Monday, October 24, 2016

The Nature of White/Jewish Relationship. A White Guy and a Jewish Guy Hanging on a Cliff

Whites and Jews have a strange relationship. At some point, something's gotta give.

Imagine two people hanging on a cliff. One person attempts by every trick in the book to make the other person fall, but the latter does everything he can muster to ensure that the other guy(who is trying to make him fall) makes it safely to the top.

Something's gotta give in this crazy equation.
But then, Jews operate this scenario effectively because they are not totally anti-white. (After all, if Jews were committed to destroying all white lives, every white would be forced to unite with other beleaguered whites and fight Jewish Power.) Jews generously reward white collaborators -- the best and the brightest of the white gentiles -- like the Clintons, Bidens, and Bushes who get their thirty pieces of silver(and more) by serving globalism.

So, maybe the Jewish/White relationship is more like three people on the cliff. The Jew, the white collaborator, and the ordinary white guy. The Jew tries to make the ordinary white guy fall, and the white collaborator helps the Jew, of course with the tacit understanding that the collaborator will be carried along to the top for his cucky services against his racial brethren, the ordinary white guy.

Until the Trump campaign, even the ordinary white guy(duped by Conservatism Inc) was trying to help the Jewish guy make it to the top despite being bitten, gouged in the eyes, boxed in the ears, and pounded on the fingers by the Jew and the white collaborator.

But Trump offered the ordinary white guy an alternative rope along another side of the cliff, and so, the Jew and the collaborator are fuming over Trump's defiant deviance from the globalist script. But how long will the Trump rope hold?

The white collaborator is promised the joys of globo-super-privilege for his role in destroying the ordinary white guy whose only expectation in life was security and well-being as an American citizen.
Perversely enough, the Jew and the white collaborator attack the ordinary white guy as a symbol of of 'white privilege'(and even 'white supremacism') when, in fact, all of 'white privilege' in the Age of Globalism accrues only to Jews and their craven gentile collaborators(among the whites, mulattoes, browns, and yellows).

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