Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Guardians of Political Correctness DUCK honest engagement with Those with the Courage and Honesty to Speak the Truth on Race, History, and Identity

Long ago, white boxers -- and even black boxers like Jack Johnson and Joe Louis -- 'ducked' fights with black boxers who might beat them.

Today, PC-pushers duck engagements with those who speak candidly about race, culture, history, and identity because they fear getting KO'ed.

On race, the facts point to racial differences. Races are different, and these differences have profound impact on society in terms of income, crime, sex, sports, culture, and power.

On culture, it's irrefutable that Western Culture is now decadent & degenerate and non-Western Cultures have problem with modernity.

On history, facts say all peoples have been violent and invasive. Whites weren't the only conquerors and colonizers. Also, white expansionists did a lot of good as well as bad.

On identity, it's a fact that people crave some form of group identity and that an identity rooted in ethnicity, history, and territory is the most sound and stable. After all, why did Jews seek a land of their own where they can be Jews with a sense of history?

With PC ducking honest debate and discourse, Alt Right and HBD community have become like the Negro Leagues.

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