Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nationalism is the Socialism of the Blood and Soul.

Every nation has its share of 'winners' and 'losers'. But nationalism upholds the common bond of blood, identity, and heritage among the winners and losers. So, in a nationalist Sweden, the Swedish 'winners' would share identity and common purpose with Swedish 'losers'.
Some Swedes may be richer and more privileged than other Swedes, but there is sense of unity of identity, blood, heritage, and territory. And that is the Socialism of the Spirit, which is more essential/important than socialism of 'materiality'.

But globalism does violence to this Nationalist Socialism of the Soul and Soil. Unlike nationalism, globalism encourages the 'winners' of every nation(except Israel, of course) to identify mainly with 'winners' of other nations while sneering at the 'losers' of their own kind. And the 'losers', bereft of national leaders to inspire them, descend into vice, mostly that which is saturated with Negro filth and peddled by Jewish merchants who are like dope peddlers pushing narcotics to addicts.

Look at what has become of America as the result of the Coming Apart of the white elites(the 'winners' who now serve Jewish globalists) and the white masses(the 'losers' who are offered rap music and porn for culture).

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