Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What is wrong with being Anti-Jewish?

What’s wrong with being anti-Jewish? Holocaust was evil, but most anti-Jewish people never supported such a policy. Why should they be tainted by association with Nazism and the Holocaust?

Should everyone who is anti-Chinese be associated with Japanese lunatics who raped Nanking?
One can be anti-Chinese while also detesting Japanese aggression against China.
One can be anti-American without taking delight in 9/11.
One can be anti-Japanese without defending the nuking of Hiroshoma and Nagasaki.
One can be anti-Muslim without praising Crusader atrocities.

Similarly, there were lots of legitimate reasons for not liking Jews. Why should all such legit reasons be associated with the Nazis and the Holocaust?
Besides, Jews often express anti-wasp, anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, anti-Chinese, anti-Palestinian sentiments. Do such expressions mean that Jews want to carry out genocide against all such peoples? Some Jews might, but most don’t. Most are critical or hostile without being murderous.

When Jews bitch about ‘antisemitism’, it means they can attack and criticize others, but others better shut up about Jews.

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  1. Anti semitism is the mistaken belief, held by non-Jewish people, that Jewish people can be criticized....like everybody else.