Monday, October 3, 2016

Globalism is about Minority Supremacism

Jewish globalists would have us believe that injustice is about the majority oppressing the minority. Therefore, justice entails that 'minority rights' be protected above all others. Now, it is true that history has been full of cases of majorities ruling over and even oppressing/exploiting minorities. But the opposite has been just as common; history is filled with many examples of minorities lording over the majorities.

Consider just a few. Hispanic imperialists conquered what came to be known as 'Latin America' and, as minority elites, ruled over the native population. Indeed, the descendants of Conquistador-Americans rule over the native and mestizo(a 'diverse' product of Spanish 'rape' of the indigenous folks) populations to this very day. The history of Latin America has mostly been the story of minority supremacism over the majority.
And how did Hawaii come about? It was by the white minority conquering and presiding over the native Hawaiian majority who had no say in the decision to import massive numbers of Asians to displace the native population. (Whites in America and Europe are now being 'Hawaiianized' by Jewish minority elites who fear the white majority.)
Turkish minority ruled over the majority Christian populations in Greece and Balkans during most of the Ottoman Empire.
Mongol minority ruled over the Chinese majority in Asia and over the Russian majority in Eastern Europe. For a time, they also ruled over the Persian minority in what is now Iran.
In the province of Tibet, Chinese minority, with the backing of Beijing, has domination over the Tibetan majority.
British imperialist-minority-elites held power over the Asian Indian majority, Malayan majority, and African majorities. For a long spell, the Brit imperialist minority also ruled over the native majority in Ireland. Also, they ruled over Boers who outnumbered them in South Africa for a spell following the Boer War.
Japanese minority ruled over Korean majority and Taiwanese majority. And as Japan advanced into China, they ruthlessly ruled over the Chinese majority in areas under their control.
The French colonial minority elites ruled over various Southeast Asian, African, and Arab majorities. It took bitter bloody wars for the majorities to 'liberate' themselves from French imperialist domination in Vietnam and Algeria.
And Zionist minority gained power over the Palestinian majority in the founding of Israel. When Israel was declared, there were more Arabs than Jews in the region. The Jewish minority soon 'corrected' this through massive ethnic cleansing of the native Arab population. (Just as Jews are lying about what is happening in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine these days, they used the power of media to lie about the bloody founding of Israel.)

And of course, the aristocrats were minority rulers over the majority.
It was the great French Revolution that overthrew the useless king & the snobby aristocrats, thereby paving the way for Nationalism whereupon the elites of a nation were expected to represent and serve the masses, the native majority.
French Revolution was about the triumph of native mass/majority power. Why did it fail? Because the French went into imperialist mode and soon became minority-rulers over non-French people, creating much resentment.

Likewise, National Socialism in Germany worked when it was about German leaders representing and serving the German volk. It failed when it went into imperialist mode and led to German minority colonization over Polish and Russian majorities in non-German lands.
Imperialism is unstable because: Imperialism = Minority Supremacism.

Jewish elites are now the minority-supremacist rulers of the West.
In Israel where they are now the majority, Jews believe in majority dominance.
But as the minority elites in white gentile nations, Jews work to undermine and weaken the power of white majorities lest they challenge and confront total Jewish domination. It was because Russia is mostly Russian that the majority were able to come together to uphold Russian nationalism against Jewish globalism. (It's no wonder Jews hate, hate, and hate Putin and Russians.) Jews also hide behind the minority-elite-supremacism of homomania, their globalist partner and proxy.

Jews pompously pontificate about 'minority rights', but globalism is a form of neo-imperialism that furthers minority supremacism and domination over native majority populations. Jewish neo-imperialist globalist elites in Hungary want to flood that nation with Africans and Muslims(as 'New Europeans', like 'gay marriage' is supposedly the 'new normal') so that native Hungarian majority will be demoralized, cucked, and defeated forever.

This is not a time to worry about 'minority rights'. It is a time to worry about Majority Rights that are under assault by Minority Might or Minority Supremacism.

The West is now under the Power of Jewish Globalists who use homomania(to destroy white moral culture) and Negrophilia(to drive a wedge between white men--who are castrated and cucked--and white women--who are turned onto jungle fever to reject white men in favor of black men).

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