Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ethnology trumps Economics. Material Wealth is not Cultural Wealth.

Mass immigration must be opposed EVEN IF all the newcomers are intelligent, hardworking, and do wonders for the economy.

A nation is, first and foremost, about the shared treasury of race, culture, heritage, history, and territory.
Economy serves the material needs of a nation. It is NOT the heart and soul of a nation. After all, even a poor nation has value and meaning based on its race, culture, and heritage.

West Germany was rich, East Germany was relatively poor. So, economically or materially, one was better than the other. But East Germany was no less racially and culturally rich as West Germany. Both nations, despite ideological and economic differences, were German in the deepest historical and cultural sense.

Same with South Korea and North Korea. South is immeasurably richer than the North, but it is not richer in identity, heritage, and culture. After all, the North, despite its tyranny & poverty, is just as Korean as South Korea. In identity, North is just as rich as the South. Indeed, it may be richer because South is a willing whore of US-dominated globalism that is racial-and-cultural war on all gentile nations.

It's like even a poor Jew is just as Jewish(in the racial and cultural sense) as a rich Jew.

Cultural wealth is different from material wealth.

A poor Jew who maintains his identity, history, and heritage is culturally richer than a rich Jew who, despite wealth and privilege, abandons his identity and heritage to be come crass & vain consumer. Such a Jew may be materially rich, but he is culturally famished and impoverished. (Because white people have been starved of rich nutrients of racial and cultural identity, they serve their hunger for cultural roots by feeding on the racial and cultural identities of others. As cucks forbidden to consume & digest their own racial and cultural identity/heritage, they gorge on AIPAC chicken-feed that makes them cluck for Israel, Israel, and Israel. They are cornfed cucks. Or they become like Rachel Dolezal & Shaun King and feed on the identity of blacks. Such whites over-gorge on other identities since feeding on other identities never feels fully satiating and satisfying. Humans have a natural longing to belong to something, and when they are denied the right to belong to their own kind, they direct their famished attentions to some other identity. It's like Uncle Tom Blacks, denied the chance of black pride, found meaning in shucking and jiving for white massuh.)

Throughout their history, Jews were sometimes rich, sometimes poor, sometimes powerful, sometimes powerless. But if there was one powerfully connective link throughout those 3,500 yrs, it was the sense of shared identity, history, and heritage.. and the collective dream of returning to the Promised Land, the homeland. Even when Jews were at their material-poorest in the leanest years, their racial-cultural value remained priceless, no less precious than in the fat years.

Now, suppose Finland could become materially richer by having 5 million Hindus or Chinese come and become 'New Finns'. Suppose every one of those newcomers is a law-abiding and hard-working and decent person. Suppose these newcomers do wonders for the economy.

So, is it worth it to allow them in? Only if your idea of nation is purely materialistic and not racial, cultural. or historical. According to soulless materialism, the soil of Finland is chemically no different from soil in Russia, China, and India. According to materialism, Finnishness = GDP numbers and Finn = worker or consumer or voter.

But if your idea of nation is racial, cultural, and historical, the land of the Finns is where your ancestors and heroes are buried. And Finnishness has meaning and value beyond the latest data of economic output. It is about national kinship and shared historical memory.

Of course, Jews know this, which is why they carefully guard the racial, cultural, historical, and territorial integrity of Israel. But Jews seek to weaken gentile nations by economizing their identity, culture, territory, and destiny.


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