Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Diversity Demands Sensitivity. Open Borders mean Shut Mouths. Globalism says Identity has value only as Minority.

Immigration-Invasion by other races is like guests arriving but never leaving your house. It’s like kids of other families coming over to play but never leaving and, if anything, demanding to be clothed and fed.

Diversity is like always having strangers in and about your house.
Diversity demands Sensitivity, which means you can’t say or express anything that might ‘offend’ strangers and invaders who won’t leave.
Just like you can’t relax in your home with strangers around, you can’t be open and free in your nation with Diversity.

Open Borders mean Shut Mouths. Diversity demands Sensitivity, and a Culture of Sensitivity means Censorship of Real Feelings and Closing of Honest Minds.
Your nation, in which you once could express yourself freely, has become a place where you have to look over your shoulders and watch what you say, and for what and why? To serve Diversity and facilitate takeover by foreigners as ‘new nationals’.

That is globalism and current state of the world.

This is why Jews spread homomania all over. The Spread of homomania means every nation must be Sensitive to the elite-minority vanity of homos. It means the silencing of the great normal sane decent majority to appease and flatter a deviant minority. Once this mentality takes root in a nation, its mind-infected populace is more likely to surrender to foreign invasion and appease the nasty sensitivities of minorities-as-new-nationals.

Under the law of globalism, you have more pride, rights, dignity, and honor as a minority than as a majority. So, if you’re a Japanese in Japan, you suck. But if you’re a Japanese minority in Australia or the US, you are special and to be 'celebrated'. If you’re a Hindu in India, you ain't nothing special. But if you’re a Hindu in Canada, you are such a darling. If you’re a Muslim in the Muslim world, you and your kind deserve to be bombed back to the stone age by globalism’s Wars for Israel. But if you’re a Muslim minority in the West, you are the most wonderful kind of person who must be shielded from 'Islamophobia'.

Globalism says “You suck in your own homeland where you are the majority, and your ethnic pride in your nation is ‘far right’ and evil’”… however, “If you leave your homeland and become a minority in another country, you are so wonderful and your ethnic identity, along with homomania(which attaches itself to everything like germs) must be celebrated.”

So, in your own nation where your ethnicity and culture have the best chance of survival, such have no honor & value and must bow down to the foreign ethnic groups and cultures of the world.

But in foreign nations where your ethnicity and culture have very low chance of survival, such have great value and honor(especially as tools of globalists to undermine the majority ethnicity and culture of that nation).

What a wacky set of rules. But that’s how globalism works.
It's like saying rabbits have no value on land and should only be prized underwater(where they will drown and disappear).
It's like saying fish have no value in water and should only be prized on land(where they will die). Yeah, by the butchers of globalism who would turn all of us into fusion sushi.

Globalist Rule: Your identity is evil and ugly where your the majority, but it's noble and beautiful where you're a minority.
So, in your nation where your kind is the majority, you must invite more diversity to make your identity less-majoritarian-dominant, therefore less 'evil'.
And if you want to be praised and admired for your identity, you must move to another nation and make a big fuss about your new minority status. But as a minority, what chance does your kind have of retaining ethnic identity for long?

Now, what is to be the common bond among all peoples in the end where all cultures are diluted and degraded by globalism?
Homomania. By praising homos-as-elite-minorities above all, the entire world will be pro-elite-minoritarian, and that is wonderful for Jews, the most powerful elite-minority in the world. Worshiping homos is gateway to worshiping Jews as homos are elite-minority-proxies of Jews as elite-minority-masters of the world.

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