Saturday, April 8, 2017

Identity is the Foundation of Power

Identity is the foundation of power. After all, without self-knowledge, you'll be clueless as to your being and course of action. Without knowing which race, culture, or people you belong to, you won't know what it is you must defend and whom it is you must fight/resist. Suppose amnesia wipes out your memory, and you've no sense of personal history and ethnic identity. If you don't know whence you came, you won't know where you're headed. If you don't know who your people are, you have no sense of obligation to a community.
Imagine you're an athlete on the field and you suffer a concussion. Suppose you are rendered amnesiac and no longer know who you are, why you're on the field, and which team you belong to. You would stand there feeling clueless. As such, you would be at the mercy of OTHERS who tell you who/what you are. Since you have no idea yourself, you'll have no choice but to just go along. Others will mold your narrative, like neocons have done for George W. Bush, whose brains were turned to mush by too much drugs and self-indulgence.

Imagine that you belong to a Tribe A at war with Tribe B. But suppose you come down with amnesia, and you don't know you're part of Tribe A anymore. Also, you've forgotten that Tribe B has attacked your community and killed your loved ones.
Because you're confused and disoriented from lack of autonomous memory, the Tribe B can fool you into thinking that you belong to it and that you should fight against Tribe A. Without autonomy of identity, you are at the mercy of those who impose an identity on you. It's like the Turks conscripted Greek boys at a young age and brainwashed them of their original identities(as Hellenic Christians) and instilled their minds with Turkic-Islamic identities. Thus, identity is crucial to power, and it is the agenda of your enemy to either wipe out or weaken your identity.

If the enemy cannot wipe your identity to be replaced with something else, it will try to associate your identity with wickedness so at to demoralize you. Burdened with guilt and shame, you'll feel obligated to serve another identity(deemed to be sacrosanct by the official narrative), even if its members are hostile toward your tribe.
Jews have done exactly this with white identity. By associating the white race with 'racism', 'antisemitism', 'white supremacism', and a host of 'historical crimes' --- as if such 'evil' acts were unique to the white race --- , Jews have associated whiteness with sin-that-must-be-cleansed-forever. Thus, whites have been made to atone for whiteness by sucking up to Jews, fighting Wars for Israel, worshiping the Holocaust as new god, encouraging white women to use white wombs to hatch black babies, and all but ignore the plight of whites who've fallen on hard times due to the degradation of black thuggery, homosexual decadence, Jewish financial robbery, and anti-culture of hedonism.
In some ways, Negative Identity can be more potent than Amnesia as an instrument of psycho-political warfare. Those afflicted with Amnesia may be confused and disoriented, thus at the mercy of those who manipulate them, but they are, nevertheless, without shame or guilt. In contrast, those infected with Negative Identity feel infested with shame and guilt for which they must seek cure and redemption forever. In effect, they become emotional dogs to their masters.

Jews use both means, amnesia and negative identity, to push through their globalist agenda. Via the insidious impact of Afro-Homo Pop Culture(that promote mindless animalism and phantasm of narcissism), Jews seek to weaken a sense of history, heritage, and roots from the minds of all gentiles. The result is mass amnesia.
But then, Jews also employ the germ warfare of PC, mainly against white gentiles, to infect hearts and minds with the virus of chronic shame and guilt, for which the infected feel they must atone forever, especially at the feet of Jews(and their allies, mainly homos and Negroes).

Because identity is a source of power, it is the primary target of the enemy. The British tried to weaken Irish identity. White slave-owners tried to cut blacks from their African roots. Christian gentiles sought to associate Jewish identity with pain and humiliation to pressure Jews to convert to Christianity. Likewise, Muslims associated 'infidel' identity with inferiority, hardship, pain, or even death to pressure non-Muslims convert to Islam.

The story of Moses is about the politics of identity. Moses was a Hebrew who'd been raised as an Egyptian, but his life changed upon regaining his true identity as the son of his real parents, as a member of the Tribe. His was a story of Becoming-Who-You-Are. He embarked on and completed the spiritual journey to his ethnic origins. Likewise, those who seek autonomy-and-independence must trek up the river of identity to find the true source of their being. One's identity is dependent on one's own people, and one's own people must be independent of other peoples, especially those with hostile or parasitic intent.

There are two ways of power. One is remaining true to one's original identity, as Jews have done for thousands of years. No matter where Jews happened to be in exile, they clung to their historic roots, ethnic identity, and their bio-spiritual Covenant with God. This was a great source of their power, enabling them to survive as a race and culture across the millenniums.

But another way of power is to forge ahead with a new or variant collective identity, as Anglo-Americans did. As colonials, there had been part of the British Empire. As members of the Anglo race and empire, they had shared in a great identity and power. However, there came a time when they wanted independence from the empire to set up their own Republic, and this called for a new identity which was both a cultural extension of Anglo civilization and a political break from it.
In time, the various Spanish colonists in Latin America also broke away from their motherland of Spain. Thus, the Hispanic colonists became Mexican nationals, Bolivian nationals, Peruvian nationals, and etc.

Anyway, identity is the foundation of power. In order to have control over yourself and your own people, YOU must define and shape your own personal identity(of family, values, and life experiences) and YOUR PEOPLE must decide on their group identity(of race, nation, and history). If you lose sight and control of your identity, you will be at the mercy of others who know the value of identity and will try to manipulate your identity to serve their interests.
And always beware of those who would associate your identity with negativity. Resist and forge a Positive Identity. And associate your enemy with negative identity. After all, there are tons of skeletons in the histories of Jews, blacks, Asians, Muslims, and etc.

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