Thursday, October 13, 2016


The Left began as a majority ideology.

In the French Revolution, there was the Nationalist Idea that the leaders should represent the People, the majority masses.

France was ruled by the King and aristocratic minority that held much of the wealth, power, and privileges. Also, the French kings and aristocrats felt closer to fellow royalty and noblemen of OTHER kingdoms than with their own downtrodden people. (It's rather like smaller version of the globalist elites who rub shoulders & attend same fancy schools but sneer at their own hoi polloi and even try to destroy the power of the masses by importing tons of immigrants and accusing the native masses of 'racism' for resisting the invasion.)

The original Left was about nationalism and rise of people power. It was about new breed of leaders representing the Will of the People, the great majority.

America was crucial in how the new politics would play out.

It became the richest and most powerful nation on earth, and for most of its history, it was led by white elites for the good of the white masses. Although all elites constitute minorities(by class if not race), elites who share race & culture with the masses feel a sense of unity, a common bond. White gentile elites were a minority-by-class but of the majority-by-race. White elites and white masses had race and culture in common if not much else. And this mattered.

When America, the richest and most powerful nation, was ruled by white elites, it stood for the ideal of majority power around the world. After all, white elites made sure that American Power would best serve the white masses. This was true of FDR's New Deal(which would be called 'racist' today).

Indeed, the anti-imperialist struggles after WWII were premised on the notion that the majority natives should expel the minority imperialist elites from other nations and be led by their own elites of shared race and culture. So, Asian-Indians kicked out the Brits. And the Viets kicked out the French.

But in time, the US came to be ruled by the 'alien' Jewish minority elites who felt no sense of unity or identity with the white gentile masses. Jews were not only minority-by-class but minority-by-ethnicity.

Since Jewish minority power felt threatened by white gentile majority power, Jews re-engineered leftism to be more about minority privileges than about majority needs or the Will of the People. So, Jews not only promoted their own power but the interests of blacks, homos, and immigrants. Jews got burned by National Socialism, Communism(which eventually favored gentile majority against Jewish elites), and resurgent Russian majority nationalism since Putin era. So, Jews hate the idea of majority power(except in Israel where Jews are the majority).

But in the future, as the West becomes majority non-white, leftism might once again become a majority ideology. If white gentiles unite with non-white gentile majority, the 'new left' could be about gentile majority masses struggling against Jewish & homo minority elites.

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