Monday, March 27, 2017

Intersectionality should really be called Distractionality

Can 'intersectionality' work without a common enemy, real or perceived or imagined?

So many groups within the Diversity-Coalition are natural enemies. They have very little in common in terms of race, class, values, education, taste, attitude, and etc. And in some cases, they have reasons to seriously distrust, resent, or even hate one another. Jews and Muslims do NOT make good allies. And Jews and blacks have even less in common. And what do Asians and Mexicans share exactly? Or Hindus and Africans? Or feminists and trannies? A lot of feminists are not happy with this tranny business.

Intersectionality means there are cross-sections of shared interests among various different groups. So, what are the shared interests when it comes to Jews, blacks, homos, trannies, Asians, Mexicans, Muslims, and etc?

I can't think of any.

The ONLY thing they have in common is the Perception of White Evil. It should really be called Distractionality. It is sham-ideological trick to distract various groups from their own serious divisions & disagreements by Crying Wolf about Whitey.

Hating whitey, fearing whitey, berating whitey, and feeding on whitey is what Distractionality is all about. Blacks get a kick out of hating, berating, and feeding on whitey. Non-white immigrants want to come and feed on white wealth and success. Jews fear that whitey will wake from hibernation and no longer cuck out to them. Without 'Get Whitey' Factor, Diversity Coalition will just fall apart.

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