Monday, March 27, 2017

Alt Right Men are the ONLY white men deserving of respect and honor

Alt Right men are the ONLY white men deserving of respect and honor.

It is the duty of men to fight for their women(the life vessels of racial survival), their land, their culture, and their historical memory.

Men who do not bear this blessed burden are a bunch of pansies. Now, some men do fight for those things but lose. For their courage, they deserve respect. American Indians lost but AT LEAST they put up a fight.
When white people look back on the history of the American West, they respect Red Men like Geronimo and Sitting Bull because, against all odds, they did put up a fight. But there is no respect for Indians who collaborated with white expansionists for a case of whiskey.

White men can choose the Viet Cong way or Viet Cuck way.

Even though the US fought bitterly with the Viet Cong and North Vietnam, there is a grudging respect for those men. However, Americans feel Zero Respect for Viet Cucks who allowed the US to use South Vietnam like a fiefdom and offered their daughters and even wives for US soldiers to hump and impregnate.

Even if Viet Cong and North Vietnam were infected with the disease of communism, they believed in national independence, driving out foreign invaders & imperialists, unifying the nation(cut in two by the US), and reclaiming control of land and possession of women.
In contrast, Viet Cucks whored out to the US, let Americans occupy and run the South, reduced Viet women into prostitutes and sex meat for foreign occupiers. They were collaborators. They served a foreign power instead of resisting them. No one honors them. Not the Vietnamese and not the Americans.

Now, it is the White World that is under Jewish-Globalist Occupation. Jews have created a Vietnam-like situation among whites. Just like the US divided Vietnam into North and South, Jews have set 'red states' against 'blue states' when, in fact, all whites have core common interests. Jews use 'blue state' whites as their collaborators. Jews tell white men that they should surrender their lands to masses of foreigners and hand over their daughters to black men.

Jews call for the colonization of white lands, white minds, and white wombs.
Jews say non-whites should become 'new Europeans' and remake Europe by replacing whites.
Jews say PC(via academia & media) should colonize white minds and fill whites with 'white guilt', white self-loathing, and white self-doubt. Jews say white wombs should be colonized by black seed and Muslim seed and dilute and destroy the white race.

No people can survive for long without control over the land, narrative, and women. It is on Land that a race is most secure and stands firm. It is the Narrative that instills a people with pride and justification. It is through wombs that future generations of the race are born. Imagine if your mother's womb had been colonized by a Negro. YOU would have been afro-aborted and tossed out of the nest of white womb that would been colonized by alien seed to create an enemy of the white race.

To the extent that Alt Right men are the ONLY white men who are aware of what is happening and why AND to the extent that they are the only ones who are explicitly struggling for white survival through possession or reclamation of white lands, white narrative, and white wombs, they are ONLY white men who deserve respect. The rest are cowards, cucks, or collaborators of Jews.

Only Alt Right men understand the absolute importance of Land, Narrative, and Womb or LNW.
Is it any wonder that Jews are most committed to destroying those three aspects of whiteness?

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  1. "The rest are cowards, cucks, or collaborators of Jews". That's about it.