Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What is the Main Source of Anti-White Hatred?

If indeed NFL fandom is the last bastion of white conservative maledom, from whom are white male conservatives retreating and guarding their castle from? If white male conservatives are besieged, someone must be doing the besieging. Who are they? (By the way, white males seeking refuge in football is too funny. It's like a deer seeking refuge in a den of wolves. Football is all about black male demolition of white males and sexual conquest of white females. Football represents the total physical and sexual domination by black men over white men.)

White Liberal males? All women? Mexicans? Blacks? Yellows?

Well, blacks were brought over to America by white males in the past, so I guess nothing can be done about that.

But why did white women turn against white males? Who made them hate their own fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons?
And why has there been a surge of browns and yellows–and education and political indoctrination to make them hate white people, especially white males?
And who controls the media and other elite institutions that turned so many fools into garbage like ‘gay marriage’? (By the way, the NFL seems to be bending over to the homo agenda too).

Which power is creating and using all these proxies to attack and lay siege on ‘white conservative males’?


Probably. So, maybe someone should write a book called "Empire of Their Own: How the Eskimos Took Over America and Scapegoated White Gentile Males for All the Ills in the World."

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