Saturday, April 1, 2017

Human Organisms that are no longer Defensivist are Defenseless and fated for Destruction

Some animals that evolved in blissful isolation over a long spell are incapable of registering the danger posed by invasive species. They've been pampered into complacency in their environmental bubble. So, when new species arrive and wreak havoc, the native species don't know how to react. They aren't used to dealing with this kind of danger. Worse, they even fail to identify the threat as a threat. As a result, many members of the native species get destroyed or devoured, and the entire species may face extinction. In some cases, however, there are members of the native species that learn to perceive the danger and respond accordingly to ensure their own survival. So, unlike the clueless ones that were easily conquered or summarily devoured, they learn to flee from danger or fight back and strike back.

Scandinavian nations are vulnerable to this kind of invasion because they haven't known invasions, especially non-white invasions, for a long long time. Their only idea of 'evil aggression' involves historical narratives of others whites doing bad stuff: Nazi Germans especially and maybe the Russians. They have no idea of how dire and destructive the massive arrivals of non-whites could turn out to be, especially since most of their impression of the non-white world comes from Hollywood, PC, Pop Culture, and Christian do-goody stuff. So, when masses of foreigners arrive, these 'welcoming' whites are clueless and act like native species of Galapagos islands or Hawaii when met with the arrival of cats and rats. It doesn't register that these invasive human-organisms pose a grave threat to Sweden as a people, culture, and territory.
Because they'd been safely distanced from the non-white world for as long as they can remember, their defensivist instincts have been deactivated(at least against non-whites who are seen as poor, weak, and helpless... and in need of compassion). With weakened defensivist instincts, they're virtually defenseless against the horrors that keep piling on. They are like the Eternals at the end of ZARDOZ. Some are of them are so so 'bored' that they will even risk demise and extinction for change of scenery. (According to the EU narrative, the only invasive forces in history have been white imperialist nations. So, whites have conquered, exploited, and destroyed. Non-whites have only been conquered, and they've only suffered nobly. So, if such people are allowed into EU, they are not invaders but pitiable 'refugees' and 'migrants' seeking a better life and compassion from redemptive whites, the 'good' ones who must always berate and beat down the 'bad' ones, the 'Nazis'. In this, the EU has a schizo attitude toward the US. In some ways, America is seen as the new Nazi-like imperialist power that destroys other nations. However, the US cannot be condemned outright since it's ruled by Jews who are untouchable due to Holocaust Narrative. Also, EU depends on the US for security, finance, and trade. So, the only course of action for the EU is to indirectly demonstrate its moral superiority over the US by taking in 'refugees' created by America's neo-imperialism. By acting as the 'moral superpower' of the world, the EU will show Americans who is the really 'good guy'. Of course, it's all very amusing since NO ONE gives a crap about Sweden or EU as a moral giant. Anyway, according to PC, those Europeans who put up a defensive resistance against non-white invasion are condemned as 'aggressive', whereas non-white invaders are portrayed as bringers of 'peace' and 'tolerance'. This suggests that moral dynamics of aggression/defense is determined less by who-does-what than by who-is-what, i.e. who-is-'good-guy'-and-who-is-'bad-guy'. So, even though whites invaded American Indian lands, Manifest Destiny portrayed whites as the spreaders of 'peace' and Indians as the aggressors of 'violence'. Likewise, even though the US invaded Iraq and Libya, the globalist propaganda made the US out to be the spreader of 'human rights' & 'peace' while making Iraq & Libya as 'rogue' nations sworn to invasion and violence. We were told NATO had to invade Libya as a defensive measure against Gaddafi's acts of aggression in his own nation.)

The current situation among the human organisms of Sweden(and other parts of Europe) is worse than a case of native animals being attacked by invasive animals.
When the native species are attacked by invasive ones, many of the former remain clueless and be hunted down(and thus weeded out of the gene pool). However, others may come to realize what's up and develop resistances and even means of counterattack.

