Thursday, March 23, 2017

Political Discourse needs Forthrightism

The  REAL interests and demands of most groups are quite basic and simple. They are really about 'what is mine' dressed up with disingenuous conceit of highfalutin ideals. Jesse Jackson was perhaps the most obvious practitioner of this shtick, always meaning "stuff my pocket, honkey" while pontificating in grandiose manner. Speak loudly and carry a big shtick.

But because US is supposed to be about ‘high-minded principles’, various groups drag out the usual cliches about ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ and 'human rights' to justify what is little more than racial tribalism of 'what is mine'.

Given all the fancy and holier-than-thou BS that clogs up the discourse, I’d like to see more Candidism or Forthrightism. Be candid and forthright about what you or your kind really wants. Principles have value only when all sides sincerely adhere to them. Principles are for the birds when some groups cry 'foul' just because things don't go their way despite equal application of principles for all. It's like a child losing in a game fair-and-square and then throwing a tantrum like a sore loser and complaining "it's not fair".

Consider the issue of immigration. All this stuff about ‘huddled masses’, ‘inclusion’, ‘diversity’, 'dreamers', 'no human is ilegal' and etc. are just so much hooey. No, the real issues are far more basic and tribal. Non-whites want to come to white nations for material goodies. The reasons are not high-minded but primal and instinctive. It’s like animals enter human habitats for easy access to food.
If white nations were dirt-poor, would non-whites be lining up to come to them for some 'dream'? NO.
Just like animals go where the food is, people go where the good stuff is.
That's it. They are not dreamers but feeders: Foragers, scavengers, hunters, and/or parasites.

We need an Organicist explanation of human behavior.
Indeed, what are often referred to as ‘principles’ are really weapons or instruments used by organisms to gain advantage. Among whites, their interpretation of principles had a binding effect of trust and cooperation to made for more security and prosperity for the white organismic community.
As for non-whites, their reinterpretation of 'western' principles is meant to have a paralyzing effect on whites with venom such as ‘white guilt’. It has a ‘chemical’ sting that neutralizes white defenses and counter-aggression against would-be usurpers and invaders.

Via Forthrightism, it’s about time we flip all the hidden cards on the table and revealwhat EVERY SIDE Is really after.

Non-whites wanna come to white nations for better material lives. That’s it.
Jews want more diversity to play divide-and-conquer among goyim. It is about power and control.
White patriots oppose immigration because it will reduce white power into white powerlessness.
White cucks go with mass immigration because, as opportunists, they will be materially and emotionally rewarded as collaborators.
White progs push immigration because they’re addicted to virtue-signaling as a narcotic. Pleasure Principle. Also, their minds have been stung with PC chemicals that turned them cancerously against their own race. It's like ant colonies steal the ant larvae of other colonies and raise them to serve their enslavers against their own parental colony.

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