Friday, March 24, 2017

The Downside of the Professionalization of Violence in the West

One of the problems in the West is the professionalization of warrior-violence.

The West categorizes people as either ‘military’ or ‘civilian’. So, the military men are supposed to monopolize the Art of Violence, whereas civilians are supposed to restrict themselves to peaceful existence in accordance to the Rule of Law. This is not a bad arrangement. Indeed, it’s a very good one under the right circumstances, i.e. as long as the Rule of Law favors the preservation and defense of the native population. But when, the Rule of Law is usurped by Jewish globalists who subvert and denigrate a nation's core cultural stock, people need to rise up and fight. But since the Art of Violence is monopolized by the professional warrior class, the civilian population of the West have forgotten how to react to historical emergencies. Civilians in the West are accustomed to leaving the use of violence to the institutions designed for them. And when it comes to waging wars on foreign enemies or capturing terrorists, the Western institutions of official violence are still very effective. No nation, with the possible exception of China, can withstand the military might of the West. And Western intelligence forces are most often effective at preventing terrorist acts and hunting down the perpetrators who do manage to slip through and detonate something. The real problem is the institutions-of-violence must take orders from the professional political classes that are beholden to Jewish globalist masters. So, despite the formidable means of institutionalized violence to attack & invade 'enemy nations' AND capture & neutralize known terrorists, they are not allowed to engage the enemies & invaders where it is most crucial. They aren't allowed to stop the flow of migrants, turn back the tide of massive immigration, and force non-whites to emigrate back to their proper homelands. The game has been rigged so that the West will keep winning battles(against terrorists) but lose the war(against the Invasion). It's like the US never lost a major battle in Vietnam but lost the big war. When the West is allowed to battle against individual terrorists but not allowed to war against the Invasion itself, its future is doomed. It is like permitting a man to kill individual rats in his house but forbidding him to patch the holes to prevent more rats to enter in greater numbers.

Unlike a Westerner, every Muslim is both a civilian and warrior at all times. The two notions, a peaceable man of God and warrior for God, are fused in the heart of a Muslim. So, when a Muslim feels violence is necessary to defend what is sacred, he doesn’t wait around for the institution to take care of the problem. He takes action on his own since it is the will of Allah that a devout Muslim must do what is necessary to defend what is holy and true.
Among Westerners, there's something Muslim-like in radical leftists informed by anarchism and/or Marxism that every worker must also be a soldier of dialectical history and be ready to pick up a rifle or plant a bomb for revolutionary justice. But such notion is weak among European conservatives long accustomed to acknowledging violence as the monopoly of the state or professional military/police class.
American Rightists are somewhat different because of the long tradition of gun ownership in the US. They see the wisdom of being well-armed in case the System turns against them. And in the movement westward, every white family needed guns to protect itself from American Indians, outlaws, or other whites with conflicting land claims.

Anyway, it is about time EVERY WHITE PERSON no longer saw himself as a mere civilian but a soldier and warrior at all times. In our time, the Rule of Law has been reconstituted(and prostituted) to destroy the white race and hand over white lands to the Great Invasion. White elites are cuck-collaborators of the Globalists or the GLOB. And since the professional military-and-police class must take their orders from the state(that is run by elites controlled by globalists), the people can no longer rely upon it for national/racial preservation and cultural restoration.
The New Order must require for all white patriots to be civilian-warriors who are ready to do ANYTHING by ANY MEANS NECESSARY to restore what is rightfully theirs in the lands of their forefathers.

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