Trust Culture. But one of the downsides is the tendency to earnestly trust the Prevailing Authority and its Official Dogma.
Blind trust is a hindrance not to learning but to realizing that there may be an unspoken agenda behind the stated intentions of the Authority. Official Propaganda becomes all the more tricky when the Power is shrouded in the sanctimony of 'Social Justice'. The Power often does this by directing the righteous rage of the indoctrinated toward something other than the ruling power. In the West, the globalists have the real power, but they avoid scrutiny by directing the righteous rage at nationalism and the bogeyman of 'white supremacism'.

Culture of Trust is good for cohesion and cooperation, but when Authority if unworthy of Trust, we need a Culture of Inquiry. We need to question what we are being taught and why. When students trust the Authority, they can be good students of what they are taught. But they will never learn to realize the agenda behind the education. They will not awaken to the fact that education is often indoctrination to serve the interests of a certain group.

For most of American history, Wasps constituted the ruling elites. And then, the ruling elites have been Jewish. If Jews fall from power, Wasps won't be able to gain dominant power again. Will the result be come colorblind elite based on meritocracy? No way, as identity politics and groups interests will heat up. Without a ruling racial or ethnic group to hold it all together, can there even be a union? Without Turkish domination, the Ottoman Empire wasn't possible. Without the Russian Core, the USSR would have lacked gravitation forc.

The power core of US used to be Wasps, and this made good sense because Wasps founded America and comprised a huge segment of US population, even as other groups grew in number and power.
Then the power core shifted to Jews. This is problematic since Jews have shallower roots in the US and constitute only 2%. Also, if Wasp power was premised on positive Pride of founding and building America, Jewish power has been premised on negative shaming white gentiles for their historical sins, which can be expatiated ONLY BY the non-whitening of America, or so PC says. (But if the great sin of White America had been to Indians and blacks, how are those groups well-served by massive invasion of the US by Asians, Hispanics, Hindus, Muslims, Africans, etc?)
Still, even if Jewish power core is problematic, it is still something around which everything else revolves. It is a nucleus of power. But if Jews lose that centrality, can there be any operative power core in the US?

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