Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Progressive Immigration calls for Mass Migration of Enterprising Peoples to Poor Nations, Not to Rich Ones

We are told that immigrants are a blessing for the national economy.

In that case, progressive immigration should be like progressive taxation.

Now, under progressive taxation, the lower classes pay little or nothing and instead receive much of the revenues.

Likewise, under progressive immigration, poor nations should receive most of the blessing of immigration.

We are told that more immigration will lead to more economic growth because immigrants are so hardworking, intelligent, motivated, and enterprising. They are wonders for any national economy.
Well, rich nations don't deserve such blessings since they are rich already. Why should they take in immigrants to make their big economies even bigger?
After all, the worst teams in sports get the first draft picks since best teams got the best players.
It makes no sense to send more great players to an already great team.

So, progressive immigration should bless the poorest nations with mass immigration. And since immigrants claim to be 'progressive' and 'leftist', they should want to help the poor than the rich. If immigrants say they want to go to nations that are already rich and help grow the economies, that'd be like helping the rich to become even richer. We don't want that.
We want all that immigrant energy and ingenuity to be used to help poor nations develop into richer ones.

So, I think progressive immigration should be about sending most immigrants to the poorest nations where the new arrivals will use their skills and energy to grow their economies there. Why help rich nations grow richer? Why not help poor nations grow rich too?

So, send all the Mexicans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and Africans to the poorest nations on Earth. Now, that is truly progressive in blessing the poorest nations with human capital of talent, spirit, and industry that will do wonders for the economies.

And if the would-be immigrants are already in poor nations, they should summon their great spirit, intelligence, and skills to build their OWN economies. They should help expand the economy in their poor nations than go to rich nations to make the already rich even richer.

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