Saturday, June 3, 2017

Globalists promote Homomania to Young People to Sever their Connection to People, Culture, and History

Globalists promote the homo stuff because, when young people are made to primarily identify with or admire/praise homos, they lose connection to their own race, culture, and history.

Every people have its deep ethnic roots. Irish have deep Irish roots, Poles have deep Polish roots, and Japanese have deep Japanese roots. So, if kids are raised to primarily identify with and admire their own family, people, and culture, they feel a deep meaningful connection to their ancestors, lore, and roots.

Imagine there's a Greek kid who is raised to identify most with family, kin, nationality, and Greek culture. His main loyalty will be to Greekness. Also, Real Sexuality is about procreation and continuity since all human lives are the product of sex between men and women. Real Sexuality reminds us of our biological roots, the value of families, and our duty to life.

In contrast, homosexuality cannot produce and has never produced life. So, when young people are made to identify with or praise homos, they reject the very source and process of life.
As a result, Life becomes a game of vanity, theatrics, frivolity, and narcissism. Also, homos come in all colors. There are homos in every nation and of every race. And homomania is a global phenomenon than a national one. It's about the united supremacism of homos all over the world in spreading 'rainbow' degeneracy into every nation as the main theme of love, morality, and spirituality.

Since homos cannot produce life, they indulge in 'creativity over creation'. Homo acts, such as fecal penetration and vaginal grinding, can never ever produce life, not a single one. As substitute for life, homos create a cartoon-fantasy land that favors hair dyes, tattoos, and piercings. And these forms of degeneracy are spread throughout the culture. This is great for globalism since its agenda is to sever people from cradle to their sense of roots, origins, race, and history.

This is why globalists push homomania on your nation. Notice that people who come under homo-influence almost invariably lose their sense of roots and connection to the rich tangibles of race, culture, and history. Their main identity is one of vapid celebrity narcissism and pop culture fantasies controlled by Jewish globalists and Homo decadents.

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