Thursday, April 6, 2017

Alt-Right must Own the Banner of the ANTI-WAR Movement

Alt Right must adopt the orphaned Anti-War Movement in this crucial moment in history. The world is now being torn asunder by hyper-imperialist globalism of the US as Lone Superpower, which, in turn, is controlled by the Lone Super-group, the Jews.

Alt Right must own the Anti-War Movement. So-called 'progressives' have completely sold their souls to globalism. Whatever anti-globalist and anti-war impulses that they once had during George W. Bush's presidency soon evaporated under Obama, whose brand legitimized American Hegemony in the eyes of Liberals, Leftists, and Decadents. The invasion and destruction of Libya couldn't be so bad if a black guy did it, right, especially since he's for 'gay marriage'? New Cold War with Russia can't be so bad if it's led by Democrats and homosexuals, right?
'Progressives' did NOTHING while Obama went about destroying Libya on trumped-up charges. 'Progressives' also looked the other way while Obama-Hillary administration supported Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar's funneling of arms and aid to Jihadis and Alqaeda remnants in Syria.

With the Anti-War movement all but dead in the West, the Alt Right has the golden opportunity to salvage and own the banner, in effect becoming the enviable Voice of Conscience & Courage against the scourge of Globalism.

Alt Right's message must be:

Nationalism = Peace and sovereignty for every nation
Globalism = War and imperialist hegemony over the world

Armed with this message, the Alt Right can win support not only among European nationalists but among non-whites in nations around the world who've lost patience with the crimes of corrupt Zio-globalism enabled by the US as the Lone Superpower.

Alt Right must soberly(contra Mel Gibson) lay out the case against Zionist-globalists as the main instigators of major wars since end of the Cold War for the purpose of maximizing Israeli interests while subverting and damaging Iran, Syria, and Russia --- in other words, anything deemed advantageous to Jewish Supremacism. It essentially boils down to Jews vs the World. Jews push American hegemony around the world because Jews control America. If the US rules the world, then Jews rule the world since Jews rule the US. And this is why even the 'left' has no interest in anti-war politics. Taking cues from Jews who fund and spin the narrative of the 'left', so-called 'progressives' have come under the impression that Russia is about to conquer the world. According to this paranoid narrative, the good ole US is the ONLY bulwark against Russian hegemony --- Jews sure love to project their own supremacism onto others --- , and therefore, the US and its allies must be in perpetual war-footing against Russia(especially since the Big Bear is opposed to 'gay marriage'). With 'leftist' worldview such as this, is it any wonder that anti-war sentiments are dead among 'progressives'?

Nearly every political organization or persuasion has abandoned the Anti-War position because Jewish Power controls both the 'right' and the 'left' in the West. Since nearly all ideological movements are funded, led, or advised by Jewish-globalist-supremacists, most of them bark dumbly like dogs for more tensions with Russia, Syria, Iran, and any nation currently disliked by Jews. In their rabid virulence, there isn't much difference between John McCain and Rachel Maddow.

A year ago, Trump expressed some remarkable anti-war sentiments during the campaign, thereby throwing politics-as-usual off balance by aligning the Right with peace(whereas there wasn't a war that Hillary didn't like), but alas, it appears Trump has cravenly kowtowed under Zio-con pressure.

So, the Anti-War banner now belongs to any side that will pick it up, raise high, and wave in its march for global balance, truth, and justice. Since no side is willing to take up the banner, a golden opportunity has falle on Alt Right's lap.
In the globalist melee, the ball of conscience has been fumbled by all sides. No one dares to pick it up since every side is owned by Jews who want more Wars for Israel. But the Alt Right, the ONLY substantive movement that is independent of Jewish domination, can pick it up and run with it for a Moral Touchdown.

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