Friday, March 24, 2017

Muslim Violence is Not the Great Shame of the West. The Real Shame is the Lack of Fighting Spirit and Warrior Counter-Violence among Whites/Europeans. Whites need to know: Resistance, not Assistance, to the Enemy. Confront, not Comfort, for the Enemy.

I neither like nor want Muslim Immigration, but it seems the Muslims are doing what white patriots should be doing. Though violence is unpleasant and ideally to be avoided, it is essential in war. And the West is in a state of war, in which Muslims are hardly the main problem. If anything, Muslim entry into the West is a symptom of a much deeper problem that was NOT caused by Muslims. Indeed, one could argue Muslims are showing the way and the will of the proud warrior. To be sure, they fight stupidly and carry out useless acts, but their violence is nevertheless a virulent reaction to what is seriously vile & sick in the degenerate West.

There is a war on the identity, history, heritage, culture, and territory of white nations. White minds are being colonized with PC virus. It is a kind of covert, cultural, and psychological war, a ‘long march through the institutions and industries'. And Pop Culture has been politicized to promote white cuckery, white surrender, and colonization of white wombs, mainly by black Africans. It is precisely because white minds have been infected with the degenerate globo-virus that white people have been rendered so gutless and defenseless against the Great Defamation(of white character) and Great Invasion(of white lands).

Therefore, it is white people who should be organizing, uniting, and waging war and acts of counter-violence against the enemies of whites. Though psychological war, cultural war, and ideological war must be waged through words and images, there are times when outright violence is the only effective method. After all, Zionists didn't only use ideas and images but guns and bombs when necessary. Israel would never come into existence with words and persuasion alone. And in the end, it was guns, not words, that decided the fate of the American War of Independence, the American West, the Mexican-America War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and etc. And Vietnam didn't only use words and images but bombs and guns to drive out the French and the Americans. And it wasn't merely through peaceful marches that blacks pressed their demands on White America. They also used threats of violence and real violence in riots. So, it is a myth that the 'civilized modern world' is all about peace. Just a passing glance at US foreign policy shows how violence is central to US power around the world. And what brought down the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine? Ultra-violence in the streets with the full blessing of globalist elites who claim to be about 'liberal democracy'.

Because white civilians have forgotten the Art of Violence, they've allowed Negroes to run riot and beat up white guys and colonize the wombs of white women. White men don't fight for their land or their women. PC infection brainwashed them to relinquish all-things-white to non-white usurpers. Worse, whites are expected not only to not offer up resistance but provide assistance to the very people who will displace them. PC-infected whites have allowed Jewish globalists to reinvent the meaning of America, Canada, and Europe. Globalists say even UK and Germany are ‘nations of immigrants’.
Whites have allowed homos to spread filth all over and desecrate marriage and even churches. Whites have allowed feminists to drive a wedge between the sacred unity of white men and white women. All this madness was NOT the work of Muslims but of Jews, globalists, feminists, Negroes, and homos.

The Muslim alternative to globalism is pretty crude, and it is not acceptable to us who aren't Muslim. That said, Muslims are to be lauded for their refusals of and reprisals against Cultural & Moral Filth that afflicts the West. They will not cave to ‘gay marriage’ or worship the Negro or take orders from foolish feminists or cave to vile homos. (If Muslims sometimes find themselves in alliance with Jews, white progs, feminists, and the like, it isn't out of craven submission to their agendas but in accidental alignment with their hostilities. Muslims side with globalist whites who attack nationalist whites with full confidence and sheer contempt that globalists will eventually follow the nationalists in the dustbin of history.) Muslims stick to their own values and visions. If any homo tried to stick a homo flag in a Mosque, Muslims would tear him from limb to limb, and rightfully so. And no Muslim father will accept his daughter acting like a whore. Now, I don’t like the Muslim Way for womenfolk, but Islam refuses to yield to decadent perverts(though, of course, individual Muslims do indulge in various vices).

Now, one might argue that Western Values are about ‘free speech’, 'tolerance', and 'individualism', and that is why Muslims, given their judgmentalism and taboos, are not to be trusted or welcomed.
But here's the problem. There is no one set of 'Western Values'. West gave us Marxism, and what was more censorious than that? West also gave us National Socialism and various autocratic ideologies. And censorship was always rife even in European democracies in the past. Many books and movies were banned in France and UK in the 1950s and 1960s. Only the objects of censorship have changed.
More importantly, the Glob, Progs, and the Left no longer even belief in ‘free speech’. Consider their happy endorsement of the punching of Spencer, and they didn't condemn the violence at Berkeley(over Milo) and Middlebury(over Murray). If anything, there were plenty who endorsed such acts of violence and mayhem.

So, we need to understand that we are in a State of War. When the other side is more than willing to use any means at their disposal to bully and attack you, counter-violence is justified.

So, when white patriots take pride by claiming, "WE don’t act like those violent Muslims", they really should feel shame for their choice of peace in a time of war. At least the Muslims knows it's war and act accordingly, even if not always intelligently. In contrast, white people carry on as mere civilians in a time when their nations have become the main experimental battleground of globalism.
It is because white patriots don’t act stand up and fight with counter-violence that they keep losing again and again to the Glob, Progs, Negroes, homos, and the Invasion.

When an attempt was made on his father's life, Michael Corleone understood he could no longer be a 'civilian'. He had to be a warrior for the clan. There are times when you have to see things clearly. The West is in a State of War waged psychologically, culturally, financially, sensually, sexually, and demographically.
One can no longer afford to be a mere 'civilian'.

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