Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jewish Ethno-Spiritual Mindset still informs their Secular Zionist-Globalist Mindset

Jews used to be monotheist. They believed their God is only true God while all other gods are false. As Yahweh said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”

So, Jews believed there is only one true God, and that God favors Jews above all other peoples. All other gods of all other gentiles are false and beneath contempt.

Ever since Jews abandoned God, they’ve replaced worship of God with self-worship as the Master Race. Their new god is the GLOB, the god of globalism controlled by themselves, Jewish Supremacists.

And Jews now say THERE SHALL BE NO NATION BEFORE OURS, THE ONE TRUE NATION, ISRAEL. And there shall be no power before ours, the one true power justified by history and righteousness.
Therefore, ALL NON-JEWISH PEOPLES(gentiles) must surrender their own nations to mass invasion & migration and massive race-mixing and forgo any sense of ethno-national identity.
The ONLY nation they must believe in, support, defend, and honor is Israel, which is to be a JEWISH state where ONLY JEWS are allowed to immigrate.

Jews went from monotheism to mono-ethnicism, a conviction that ONLY THE JEWISH ETHNICITY is sacred and worthy of preservation & adulation. It calls for blind devotion of gentiles to Jews as their masters.

When Jews say humanity must abandon nationalism, they really mean gentiles must abandon their false nationalisms and worship & serve the one true nationalism of the Jews. So, all of gentile humanity are to become a mixed-and-matched bag of glob-mass without strong identities of their own.

As for the gentile craving for identity, such shall be satisfied by serving the eternal identity of the Jews and their Jewish state. Gentiles must vicariously ‘share’ in the glory and supremacy of the Jews. Gentiles must discard their own identities to serve the Jewish identity that, however, is for Jews only.

So, we have Irish, Polish, French, Swedes, Dutch, Germans, Norwegians, white Americans, and etc all rejecting their own identities and nations as tainted and ‘false’ while praising and worshiping Israel as the only nation that deserves to be honored and preserved.

Zionism isn't a mutual nationalism that respects other nationalisms. It is a mono-nationalism that demands all other nationalism bow down to Jewish Supremacist Power.

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