Thursday, March 23, 2017

Russian Nationalism is the greatest threat to Jewish Supremacism

America is part of the Empire of Judenia(the most powerful empire the world has ever seen), and Jews hate Russia as symbol of white gentile national sovereignty. That is more threatening to Jews than communism and National Socialism ever were.

Why? Even though communism was universalist, its repressive statism didn’t appeal to many, not even in poor nations. Also, Marxism was too intellectualist for hoi polloi. So, there was little chance of communism taking over the world and robbing Jews of their power and privileges.
National Socialism(of Germany) was arrogant and supremacist. It said only ‘Aryans’ are great and the rest sucks. As such, it appealed to few nations outside Germany. If anything, much of the world came to fear Germany under Hitler's reign.

But Russian Nationalism is about respect for each and every gentile nationalism. It doesn’t seek wars of conquest. It isn’t supremacist. It is sensible and limited within national borders. It is mutualist with other nations. Therefore, many nations can accept and adopt the Russian Way. Not because Russia is some paradise. After all, Russia is filled with excessive numbers of lazy bums and drunken fools. No, it’s because Russian Way says, “You respect our nationalism, and we will respect your nationalism.” This can have appeal to gentile nations. Russia isn’t saying its way is the ONLY way or one-size-fits-all. It is saying what is right for Russia belongs in Russia. The corollary to this is that other nations belong to their majority populations who should determine what their national identity and destiny are really about. In contrast, America tries to force Americanism(now defined by Jews, homos, and Negroes) on the entire world. It tries to break down all national borders and subvert all cultures and traditions. Also, there is a great contradiction at the heart of Americanism. It says America is the 'exceptional and indispensable nation' but all other nations must follow it, obey it, and emulate it. How can unexceptionals hope to be like the sole exceptional?

In contrast, the Russian Way gives leeway for every nation to define its own ideas & values and decide on its own destiny without the meddling of other nations, Russia included. THIS  ASPECT is the greatest threat to globalist Jewish Power predicated on destroying all nationalisms(while 'passovering' Jewish nationalism in Israel. Jews ought to be called Passovermen, or Passubermensch). Jews actually wish Putin was Hitler peddling Russian supremacism. That way, Jews can persuade many nations that Russian Power is a threat to the entire world and an enemy of mankind. But the fact is Putin is no 'hitler', and the workd knows it. If anything, Putin preaches independence for each nation from the globalist-imperialist domination of America as crown-in-the-jewel of Judenia.

That is why there is a Jewish War on Russia.

It’s not about Putin being a thug. If Putin is a thug, US leaders are super-thugs.
It’s not about Putin being a killer. If Putin is a killer, US leaders are mass murderers.
It’s not about Russia being ‘illberal’ or ‘undemocratic’. When political results in the West are displeasing to globalist elites, the elites demean them as ‘populist’(rule by yahoos) and even call for a Deep State coup d’etat. Some even hint at assassination of elected leaders.

‘Liberal Democracy’ is euphemism for globalist domination by the likes of George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Haim Saban, Jeff Bezos, and the oligarchs.

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