Sunday, March 26, 2017

SJW's, aka SLW's(self-loathing whites), are the modern-day Head-Hunters seeking approval from the PC godhead

SJWs or SLW's(self-loathing whites) are like Indian scalp-hunters or New Guinea Head hunters.

They sure went for Charles Murray's head. And they got Richard Spencer's head too. They feel this great urge to hunt for certain kinds of heads thought be possessed of 'evil spirits'.

This urge may have something to do with hunting instinct. Most people lack individuality or agency on the critical issues of right or wrong. Rather, they belong to an ideology or movement controlled by others who do the thinking and deciding for them. They obey and accept the Narrative and then go about seeking approval from the godhead(like the one in THE WIZARD OF OZ) by hunting for designated heads.
In this, their mindset isn't different from that of dogs. Dogs get very excited in their hunts, but they don't decide what is to be hunted. If the master says, 'go hunt a pig', dogs wildly go after pigs. If the master says, 'go hunt a fox', dogs wildly go after fox. If the master says, 'go hunt a deer', dogs are all crazy about hunting deer. Dog mentality seeks approval from the master or alpha leader, and dogs will go out of their way to bring down prey chosen by their masters. Only in the wild do dogs have agency in choosing and going after prey. As long as they part of human community, humans decide which animals are to be hunted and killed and which animals are to be spared and tolerated. So, if humans order dogs to hunt pigs, dogs will attack a pig. If humans order dogs to make nice with pigs, dogs will make nice with pigs. Dogs will do anything for approval from the master. The frenzy of dogs in hunt isn't much different from frenzy of 'antifa' types at Berkeley and Middlebury College. They are like Red Guard Dogs. Universities ought to put up signs, 'Beware of Dog'.
Cats are more independent than dogs, but even cats have an approval instinct. Cats sometimes catch mice or birds and leave them on doorsteps of their masters. Some specialists of cat behavior think cats are trying to seek approval of their owners by offering food.

There are common patterns among animals, kids, and soldiers. Dogs will go after whatever pleases the master. Kids will 'hunt' for whatever is approved or sanctioned by adults. So, if adults say, 'Go hunt for Easter Eggs', kids will run around to collect as many as possible to win approval from adults. If adults say, 'lynch that pinata and spill out its guts', kids will eagerly swing the bat to win recognition from adults.
Soldiers are the same way. Soldiers never decide who is enemy or foe. When Hitler told Nazi soldiers, "Soviets are now our friends", Nazi soldiers were shaking hands with Soviet troops as if they are all best-friends-forever. It's like a dog will be nice with a cat if ordered by master to 'be friends'. But if the master tells the dog to attack the cat, the dog will maul the cat for approval even though they'd been best chums a second ago. Likewise, when Hitler said, "Soviets are now our enemies and must be killed", Nazi soldiers went into attack-and-maul mode instantly. And even in democracies, the same dynamics come into play. US soldiers don't decide who is enemy or foe. The elites(usually Jewish) tell soldiers, "those guys are the enemies", and then, US troops will kill as many of the enemy to win medals and honors as 'heroes'.

SJW-mindset or SLW-mentality is the same. Most of these guys and girls are nobodies, and so they naturally want to be 'somebody' and win attention/affection. So, they must hunt heads to win approval from the godhead. It's like the Exterminators in ZARDOZ(the John Boorman film) hunted down Brutals to serve the godhead.

That SJW's or PC head-hunters have no real agency is evident in their sheer lack of consistency in stated principles. The Left used to be for free speech, now it's not. It used to laugh at homos, but now homos are sacrosanct. Feminists used to denounce sex symbols and pornography but now embrace them. 'Progressive' types used to ignore Muslims, but now Muslims are now fashionable as 'poor huddled masses' victimized by Trump. Most SJW's have no minds of their own. They just follow the Narrative and hunt heads to win approval from the godhead of PC controlled by Jewish elites.

There is head-hunting in Sam Peckinpah's BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA though for mercenary purposes, as is also the case in DAY OF THE JACKAL. Mercenaries hunt heads for money. Fanatics and zealots do it for approval from those who control the Narrative and Terms of Justice.

In Nazi Germany, the villains were Jews, so the fanatics, especially the impressionable young, set out to hunt Jews. Hitler Youth sure loved to blow the whistle on Jews to win approval from the Nazi godhead. In Communist nations, the villains were 'capitalist roaders', 'kulaks', 'bourgeois elements', 'reactionaries', and 'fascists'. So naturally, the over-zealous were on the lookout to bag one of them trophies to win accolades and approval from Big Brother.

In the US, the godhead says KKK and Nazis are most evil. But who is a KKK or Nazi in today's America? It's hard to find such people. So, any white person who isn't with the PC program will have to suffice for the time being. So, Murray had to be head-hunted as a 'Nazi'. And Milo the libertarian homo was also attacked as a 'Nazi'. Fanatics are more dangerous than mercenaries. Without money, mercenaries will not act. But fanatics, like dogs, will bark and bite just for the emotional satisfaction of approval from the godhead. It's like dogs will even risk their lives and maul anything to win approval.

On the other hand, the fanatics are easily reprogrammed with the changing of the guards. Since they lack agency and critical mindset, they rely on the godhead to tell them what is right and wrong. So, if new bunch of people take over the godhead and change the agenda, the fanatics will dance to the new tune. It's like former Nazis adapted very easily to working for the Stasi. And former Japanese militarists were the most loyal dogs to Uncle Sam. And today's 'anti-fascists' are little more than attack dogs of homomania-pushing Wall Street, Harvard, and Hollywood.

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