Monday, March 27, 2017

Diversity leads to Division or Dilution

Diversity leads to either Division or Dilution. Division leads to strife, Dilution leads to dissipation or even total loss of identity.

Since when is division a form of strength? Since when is dilution a form of strength.

Diluting something makes it stronger? Really? When whites mix with blacks, is whiteness strengthened in the mixed-race offspring? No, whiteness is lost and the child identifies as black. When whites mix with Meso-Americans, is whiteness strengthened in the mixed-race offspring? No, the kid will most likely identify as 'brown' or 'Latino'(or 'Latinx) and work against whites.

It's simple chemistry. When you dilute something, it becomes weaker and less potent, not stronger. Also, when something bonds with something else, it could well become subordinate or submissive to the other. Virtually, every child of black-and-white mixing leads to blackness and total eclipsing of whiteness.

Does anyone really believe Jews care about white gentiles? Does anyone really believe Jews that whites or Europeans will be empowered or strengthened by diversity via massive-invasive-immigration and race-mixing? How are whites or Europeans made stronger by the demographic takeover of white lands by non-whites? How is whiteness served or made stronger by race-mixing when most mixed-race kids identify as non-white and are encouraged by Jews to hate and work against whites?

More Diversity in the West means more division and strife if whites were to maintain their racial identity and consciousness. They will come in conflict with growing numbers of non-whites.
Or, more Diversity means more dilution and dissipation for whites if they were to racially mix with non-whites. Most of the kids will identity as non-white and may well work against white power and interests.

Jew would have you believe that White Power is evil. So,what is preferable? White Powerlessness?

When it comes to Jews, DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT.

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