Thursday, October 6, 2016

Politics is about Alliances as about Ideology

Politics is about alliances as about ‘ideology’.

If the elites form an alliance with homos to attack nationalists, it’s deemed wonderful.
But if the nationalists try to form an alliance with homos to halt multi-culti immigration, that is denounced as deplorable.

So, homo or anti-homo is less relevant than the nature of the alliance with the homo.

After all, the Lib elites would hardly endorse the kind of homo-fascist alliance that had existed during the days of the Nazi SA.

The issue of Islamism also depends on alliances. If globalist elites can use Muslim immigrants against European nationalism, that is deemed good. But if Christian Conservatives join with Muslims to oppose ‘gay marriage’, that is deemed bad, bad, and bad.

Look at the issue of China. It was a communist nation, but its alliance with the US against the USSR was seen as good. It wasn’t because Americans endorsed Maoism per se but endorsed using Maoism against the Soviet bear.

But then in the Ukraine, the likes of Victoria Nuland will even forge ties with Neo-Nazi types while branding Putin as the ‘new Hitler’. And the US, which suffered 9/11, is now allied with Alqaeda Jihadis in Syria to undermine Assad who is backed by Russia, nation that Jewish globalists hate most because it resists total Jewish takeover.

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