Friday, March 24, 2017

Effect of PC: Reality Denial and Narrative Conjuring

Reality is blacks commit lots of crime and violence. But PC narrative sanctifies blacks as holy MLK-people. So, black violence is 'disappeared' by under-reporting, false reporting(violent riots called ‘peaceful protests'), or semantic tricks(‘youths’ or ‘tens’ done it). It's Reality Denial.

But denying reality isn’t enough. Just like UFO cultists are desperate to bear witness to flying saucers AND paranormal people need to believe in ghosts, Paranormal Politics or Para-politics must have ‘evidence’ or ‘witness’ or ‘revelation’ of White Goblins since PC says whites uniquely possess evil spirits. This has the effect with messing with people's minds. It molds their minds to(want to) see what isn't there. It’s like if you spread panic about Bigfoot or Chupacabra, many people(esp those of childlike or imaginative mindsets) mistake anything for such a creature and claim to have seen it too.
Or, to gain the affection and approval of the Big Foot community or Chupabra Society, you might tell a tale of how YOU saw one too. These tall tales are esp appealing to those who want attention but don’t get any. What better way to gain the limelight than by serving as a willing prop for the Narrative. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to the Current Culture’s radar is through hysteria. Coax Hoax.

Every society has its set of taboos, sacraments, and myths. And those who seek approval and attention within the community conjure fantasies or visions in accordance to the Narrative. So, in Catholic societies of old, people claimed to have witnessed Jesus or the Madonna.
In Muslim societies, people claim to see Muslim miracles.
Even though secular people are thought ‘factual’ or ‘rational’, their psychology is also essentially mytho-conformist. or 'conformystic'. And PC is neo-religion or neoligion. It has its own class of Conjurers.

Under current PC, there is a growing number of maniacs who say they saw something they didn’t. Some even say they are guilty of what they didn’t do. Since PC hegemony is about White Evil, all these sightings and confessions revolve around white hatred. Narrative Conformism and Narrative Affirmation. Just like people feel a need to donate money to ‘good causes’ or charities, they also donate 'stories'(mostly false or exaggerated) to keep the fire going since dearth of stories will weaken the fire of righteousness.
After all, what would be the relevance of a UFO cult if there were no more sightings of UFO’s? What's the use of religion if people no longer believed in miracles? Just like Hollywood can’t go on without new movies, the Narrative needs new stories to keep its engines running.
This is why blacks and Proglodytes still act as if KKK is going around lynching blacks. Without such stories, the Narrative will become an old story without relevance to today's problems. Viable Narratives feed on Malevolence-Relevance. (Some whites even confess to stuff they didn’t do. White Atonement makes them feel holy. It’s like some innocent in CRIME AND PUNISHMENT confesses to the murder because Christianity made him an addict of repentance.)
PC has the logic of the Horror Genre. It is best understood as a form of paranormal pseudo-science. Gaydar is passe. Now, the thing is KKK-dar, device with which to detect White Ghosts.

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