Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Virtue-Vanity is the Main Identity for Many in the West. Virtue Vanites reject Tangibles for Intangibles.

The main identity of many people in rich nations is none other than Virtue-Vanity as shaped by PC, which of course is controlled by the GLOB(globalist elites).

So, if the GLOB says homos are sacred, the V-V's(virtue-vanites) make a big show of their special 'virtue'. Also, Virtue Vanity is less something to practice personally than display fashionably. It's like a hat or high-heel shoes. It's a form of pseudo-ethical exhibitionism, and Virtue-Vanites get their jollies and virtugasms by making a spectacle of themselves. Indeed, the mindset of V-V partly stems from celebrity culture. Recall how Rock Stars held concerts to party and boogie about some cause or other to highlight their vanity not only as rich famous pigs but oh-so-caring saints. Morality for charlatans. Have the cake and eat it too. Celebrate and throw a party AND win plaudits as the new jesuses.

People are naturally 'spiritual'(and crave 'emotional uplift'), but since God has been banished from the culture, people thirst for new issues and themes to feel rapturous about. And PC offers the latest fix of Fashion Faith for the quasi-spiritual junkies.
So, if the latest neoligious(neo-religious) craze is 'trannies in the toilet', that's Virtue Vanitism's snakeoil-of-the-hour... until something new is hyped by the PC machine.

This explains why the political culture is so often 'vanitized' than merely sanitized. It is sanitized of inconvenient truths but also 'vanitized' to make people feel self-righteous and holier-than-thou. Thus, the matter goes from a social event or political issue to a new crusade or chest-beating sermon.

For many white people in the West, the vanity of virtue is the ONLY identity they have left since they are not allowed to connect or reconnect with their racial roots, cultural core, and historical bonds. Because those rich, deep, and healthy drives have been condemned and expurgated as 'racist' and 'evil', white people hunger for something to provide them with compass, meaning, and direction.
And the ONLY hope offered by PC is for whites to feel to good about themselves by putting down other whites. The 'bad whites' are those who choose to defend things that are tangible and real: race as biology, nations as homeland and territory, actual history as memory, collective & shared property of the white race.
According to PC, whites must forgo all bonds with anything that is real, substantial, or tangible. Instead, whites must strive to be 'good whites' denouncing and attacking 'bad whites', those who still hold onto the real and tangible. 'Good whites' are kindled to chase after intangibles such as 'universalism', 'social justice', 'equality', or fantasy of limitless genders. Because intangibles tend to be vague and uncertain, 'good whites' must be animated with blind faith and fanaticism. So, virtue-vanites are most hard-headed about things that can least be hand-held. Virtue Vanity is a fire that burns on PC fumes. But once the fumes vanish, so does the fire because there is no tangible wood or coal to keep the fire going independent of artificial feel-good fumes supplied by PC.

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