Monday, March 27, 2017

Is Hate-Whitey Politics a closeted form of Love-Whitey Emotics?

Hate-Whitey politics is weird because it is, in many ways, a closeted & repressed form of Love-Whitey emotics.

Look at immigration. All these prospective non-white immigrants would hate the idea of moving to non-white nations. They LOVE the idea of moving to white nations. Whiter the better. Even when they come to Diverse US, they dream of earning enough to settle in white communities. I mean how many are dying to settle in South Central or Detroit? In indeed Diversity is so great, how come nearly all non-white immigrants prefer relocating to US, Canada, and Australia than to Latin America with larger percentage of non-white populations?

If given the choice, non-whites often prefer whites even to their OWN KIND. Hindus prefer to live with whites than with Hindus. Pakistanis prefer to live with whites than with Pakistanis. East Asians prefer to live with whites than with East Asians, despite the success of East Asia. Mexicans prefer to live with whites than with Mexicans. Even when non-whites maintain ethnic communities in US, Canada, or Australia, they prefer to live in their enclaves in white nations than in their own nations. So, better to live in Chinatown in the US or Canada than in China itself. Better to live in Paki-town in London than in Pakistan.

Also, non-whites have sexual attraction to whites even as they bitch about evil whitey. All these black guys who rage about whitey want white women. All those Pakistanis in UK who bitch about the English want white girls, even by rape. All those Asian women who bitch about no-good whitey want white husbands and white-looking kids. All those Latino guys who talk of their pride of mixed blood are always hankering for blondes. Just look at Hugo Chavez who ultimately settled for some blonde bimbo. George P. Bush, the mixed-race kid, got himself a blondie too. Tiger Woods, much hyped for his mixed-blood, got the woodies only for the most blonde Nordic types. And Jews got the Portnoy-Boing-Complex.

So, this Anti-Whitey politics is, at least in part, a lot of noise to drown out the embarrassing fact that these non-white folks really see whiteness as superior and love whiteness more than their own qualities. They just don’t want to admit it. So, even though most of what they actually DO is to be nearer to whiteness, much of what they SAY is to mask their sense of inferiority and preference for all things white.

Their logic is as follows: “You’re awful, you’re evil, and you’re responsible for everything wrong in the world, and I really really hate you. So, will you marry me?”

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