Friday, June 23, 2017

Globalism calls for Clash of Civilizations but also Mash of Populations. And the Problem of Excessivism and Homoholics.

Globalism calls for Clash of Civilizations but also Mash of Populations.

It's about forests at war with forests but trees being uprooted and moved all around.

So, we have these Wars for Israel that pits the West against Middle East and North Africa.
Western military invades and bombs those places. It's Western Forest attacking Muslim Forest in a strategy premised on Clash of Civilizations.
But then, Muslim trees are uprooted and replanted in Western soil. Thus, Muslim trees are planted alongside the Native trees(that have been severed from their roots, therefore no longer able to draw sustenance and meaning from heritage and history).
We are told that the forests must fight but the trees must get along together.

Another Clash of Civilization is the ridiculous 'new cold war' with Russia. We are supposed to support NATO of US and EU against Big Bad Wolf of Russia. At the same time, US and EU urge all Russians of talent and ability to move to the West and settle in Germany, UK, and US. Or Israel.

There is also growing Western intervention in black Africa for whatever reason: Terrorism, competition with China, neo-imperialist meddling. And we hear about how black Africa is 'less evolved' because it doesn't worship homos. So, that's another clash of civilization... but the EU actively promotes repopulating its nations with African 'migrant' invaders.
The West must intervene in Africa because African Values have made a mess of things, BUT Africans with African values are most welcome in the West, and white folks must 'welcome' them.

Another much-touted Clash of Civilization is between the 'liberal democratic' West and autocratic China ruled by Ming the Merciless. So, we are told that the US needs to surround China with massive naval presence. And maybe a war may be inevitable in the future.
At the same time, US-Australia-Canada welcome and allow tons of Chinese immigration. In some parts of Canada and Australia, Chinese are buying up entire areas. Get ready to fight the Chinese Forest but let in tons of Chinese trees.

What a schizo world. Clash of Civilizations running alongside Mash of Populations.
We are told the West must fight the Non-West due to clash in values and interests... but those non-whites are welcome in the West because the West is about 'inclusion', 'diversity', 'intersectionality'(of all groups with holy homos), and 'anti-white privilege'. Supposedly, all those newcomers will be Queeristened(homo-christening) in time, and all will work out. Like the queeristened Mosque in Canada.

"We will let Muslims Islamize the West, but we will Queeristen Islam."

The synthesis: Homoslam.

All of this could be avoided if the West didn't give into Excessivism. Lots of things are okay or even beneficial in moderation or proper doses. Diversity can be good if restricted or limited. But excessive diversity is a mess. Empires fall apart due to excessive diversity, so why make diversity the core character of a nation? The whole point of a nation is to have a homeland independent of empire. But if the homeland itself becomes excessively diversified, there is no peace and stability.

Homo culture is okay and even creative & productive if properly constrained. But let homos run wild with their narcissism and vanity, and we end up with Homomania as new religion.

It's like alcohol. In moderation, it's no problem and even has some health benefits. But excessive drinking and addiction leads to sickness, mental breakdown, and self-destruction.
Alcohol is okay but alcoholism is not okay.
Homos are okay, but homomania or homoholism is not okay. What we have now is Homoholics who are addicted to homomania as the central value and core conviction of their lives. Most homoholics are not even homo. They are straight but were raised from cradle with the 'sacralization' of the homo. So, just as Christians feel cleansed in association to Jesus, most millennials feel justified and redeemed in association with holy homos.
A certain cause or group is deemed more righteous if it has the blessing of homos. It's like 'God on our side' except as 'Holy Homos on our side.'
And they cannot get enough of this because they are addicts or homoholics. And there are also Afroholics who more-or-less worship the black race as Magic Negroes. Consider all those white fools who frothed at the mouth and fainted at Obama rallies or consider Chris Matthews with thrills up his legs.
And then you got Xenoholics who can't get enough Diversity since their self-righteous supremacist arrogance is predicated on hugging immigrants, minorities, and foreigners to showcase how 'tolerant' and 'inclusive' they are in contrast to all those 'racists'. It's their drug of moral supremacism to get high on themselves.

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