Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jews are the most patriotic and nationalist people... but for their own kind of course

In one way, Jews are the most patriotic people in America... except not to America but to Israel and Jewish Diaspora Empire, or Diaspire.
Jewish Globalists are different from white globalists. White globalists really want to surrender their identity, sovereignty, & heritage and just join the globo-club of cosmo-privilege. In contrast, Jewish elites use globalism to strengthen and consolidate Jewish Power and Control over the world. For Jews, globalism(like liberalism) is a tool for what are essentially ethnic identity and interests. After all, white globalists don't demand that all Americans praise and worship White America, but Jewish Globalists require all gentiles to attend AIPAC Nuremberkowicz Rallies and hail Israel and Jewish People sky high.

In a way, the Jewish way makes sense from their own perspective. Jews didn't come to America as humble immigrants to assimilate with the white gentile majority. Indeed, what set Jews apart from other peoples through the ages has been their powerful Will to cling to identity & history and resist total assimilation.
Jews chose accommodation over assimilation. They had to seek accommodation with gentile surroundings to do business and work up the social ladder. But they despised gentiles as dumb, naive, earnest, brutish, and less civilized. Jewish attitude toward gentiles can be found in Polack Jokes. Jews hated gentiles who noticed & exposed Jewish power-lust. But Jews also despised gentiles-who-trusted-Jews as dupes and useful idiots.

So, even though many Jews did come to America as poor folks, their ultimate Will to Power was to rule over white masses. They had an imperialist mindset. Their attitude towards white gentiles was akin to British attitudes towards Asian Indians, Spanish attitude towards native Meso-Americans, Japanese imperialist attitude towards Manchurians, Prussian elites attitude towards Poles(in Polish areas under Prussian occupation), and Anglo-Afrikaner attitude towards the black majority in South Africa. Afrikaner nationalism couldn't represent black South African nationalism since the two mindsets and narratives were so very different.
Likewise, despite white gentile fantasies of 'Judeo-Christian' America, Jews never saw themselves as part of any 'Christian' civilization. They equated Christianity mainly with the antisemitic resistance to the Jewish Will to Power seeking domination over gentiles. But since Jews didn't gain dominance by power of gunboats and bombs(except in Israel) but through power of money and media, their imperialism has been invisible. Jews are the Invisible Imperialists.

Even though Jews are indeed globalist, they are also deeply nationalist and patriotic. The problem is that their patriotism isn't the patriotism of gentiles. Why should Jews be patriotic to white Christian/gentile America? If patriotism means love of one's own people and culture, then Jews should be all about Jewish identity and power. Since Jews don't have the power of numbers in gentile-majority nations, they cannot use Jewish nationalism to defeat and dominate over white gentiles. They can use blatant nationalism to their advantage ONLY IN Israel where they are the solid majority.
But in non-Jewish nations, promoting nationalism would be counter-productive since gentiles will get the idea that their own nationalism is a good thing(and such nationalism will resist the hostile power of the Jews with different identity and interests). So, Jews in the West attack and suppress nationalism while surreptitiously serving their own Jewish nationalism behind the rubric of globalism. Esoteric nationalism or eso-nationalism.

Jewish attitude in the US is similar to British policy across their once mighty empire. Brits feared the rise of Asian Indian nationalism, so it was suppressed, and Asian Indians were encouraged to identify with the glory and might of the British globo-empire and the Queen, the AIPAC of its day. Don't serve your Hindu identity and nationhood; instead, serve the empire(that brings light of civilization to all peoples) and the Queen.

Even so, the Brits were very proud to be British, and this show of nationalism got their subject peoples to wondering.. "If nationalism is good for the Brits, why is it bad for us?" So, the British empire began to fall apart when various peoples became nationalistic in their own manner.
Jews fear gentile nationalism for the same reason. Jewish globalist empire will be shaken if various peoples feel more national pride and work toward national sovereignty to free themselves from the likes of George Soros, Google Jews, and Bloomberg.

Just like Hindus wondered, "If nationalism is good for Anglos, why is it bad for us?", we need to ask, "If nationalism is good for Zionists and Jews, why is it bad for us?" And from that question, white folks may finally wake up from the Great Hoodwinking by the globo-Jewish-supremacists.

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