Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alt Right must be duo-alt.

Alt Right must be duo-alt.

Not only Alt to Conservative Inc but Alt to 14/88 that became the face of the ‘radical right’, not least due to Jewish Media using the KKK and Neo-Nazis as the most prominent face of white nationalism.

‘No enemy to the right’ is a stupid idea. It means we should be allied with both 14/88 and neocons since they are on the ‘right’.

No, the true right must be protected from filth and lies.

If you love your daughter, would you let her date a tattooed body-pierced 14/88 skinhead moron in the name of ‘no enemy to the right’? No, you will protect her from such filth, just you would protect her from a Jew who would use her as a slave.

In the end, mainstream conservatism failed because it became un-mainstream. In a two party system, both sides need a big tent to pull together a wide coalition.

American conservatism should have offered something that appeals to various groups on the American Right, but the neocon takeover and cuckservative servility meant that the only interests served were those of AIPAC and WALL STREET. Everyone else was purged or sidelined or silenced.

The big tent turned into closed tent where Jews and cuckservatives made all the decisions while everyone was left outside in the rain waiting for orders to accept policies that will only make them get wetter. Left out in the cold.

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