Monday, October 24, 2016

Why are Jews filled with such anti-white vitriol?

An organism is driven by fear & anxiety and seeks to secure its survival... or better yet, its dominance.

Jews are the dominant organism in the Global System and American hierarchy.

The Jewish Organism understands that other ethno-organisms or ethnorganisms tend to envy, resent, and target the organism that has the most power and privilege. It is the political logic of the King of the Hill. Those at the bottom of the hill go after those on top of the hill. The Jewish Organism or Zio-Organism(or Ziorganism) is the King of the Hill and visible as such to any honest & clear-eyed person.

So, the Ziorganism, as the King of the Hill, uses various tactics to shield itself from attacks by other ethnorganisms.

By spraying the narco-toxin of moral outrage over 'white privilege' and 'white supremacism', Jews seek to paralyze or divert the anti-Ziorganic feelings of gentile ethnorganisms.

The narco-toxin that vilifies 'white privilege' has a paralyzing effect on the White Ethnorganism. Injected and infected with 'white guilt', the White Ethnorganism loses the prideful will and determination to challenge the Dominant Power of the Ziorganism. Thus, the Ziorganism maintains supremacy over the White Ethnorganism that remains in servile mode before its Jewish Master Organism. Morality is a tool of power among organisms, and it is the powerful that tweaks the politics of morality to suit its own interests.

At any rate, this narco-toxin is also effective in controlling the potentially anti-Jewish rage of non-white ethnorganisms. Ziorganism is nervous about Afrorganism, Islamorganism, Latinorganism, Mongorganism, and etc. because they, as 'people of color', aren't contaminated with 'white guilt' and 'Holocaust Guilt'. If anything, Jewish Media/Academia Narrative have instilled non-whites with moral pride as victims of Western Imperialism and White Racism. Thus, non-whites have the pride of victim-hood. Since they see themselves as noble victims, they naturally feel hostile to the ruling power of the West. Since Ziorganism rules the West, Jews are the natural target of non-white ethnorganisms.

This is why the narco-toxin of the moral outrage about 'white privilege' and 'white supremacism' is useful to Jews. By screaming 'Nazi' and 'KKK' 24/7, the Ziorganism creates the illusion among non-white ethnorganisms that 'white people' still have and control everything. Thus, non-white hostility is diverted away from Jewish elites and directed toward whites(in America and even abroad in Russia, even though Russian whites have been among the greatest victims of Jewish venom either in the form of radical communism, finance capitalism, or Zio-Globalist warmongering).

Jews promote anti-white hatred for a reason. It is not about morality or justice. It is really the survival strategy of the Zio-Organism to maintain its dominance over other ethno-organisms.

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  1. Interesting biological metaphor 'ziorganism'. That is not for the average American Goyim to understand that kind of reasoning.
    Are the Goyim accomplices of that situation? Because, US Goyim leaders accepted to have 'unbreakable ties' with Zionistan, it was not imposed upon them like by a victor on a defeated foe & an Unjust Peace Treaty? Corrupt US leaders willingly lie, deceive, mislead their own people?
    I mean Khazar Jews (themselves Goyim like all of us are atheists) proposed something & Goyim accepted. Like the snake proposed to Adam & Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3, The Fall of Man). They were not compelled to do it.
    I hear some voice from the past:
    ". . . the discovery of the Jewish virus is one of the greatest revolutions that has taken place in the world."
    Maybe not. My ears are playing tricks.
    Some have definitely paid a price in History not in relation with their deeds.