Monday, March 13, 2017

The Real Danger to the West comes from Anti-White-Supremacists and White Submissivists.

The main problem of the West is not this so-called White Supremacism. Where do you see Nazis or KKK? I mean real ones as opposed to 'hate-hoaxers' -- usually blacks, Muslims, and Jews -- who spray-paint Swastikas in various places?

White patriots don't want to conquer other nations and peoples. They don't want to tell other peoples and nations what to do. That is why they voted for Donald Trump who invoked nationalism --- Americans minding their own business --- against globalism, which is Jewish-Homo-Supremacist domination of the world.
White patriots only demand the right of white peoples to maintain their identity, heritage, culture, and territory in the lands of their forefathers. If that is supremacism, then Tibetans who resist being taken over by the Han Chinese must also be supremacists. And Palestinians must be 'supremacist' because they don't their ancestral lands to be taken over by Zionists in the West Bank.

The real problem of the West is not White Supremacism(that hardly exists as a political force) but Anti-White-Supremacism that says that the white race doesn't even have the right to defend its identity, territory, and history. Anti-White-Supremacism says that whites must SUBMIT to demographic invasions of non-whites and SERVE the elite agendas of Jewish-and-Homo globalists.
Anti-White-Supremacism is not anti-supremacist. It is essentially Supremacist over whites. Thus, Anti-White-Supremacism is Anti-White for the sake of Supremacism of non-whites, especially Jews. It is the supremacism of Anti-White forces.

Anti-White-Supremacists say that black men should claim, conquer, and colonize white wombs to produce black babies than white babies(who are effectively 'killed' because the white womb space has been taken over by black seed). Anti-White-Supremacists say that white daughters should be raised to be used as sex meat in Jewish-controlled porn industry. Anti-White-Supremacists say white American soldiers are cannon fodder for Wars for Israel. Anti-White-Supremacists say white students should be instilled with shame, self-loathing,and self-hatred. Anti-White-Supremacism says that any white person who wants his people to survive as a race, culture, and territory is a 'white supremacist'. Anti-White-Supremacism projects onto whites the vile hatred of Jews and their allies of POC and Cucks(whose only 'white pride' comes from debasing their own whiteness).

Anti-White-Supremacism and White Submissivism are the real dangers to the West. Time to wake up.

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