Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The disingenuous rationalization for 'Reparations' for Blacks

Why all this reparations stuff promoted by the media?

Is it because the Liberal coalition is weak? After all, Jews, homo elites, and white Liberals(and some Asians)are doing a helluva better than blacks and browns.

So, how to keep the coalition together through means other than KKKrazy Glue? After all, crying wolf gets tiresome after awhile.

Bribery to browns in the form of amnesty.

And bribery to blacks in the form of reparations.

Fed will be printing a lot of money.

But how will reparations work? Will every new black child born receive reparations? After all, if every black person deserves it, then reparations will have to go on forever. Why should only blacks who are alive now get it? What if you’re a black person born 50 yrs from now?

If reparations had been done when the black population was only 10 million, then all the blacks that came later wouldn’t have gotten it. Unfair, right?
So, for it to be fair, every newborn black kid will have to get it, which means forever and ever and ever.

Since Libs don’t want to admit that blacks fail in school and work because of their lower IQ and behavioral problems, they’re gonna blame white ‘racist’ history and appease blacks for eternal bribery. Every newborn black kid is assured $150,000 or something like that.
And like aff-action, it will never end.

As the economic gulf between the super-have Libs and super-have-not blacks and browns keeps growing larger and larger–and since all the educational programs aren’t doing any good to bridge the gap–, the only way to maintain the coalition is through outright bribery.

I guess companies don’t really mind since they know that blacks tend to be spendthrift. Most blacks won’t save that money or invest it in anything long-term but just buy fancy cars and bling. Just consider Jesse Jackson Jr.’s spending habits. He should have defended himself by saying that the money he spent illegally was really a form of reparations.

Or go to Las Vegas and gamble.

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