Suppose there's a bunch of wombats minding their own business, and all is well in wombat-world. But suppose raccoons arrive in big numbers and eat wombat food and even attack wombats. Since wombat had been without enemies for as long as they can remember, they fail to recognize raccoons as enemies or danger. Indeed, the very notion of alien-species-posing-a-threat has become alien to the wombat way of thinking.
So, a whole bunch of wombats get attacked without proper defenses and realization of what's really happening. But suppose some wombats have latent defensive instincts that are activated by the crisis, and they begin to fight back and resist.
At least among animals, the defenseless members will not interfere with defensivist ones that react, fight, and survive. Defenseless ones will be victimized and weeded out of the gene pool, whereas the defensivist ones will resist, fight back, survive, and pass down their genes(thereby creating a hardier race of wombats). So, there is at least a chance of defensivist ones surviving and carrying on a species.

But among humans, the defenseless ones could prevent the defensivist ones from practicing their survivalist instinct. So, instead of just the defenseless ones meeting their doom, even the defensivist ones are compelled to go over the cliff with their idiot brethren.
Such is now happening in Sweden. Some Swedes are like clueless wombats. They are like deer in the headlight and don't know what's coming straight at them. They'd been so accustomed to comfort & complacency and so instilled with holy notions of the Other(non-whites) that they have difficulty registering what is really happening in Sweden. (And some have grown so bored and apathetic with their civilization that they see its demise as welcome relief.)
But, there are other Swedes who have awoken and possess the will to resist and fight back. They see the danger and want to do the right thing.
But unlike defensivist wombats who are free to fight and resist(without interference from the defenseless wombats), defensivist Swedes are constrained by defenseless Swedes who control the institutions. At least among animals, the defensivist ones are not hamstrung by defenseless ones. They can fight hard and tough. But among Swedes, the defenseless bunch tie the hands of the defensivist bunch so that NO Swede may put up a resistance. As the West is under Jewish-American globalist control, the defenseless ones have been given political, ideological, and economic power over the defensivist ones.

But there is worse. There is the problem of the Deification of the Other. While, in most cases, human tribes have generally feared and distrusted outsiders and strangers, they've also been prone to spiritual imagination and exoticism. Thus, positive fantasies may be projected onto outsiders as holy men, saviors, liberators, and etc. (This can happen within the same race. Many European intellectuals mistakenly perceived Napoleon as a liberator and Renaissance Man, that is until French military invasion made a horror of their towns and villages. Ukrainians mis-perceived German Wehrmacht as a liberating force against the Soviet Union. Germans turned out to be even worse.) Consider the story of 'Latin America'. When Conquistadors arrived, some natives greeted & welcomed the invaders as gods prophesied in their folklore and mythology. So, even though Spanish really came to conquer, plunder, exploit, and dominate the foolish natives thought they were visited by god-angel-races who arrived to liberate or redeem them.

Today, a similar kind of neo-mythological outlook has become pervasive among white gentiles. The PC Deification of the Other as saintly, vibrant, wonderful, baptismal, and etc. had led to naive & clueless whites embracing mass non-white invasion as a kind of visitation of angels sent by the god of history bearing gifts of growth, prosperity, love, redemption, healing, color, and hope. It's like the arrival of the 3 million Wise Men.

Not only are too many whites stuck in defenseless mode but they are prone to worship the very thing that threatens their very existence as a civilization. It's not unlike childlike white folks in the US worshiping the Magic Negro as represented by the mountain-sized black guy who loves a little white mouse in GREEN MILE.

At the end of ZARDOZ, the foolish Eternals mistake the Exterminators as the Deliverers when the Exterminators just came to murder, plunder, and wreak vengeance.

Instead of seeing the Other, the non-white invaders, for what they are, white folks project onto them all their hopes and dreams, like so many voters did with Obama of the vague faith of hope.

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