Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Muslim Terrorists are like Fire. 'Nice' Immigrant-Invaders are like Carbon Monoxide.

Terrorists are like fire. You can't help but to take notice.
In contrast, 'nice' immigrant-invaders are like CO or Carbon Monoxide. You don't notice the danger they pose and die in your sleep.

Muslim Terrorists are better than 'nice' immigrant-invaders of all stripes. The main threat to the West is not terrorism but demographic replacement, white genocide(aka White Nakba), and loss of European lands to foreign invaders. Even if not a single immigrant-invader committed acts of terrorism, mass immigration-invasion will totally transform Europe into the Third World. Even if every immigrant-invader were law-abiding and hard-working, their mass arrival and colonization will destroy the ethnic, cultural, and historical character of the West.

Therefore, terrorists are better than huggerists. If Sadiq Khan were a terrorist, he would not be mayor of London. He would be dead, in jail, or shipped back to Pakistan and never allowed back.
His huggy-gentler approach disarmed Britain into 'welcoming' mass invasion and replacement. Khan's kind-and-gentle approach has done more harm than the work of any terrorist.

Terrorists subvert and sabotage the globalist agenda. They force Europeans to wake up and take notice of the dangers unleashed by clash of peoples and cultures.
As such, Muslim terrorists should be prized as effective wreckers of globalism.

Far more dangerous are the globo-opiate-peddlers who addict Europeans to hedonism and self-righteous vanity(of PC) as distractions while releasing the CO gas of replacement-immigration to overwhelm and dispose of European peoples and cultures.

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