Tuesday, May 30, 2017

In a State of War, Individual Freedom & Liberty cannot be the Highest Values or Principles. Survival and Victory come First. Race-Traitors and Sexual Deserters deserve Contempt.

We all want liberty. We all want to be free as individuals, but in a state of war, liberty and freedom cannot be the highest values. In a state of war, what matters most is survival and victory, which are best ensured by teamwork, organization, loyalty, and trust. Those who invoke liberty & freedom to betray their own side or desert to the other side deserve our contempt. It doesn't matter if they betrayed or deserted in the name of freedom or liberty. The fact remains they are traitors and/or deserters who turned against their own kind. This is why libertarianism is worthless in a state of war.

The white race is currently in a state of war. It is in a state of war with Jewish globalists who infect and colonize white minds with 'white guilt' and 'diversity'. It is in a state of war with Third World masses who invade and appropriate white lands to leech off white wealth and achievement. It is in a state of war with blacks who beat up white males and colonize white wombs of white women whose minds are infected with the Virus of Jungle Fever disseminated by Jewish-control-of-media.

In this WWWW or War of Words, Worlds, and Wombs, any white person who collaborates with Jewish globalists is a traitor. Any white person who welcomes mass non-white invasion is a cuck-collaborator. Any white woman who offers her womb to Negroes is a sexual deserter. She has deserted her bio-cultural obligation as creator of future white children and instead uses her womb to make black babies for blacks, the enemy of the white race. White women who choose ACOWW, or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs, are enemies of the white race. It's no wonder that Jews, who are hellbent on destruction of white power, are going all out to turn every white woman into a mudshark, a race-traitor and sexual-deserter.
And it doesn't matter if these traitors and deserters did what they did in the name of individual freedom or liberty. The fact remains that, in a state of war, they sided with the enemy and worked against their own race, culture, heritage, and homeland.
After all, the military and intelligence services do not forgive traitors and deserters because the transgression took place in the name of individual liberty and freedom.

Only when white people can ensure survival & enjoy security, only then the issue of individual liberty & freedom can be of primary importance to the white race.
When a people, culture, and land are threatened and in a state of war, Survival and Victory take precedence over all other considerations and principles, even over liberty and freedom.
After all, George Washington hanged traitors. He knew that traitors and deserters could invoke individual freedom to do as Benedict Arnold did.

This is why Jews promote libertarianism as the favored ideology among white 'conservatives'. It leads to atomization, dissension, self-absorption, decadence, and greed, none of which fosters or encourages teamwork and cooperation among white people.

Now, am I arguing for 'my country right or wrong' or 'my people, right or wrong'? No, that would be imperialism.
What I'm arguing for is nationalism for all peoples that ensures survival and victory of each people in their own realm in accordance to the particularities of identity, history, and territory.

Individual freedom and liberty are wonderful things but only in a State of Peace and Security. In a State of War, they must take a backseat to group unity, organization, loyalty, solidarity, and trust in order to roll back or defeat the existential enemy of one's own people, land, and culture.

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